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  1. I don't live in the UK anymore, how do I know they won't rollover mine without asking me first. (Don't have an address in the UK I can use anymore) When they do mature how is the interest earned paid to me? I hate these non-internet investments. I hand them 15k pounds and they just give me a piece of paper!
  2. Well in HK at least I'm pretty sure you're limited to 25k per month (?)
  3. Bah for some reason I can't pm too! plus it says I have some sort of message but I can't find it/any! I thought HK would be a good place to buy silver since the chinese are gold bugs. TBH I'll probably leave them in my place here see no reason to take them back to UK - therefore no customs problem too!
  4. Would you be able to post or pm me the high street shop and location? I'm in HK tomorrow for a week (it's my home town) Looking to pick up a few silver coins - although prices seem kinda high at the moment. Normally I just walk into a Luk Fook store.
  5. According to that website (http://www.gainesvillecoins.com) "No, there is no sales tax charged on coins. The only time sales tax is charged is if you are a Florida resident and purchase rounds (these are not considered coins as they are privately minted and not backed by a Government Mint) or bars and the order total is less than $500." I'll see what I can do about using ukforex or xe.com to receive my £ and pass on the $ to the coin dealer. Cheers
  6. Has anyone tried http://www.gainesvillecoins.com ? Are they reputable? Obviously alot of reputable UK dealers have been suggested, but I figured its cheaper to buy from the USA and have them delivered to my wife over there than buy them here and pay a 17.5% premium (I will be emigrating to the USA in the next year). There will be the issue of converting £ to $ but surely the forex losses won't be as much as the VAT loss. Just thinking out loud
  7. So would I get better prices buying in the US or could I buy for delivery to the US to avoid VAT? Do you know how up to date the prices are on http://www.coininvestdirect.com ? I've just noted that the spot prices on bullionvault (i'm just looking at silver at the moment) are about £40 more than the coin prices for the equivalent weight (incl. VAT). So I may aswell pay VAT on coins because its still cheaper than investing in allocated silver through bullionvault (plus no storage charges!)
  8. 14k


    Hi moosetea, do you have anything with an ensuite?
  9. lol no worries, i've been in this place over a year now.
  10. Thanks to Chumpus for the explanation. Do new shares raised through a rights issue always get issued to every single shareholder, even if you only have 1 share in the company? With a 1:4 rights issue, what happens in this case? Do the people with 1 share get an offer for a 1/4 of a share? I can see how by not taking up your rights issue offer you are diluting your "ownership" of the company, but by raising money this way isn't a company devaluing themselves? They are effectively printing more ownership labels. Instead of 1 share being worth 2% of a company (just an example) it now might be w
  11. Heh, sounds like my facebook profile. I also have a house price crash graph as my profile pic, which someone on here did (I hope you don't mind ) I personally wouldn't want anyone to be part of my facebook network who I didn't already know.
  12. Hearing alot from Alan Greenspan lately - no doubt because his book release is right around the corner. Anyone buying it? Think it's worth reading?
  13. I've just converted another £1000 into USD to put in my offshore $ a/c. Not absolutely sure whether I've done the right thing, but I'm earning in £ and the £ defenitely seems more overvalued than the $. I hope to move to the US in a few years too - so all is not lost if the $ crashes and dies.
  14. If a crash doesn't materialise I can't say I'm too fussed. I intend on moving overseas in a few years. If house prices become good value whilst I'm away I will probably buy to let with the intention of moving in myself when I return to the country. The US looks good at the moment, good £:$ exchange rate, house prices on their way down, a few contacts for jobs - or perhaps Canada?
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