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  1. Looks like the landlord is pretty keen to sell, so like gilf says, it seems it will work out in my favour that he'll let me move sooner and waive the notice period. Bonus! Thanks for your advice everyone.
  2. Hi thanks for your responses so far. Yes he has issued a housing act blah blah 1988 letter so I assume its official. Wanted to move anyway so I thought this might work in my favour not having to give notice myself if you see what I mean
  3. I was wondering if any of you know once a landlord has given notice (he wants to sell up) do I still have to give him a months rent notice when I move out? I have over two months but have seen something to rent and want to move asap. Would I still have to give them a months notice even though they have given me my marching orders? Would be unfair! Any advice would be gratefully received! Ta.
  4. Maybe the standing ovation is cos they think he's the best comedian to come out of britain. What an opening line, even had the yanks laughing.
  5. Yeah and we have been sold the dream only for it to end up a nightmare! Must say I enjoy working part time and getting out the house but that is just me, no woman should be made to work when they have little kids. Once they are at school, fair game, if there is flexibility in working hours. No wonder the council is popular place for women to work.
  6. It will be the opposite for women, typical Blairs talking out their backside again. Women will be sidelined in favour for men, as women pose problems for employees, time off for dependants, maternity rights etc. What's Cherie flogging? Must be some womens empowerment talk or book out soon.
  7. A bit like Doncaster already! Ha ha. Nowt but pound shops and even they are going under!
  8. Parcelforce are shit too. Got all our Xmas orders sent to wrong address due to rogue agency delivery driver. That was three separate deliveries. I think Next will fare better than some middle of the road 'fashion' retailers cos their kids clothes are good and they do cheap but good quality smart clothes suitable for job interviews and poxy office temp jobs! Ha ha.
  9. Agree. Some posters need to realise that no-one will be immune to all this, please don't start patting yourself on the back for a job well done. You might need that vulture fund to live on, that's my mindset now. As much as that will pain me as it's been tough saving mine, we may have no choice if this economy gets half as bad as it's starting to appear. Even those that still have their job and a nice stash of money to put into a house may find that when they can afford one, they can't get a mortgage or that once onto the property ladder, their job goes and have to relocate to the other side of England (happened to my colleagues) not being able to move with the house round their neck. Don't count your chickens yet!
  10. Hi to Dunroamin I see you are back or should that be me back here again? How you doing?
  11. I'm only memberr 732 cos my internet connection went down for a month whilst we were in the 'you must register' phase. I was moving to a one bed flat in a ropey area to save even more big bucks for my vulture fund. Muuhahaahahaaaa!
  12. Yeah paper, great stuff. You can evern write IOU on it and you can't go wrong. Oh thats a bit like the fiat currency system isn't it? All a promise.
  13. I have been bombarded by calls recently - took it as a good sign until I asked one of the callers, he said 'its not good but there are jobs for the right candidate'. Depressing but obvious I suppose. Why do they ring you at work? They should run out of hours like double glazing salespeople! Edited grazing to glazing!
  14. Not really, we have lived with our little one in a council flat, another on the way, no hols and sheer graft, pull yourself up from the boot straps trying to get a career that pays the average salary, forging a career - what thats worth now who knows - eating beans on toast and clothes from new look or next. Yeah we've lived a right life to save the money we've got, not due to any privileges.
  15. This is not on flats but houses. I have a feeling that Barrat won't have cared less where they have built their properties, any old land will do.
  16. I have heard from sources in the Building trade that Barrat have slashed the price of some new builds by 50%. Has anyone else heard the same? Probably all those that have been built on flood plains!
  17. Sod that I haven't got the time - please tell me where to stash my dough! Not under your mattress, before the responses start flooding in!
  18. That's the best excuse I've heard for losing your house! Nice one.
  19. cheers everyone, ? for thod: are sovereigns 999 pure? do they hold the same appeal? they are cheaper aren't they?
  20. I have been looking at buying some gold coins, I do not like ebay, would like to buy them quickly and easily. Have any of you bought from http://www.taxfreegold.co.uk/ ? Can you mention any other alternatives? Very much appreciated cos I am a bit green and don't want to get ripped off obviously! Cheers NMB
  21. Hey I'd like to point out that this is supposed to be the happiest day of the year! But seriously, I do not know about you but for every bit of doom news I hear/read, I feel relieved. It is as if the whole world is starting to tip it's hat to the elephant in the room. It is only when we reach the bottom of this cycle, that businesses will have the clean slate to become real wealth creators, as for the past 10 years it has all been based on money for old rope. We have had bad times before, we can do it again. What the Asian markets will learn is how to ride this economic cycle well and to do it regular. They may turn out to be one hit wonder markets. Here's hoping anyway.
  22. This might sound like an excessive rant but after talking to a close friend of mine, she confided how he and otherr friends are living. Earning £500 before tax, they all had £220k mortgages, Audi cars on 08 plates and about £80 spare per month. All with teeth missing. What is it all about?
  23. Okay this is likely to be side lined into the Anecdotal thread, but seriously, having been back to a typical 'market town' in Yorkshire, my god. It was like Night of the Living Dead. Imagine the Middle Ages, transporting peasants back to today, then you can picture the people I encountered on a night out. £150k - £200k for an average home my backside, slash em to £30k and I'd be interested in buying. Elsewise I am going to keep renting in an urban sprawl chicken coup, great! My frustration with this country is reaching a fookin climax! Rant over
  24. I'm still here but post for amusement purposes only, there's no fight left in me
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