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  1. Depends how much deposit I put down, how old I was and how much I earnt. If over the past 7 years I'd not had a holiday and lived with a mouldy kitchen then yes I surely would MEW a few thousand. And why not? You could be dead tomorrow. I'm sure it irks some people on this forum that others were lucky with houses but there is no need to begrudge a person having a holiday or new car or new kitchen. These are probably the same people who did without a few years ago and only now get to reap a few rewards. However, I doubt that a house anywhere has gone from 50k to 250k in 7 years. Prices hav
  2. I too live in Derby and have recently sold and bought again. To my mind only the really good stuff at reasonable prices is selling. If you are selling and your house has the WOW factor and people can get a mortgage then it will sell. If it is a tired 4 bed in Boulton Moor or Oakwood then you have a problem.. I can quite believe those semis in Borrowash sold as the one on the pictures had a lovely interior and is big enough to live in as a family. A number of houses we looked at a year ago are still for sale. Of those, some are still at the original price but some have dropped 10-15% but h
  3. If you can afford to buy your "last house" then buy one. Life is far too short to waste your time renting. Renting sucks and deep down all tennants know that. There is none of the real security of building your own home and putting down roots. For example, this weekend I spent time and money on the garden. Something that is pointless in a rented house. Mind you, if you are buying to get on the chain with a view to moving in 2 or 5 or 8 years then right now is a terrible time to buy!
  4. Minus 30% by next june? I just don't see it. Minus 30% over 5 years maybe.. As I have just found out when selling and buying, people won't take low offers unless they have to. They'll sit tight and wait. The only people selling are realists or those who HAVE to sell. And of these have-to-sells not all have to take the first offer that comes along. People getting divorced for example will often have one person rent rather than sell cheap. So the only way the market will fall is forced sellers reducing prices. I'm sure this will happen bit by bit but it won't be a landslide unless the econ
  5. 2 Years ago I was convinced that houses were overvalued and were heading for a fall. A year ago I found this site and took pleasure in having my opinion reinforced by others. I enjoyed the debate between bears and bulls and it was nice not be totally alone in my views. The one thing this site has changed my opinion on is personal debt. I have realised that personal debt is a loss of freedom. As such I have worked hard to pay off every debt but my mortgage. Instead of upgrading my car this year I've decided to wait another couple of years. I ebayed my new contract phone and kept last years, ef
  6. There is a massive property boom going on there however not all land is disputed. Most of the new builds are on turkish owned land and there is a fair bit of "British Freehold" around too. Since the Anan plan was voted down by the Greeks the prospect of the Greeks getting any of their land back looks slimmer and slimmer. It's not all war anymore either, when I was there a few weeks ago I saw lots of Greeks in TRNC, all in the north for the gambling!
  7. There seems to be a lot of talk in the media about the prospect of interest rates going down, saying that the "city" have forecast lower rates by the end of the year. If this is the case then won't less people have trouble in paying their mortgage?There will be fewer reposessions and less people being forced to sell by crippling mortgage payments. Forgive my ignorance but wasn't rising interest rates one of the causes of the 80's crash? PS - I have a vested interest having just signed up for a five year fixed mortgage at 5.1% which I am worried could turn out a bad buy if rates drop.
  8. Wouldn't dare! No, I don't think that at all. Timing helps. And when the time is right then yeah you need money. But you never have as much as you need and sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. Now is not a good time for most FTB'ers. But it won't be long.
  9. Oh nice one! good work fellas. An intelligent and articulate newcomer posts on the board and instead of debating his very valid point you just drive him away with your prejudice and ignorance. This forum has too many agressive, small minded losers. Yes that's right, LOSERS! People who are angry at themselves and feel the need to lash out. People who perhaps could have bought, should have bought but didn't and are now jealous of their friends and peers who did. You know who you are. The exceptions? Well, apart from the litany of posts by the group of people known as ZZG it strikes me that
  10. Another month has gone by and I wonder how others in Derby view the local house price situation? We are still selling but have pulled out on our purchase in Mickleover. The survey was not great so we bailed. Plenty more fish in the sea etc etc. So again we are back on the house trail. Looking around there are still plenty of houses for sale that have been on the market for 4-6 months or more. Mostly at the same price too. One or two of these are now vacant possession and have been reduced a bit but not by much. It seems that chains are taking longer to complete as more than one estate agent
  11. Thanks for all the advice. It echoes my (mixed) feelings that there could be real problems or maybe it is just the surveyor covering himself against anything in the future. We could spend another £1000 on a structual survey or we could try and get a load of money off for the potential trouble ahead. But how much shoulf we ask?? I don't know.. But I haven't the stomach for it. I always knew that with a house this age there would be work, but living on a building site does not appeal and neither does being cash poor every month. We're going to pass on it. There is plenty for sale at the mom
  12. Sorry if this is a bit off topic but I have a couple of questions about the survey we have just had done on a property that we are buying. Id ask on a house forum but there's a lot of bright people on this site so I thought I'd ask here first. I think it may be a little on topic as the mortgage company is more than happy to sign us up for the mortgage but I feel that the survey results are less than perfect. Maybe they need the business and we are putting down a 50% deposit so it's not their risk.. Anyway, the house is a detatched 3 bed built in 1938. It has been modernised at some point bu
  13. Talk to the hand Uber-Troll.. Why don't you suggest something then ZZG? I certainly don't put myself up as knowing all the answers, I'm just making suggestions as I see it and trying to add a bit of balance to what is meant to be a discussion board. Sophestry, wordplay and nit picking create nothing. You can shoot me down all you like but I believe that the 30's were a very different time to now and I believe that although 5 or 10 years ago was a bad time to buy a laptop, it was a very good time to buy a house.
  14. Selectively picking at a person's posts like that makes you look like ZZG - which is not a mature look! ;-) I apologise for flipping tenses however I would suggest that the decisions taken by many people in their past very much affect their current state and will continue to in the future. I am not a bull, I believe houses ARE overpriced and that they are going down. But not as much as people round here hope. I just don't see why they should. People on this site go on about the "weight" of the bubble being all that is needed to force a crash but I don't buy it. Too many people bought before
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