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  1. where did the '47% off' come from? - just a coincidence?
  2. Wasnt watching, just on in background.....but this is classic. Kirsty.....'Sheffield is currently a housing hotspot' doh!
  3. I thought that was changing under BASLE 11? or am i misled?
  4. my guess is that when there is a high enough percentage of 'europeans' possibly when the second generation comes through. That will be when 'we' get the opportunity to actually vote on whether we want to become more european. 'loading the dice' anyone?
  5. Cash in your house : Tonight on itv (well granada region anyways) thought i just post before i settle down
  6. being the cynic I am...could it be an early release to try and convince the BoE that recent IR rises have already started to have some effect? hope not ! !
  7. on CBNC - Massachusetts subpoenas BEAR STEARNS (got to love the name!!) btw Im VERY bearish, but dont allude to knowing enough to categorise myself.
  8. you dont want to be doing that - it'll be a new wetty otherwise
  9. strange - not one suggestion about hydrogen power? There seems to be quite a number of posters regard themselves as green but I would have thought those would be the people with otehr ideas than the government policy of 'cant do it, we'll make yo upay' I dont pretend to know much about this technology but there have been several reports about the improvements. Ok, it would cost to get the infrastructure up & running (replacing conventional garages etc) but we are thinking long term arent we? You dont have to financially penalise everyone....not if alternatives can be provided. Give me a choice & i know what i would do! Oh & the first thing I would do is enfore MP's to complete a target of say 50% of meetings via online confrencing. Set an example if you want people to follow. the old saying of 'do as I say, not as I do' springs to mind. 'wanders off shaking head'
  10. I drive through Hulme on my way to work...its pretty much all new builds in the area ....only noticed it in the last couple ofdays but there seems to have been lots of boards thrown up recently. Or they may have been there before & just got blown away in the recent gales - NOT -
  11. how dare they...i was driving home through the snow when it was announced on the radio....could have caused me to crash. However, with the votes being so close in Jan - due to their opinions of 'timing' - I didn't hold out much hope for this week. Isnt it easter when thing usually raise? Re: gas prices. May be way off the mark here - I am tired but seems a dirty trick that they can put them up when people feel it most (autumn to winter period) and then decrease when its easier to get by with lower usage (spring to summer). Hereby reducing the overall average increase for the year but getting maximum ££ when people spend most - extortion almost
  12. First time poster, long time lurker....learnt a lot from reading the site for the last 12 months or so. Thanks to all those that take the time to work/seek out figures and post them up here - invaluable. I for one shant be touching a mortgage for at least a couple of years minimum, unless I win the lottery. Currently looking for a new flat in manchester - with 'why dont you get a mortgage?' ringing in my ears from virtually everyone at work, along with 'in the long term, houses always go up in price'. anyways, thought this may bring a smile or two http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-144...1&tr_t=rent
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