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  1. I was wondering if any of you know once a landlord has given notice (he wants to sell up) do I still have to give him a months rent notice when I move out? I have over two months but have seen something to rent and want to move asap. Would I still have to give them a months notice even though they have given me my marching orders? Would be unfair!

    Any advice would be gratefully received! Ta.

  2. How many men here, with working wives/partners actually do a minimum of 50% of the houswork/childcare...

    how many get up an iron their kids clothes before school. make breakfast, wash up etc etc etc...

    - mowing the lawn on sunday and washing the car doesnt really cut it....

    and the woman's money? I expect most women despite contributing more work wise to the home still pay 50% towards bills etc....

    Seems to me its the men who have it all..

    the women who do it all..

    Yeah and we have been sold the dream only for it to end up a nightmare! Must say I enjoy working part time and getting out the house but that is just me, no woman should be made to work when they have little kids. Once they are at school, fair game, if there is flexibility in working hours. No wonder the council is popular place for women to work.

  3. I always like to log from time to time as I've learned alot from some of the more educated, erudite and insightful posters that use HPC - what really f*cks me off however, is the moronic mentality of the few who start threads like this.

    I've got a wife, family and mortgage, work hard for a living and live within my means. We are struggling to make ends meet at the moment

    Cheaper house prices are one thing, to wish for job losses and the pain & poverty that that brings is quite another

    Grow up


    Some posters need to realise that no-one will be immune to all this, please don't start patting yourself on the back for a job well done. You might need that vulture fund to live on, that's my mindset now. As much as that will pain me as it's been tough saving mine, we may have no choice if this economy gets half as bad as it's starting to appear.

    Even those that still have their job and a nice stash of money to put into a house may find that when they can afford one, they can't get a mortgage or that once onto the property ladder, their job goes and have to relocate to the other side of England (happened to my colleagues) not being able to move with the house round their neck.

    Don't count your chickens yet!

  4. I have been bombarded by calls recently - took it as a good sign until I asked one of the callers, he said 'its not good but there are jobs for the right candidate'. Depressing but obvious I suppose. Why do they ring you at work? They should run out of hours like double glazing salespeople!

    Edited grazing to glazing!

  5. People who have savings always imply that they have 'scrimped' or been 'prudent'. The suggestion is that they have had years of 'doing without'.

    I prefer to think of them as people who were fortunate enough to earn more money than they needed for day to day living. I suspect that for many of them the 'more money' would more accurately be described as 'a lot more money' <_<

    I have little time for those who have high incomes and all that goes with that including spare cash to save, who then have the cheek to moan about their lot on one of the very rare occasions when some market forces seem to be working against them.

    Not really, we have lived with our little one in a council flat, another on the way, no hols and sheer graft, pull yourself up from the boot straps trying to get a career that pays the average salary, forging a career - what thats worth now who knows - eating beans on toast and clothes from new look or next. Yeah we've lived a right life to save the money we've got, not due to any privileges.

  6. BBC quoting 17% falls in a year. Will be much more than that for real soon. I was just offered a Barratt 3 bed flat in Bathgate in Scotland for 99k, on Barratt website for £152k. Was told it was valued at £175k a few months ago. Dont worry I'm not interested, was my bank manager offering who is a mate of the site manager!

    (PS I dont know how to spell barratt!)

    I have heard from sources in the Building trade that Barrat have slashed the price of some new builds by 50%. Has anyone else heard the same? Probably all those that have been built on flood plains!

  7. Hey I'd like to point out that this is supposed to be the happiest day of the year!

    But seriously, I do not know about you but for every bit of doom news I hear/read, I feel relieved. It is as if the whole world is starting to tip it's hat to the elephant in the room.

    It is only when we reach the bottom of this cycle, that businesses will have the clean slate to become real wealth creators, as for the past 10 years it has all been based on money for old rope. We have had bad times before, we can do it again. What the Asian markets will learn is how to ride this economic cycle well and to do it regular. They may turn out to be one hit wonder markets. Here's hoping anyway.

  8. Okay this is likely to be side lined into the Anecdotal thread, but seriously, having been back to a typical 'market town' in Yorkshire, my god. It was like Night of the Living Dead. Imagine the Middle Ages, transporting peasants back to today, then you can picture the people I encountered on a night out.

    £150k - £200k for an average home my backside, slash em to £30k and I'd be interested in buying. Elsewise I am going to keep renting in an urban sprawl chicken coup, great! My frustration with this country is reaching a fookin climax!

    Rant over

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