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  1. Communal heating costs should be included in the service charge, partly explaining why these fees often exceed £1k per quarter. The EPC certificates are an eye opener too. It would seem that mansion blocks of this age aren't very well insulated judging by the energy efficiency ratings. That's hardly surprising given their date of construction. And yet despite these drawbacks the resale value of the flats has continued to climb over recent years, until the last year of course.
  2. 25k reduction on the Castellain Mansions flat I posted on 30/12 - 625k -> 600k. http://www.greene.co.uk/home/property/1533...-sale-in-london Still way overpriced IMO I'm also seeing some hefty reductions in the other area I'm keeping an eye on, NW3.
  3. The price differential does seem ridiculous, however when you note that Foxtons are involved one becomes less surprised. Maybe the Audrey Hepburn photo in the master bedroom comes with the flat and it's valued at £50k Prices are definitely on the slide in W9 anyway. I've seen £100k reductions on Maida Vale mansion flats, e.g. 2-bed GF Castellain Mansions dropped from £565k to £465k before selling (Chesterton). It was very nice inside too and I'll be interested in the final sale price when it appears on the LR. Such a transaction makes the pricing of this unmodernised flat seem silly: ht
  4. It does seem to be a London thing though. Even in the better areas of Leeds where you find similar period properties, e.g. Roundhay, Alwoodley, I've never seen or viewed a property with large sash windows or a curved bay which had bars fitted. I guess it's because robbers are more brazen oop North and prefer to use the door! Since moving to London I've lived in N1 and E14 - both upper floor flats. Up to now I've always considered the ground floor flat in a period conversion as the ideal flat to buy due to the increased ceiling height - lighter rooms, feels more spacious, possibility of gar
  5. Are burglaries a major problem around there? The bars on that house and the next door neighbour suggest so.
  6. If I had that much money as a deposit I'd be stretching a little further and getting a two-bed in Hampstead or Belsize Park! Good luck to you anyway.
  7. Rather than creating yet another new topic I'd like to resurrect this one - although I'm not responding to any of the previous comments - and ask whether anyone can recommend a reputable letting agent for this particular area? I start a new job on the 24th July in the City and at the moment I favour living in the Docklands vicinity, principally to reduce the cost of renting. There seems to be an ample supply of rental properties available, thereby placing prospective tenants in a strong negotiating position.
  8. Going against the grain here, but I wouldn't consider anything BUT an interest only mortgage! Repayment mortgages are much preferred by the lenders because they make more money from them. Think about it - if you switch after a two year fix on a repayment mortgage you have vastly overpaid on the interest portion of the loan when compared to an interest only product. This results from the weighting of interest towards the early part of the term of a mortgage. I must say though that I believe in IO mortgages only when you can easily afford the same loan on a repayment basis. If you get the r
  9. Despite the release of the Halifax figures today I am not worried at all about the Leeds market picking up again. I can point to lots of properties where serious price cuts have been made and they still cannot sell them - these are some of the better areas in North Leeds too! There seem to be real problems just above the £250k stamp duty threshold in particular. http://www.hendys.co.uk/residential_sales/.../100004565.html This one started at £317.5k with Morfitt Shaw, dropped to £305k, now it has changed agent. How do you fancy listening to the drunks of Chapel Allerton every night! (The
  10. To Bubble Pricker "What you trade is entirely up to you and your risk profile, but I would strongly recommend to put 50% away in gilts. If you are interested, I can explain here further how to trade in gilts." I'd be very grateful if you could expand further on this. I currently hold some bonds in an OEIC within an ISA wrapper, but I'd like to follow a route similar to your own. I'm going to open a self-select ISA and start trading shortly, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. eek, I'm not experienced enough to be a contractor at this stage in my career development. I've spent most of my time working in public sector IT and have only 12 months private sector experience. Interviewers don't even ask about what you did in the public sector! I'm sure this has a bearing on the level of the offer. Anyway, my IT director wants me to stay and has asked me to write up a package that will make me 'consider staying' Are you involved in the project at this moment? Personally I don't think that this project alone can support price levels in Leeds. You would assume that
  12. Just a follow up on the post of TheMaskedTulip from earlier in this thread. The NPfIT project based in Leeds will certainly have an effect on the stability of prices here. For example I've just been offered a new job by the major player in that project at 36k That's not bad for the IT industry as a whole, and is probably double the average wage in Leeds. I may be able to negotiate higher, but that's another story! So the influx of IT professionals into Leeds will act as something of a support to price levels, although on what scale we probably won't find out until the spring. HOWEVER.
  13. Where are you seeing all this activity? I've been monitoring the market in LS7, LS17 for the last few months and my impression is that there are very few transactions going through. The stock of properties with the local agents has never been higher. I'm starting to see 10K reductions in some asking prices. A colleague is trying to sell her property in another less salubrious area of Leeds and has not come close to an offer in months. The asking price is 103K in LS13. Not a fantastic area but very affordable for a 3-bed. Are there any others watching this market?
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