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  1. In my town, if people stopped spending all their money in the coffee shops the other retailers may be able to survive!
  2. I'm already seeing this in my high street. some shops being shut down in my high st (Hertfordshire) but normally occupied within a couple of months....usually hairdressers! DrJ
  3. Apparently 8% rates are possible Edit: I mean 8% rates are manageable
  4. 35% wiped off commercial property. Is this the good or the bad stuff?
  5. This is what the Germans planned all along - pick up some nice islands during the repo-fest that is about to take place.
  6. There is a range in price depending on various factors but a rough average based on my observations is a 10% drop. They are almost as cheap as 2 beds in my area; bit weird.
  7. I wish Popf would update his 'snows of K winter' thread. I'm feeling like I need the insight at the moment. As for house prices: in my area (Herts) prices are definately dropping slowly making me reconsider a purchase. I would estimate that prices have dropped from about 270k to 240k in the last two months for 3 beds.
  8. I couldn't say, but from the sounds of it, having a mortgage demoninated in swiss francs is a bad idea.
  9. The new slogan to replace "Greed is good" is now "I PRAY FOR RECESSION"
  10. what would the headline be? "Greece defaults causing financial armageddon and rises in costs of foil and beans"
  11. Any suggestions on what that could be? Could undersupply of foil and beans trigger collapse?
  12. guaranteed longer terms...more money extracted in interest by the banksters. Sick b***ards
  13. I wish they would hurry up and get on with it. let the fun begin! ( he says whilst stuffing £20 notes into the mattress)
  14. This is what the high street is for. Banks, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, hairdressers and purveyors of fresh produce
  15. Who do you expect will be on the other side of the trade? Alan Sugar?
  16. Just remove the banks from the FTSE 100 and we'd get an immediate rise - simples
  17. oh no - this might turn into another "There is no such thing as Below market value as any sale sets the new market value" thread......oops sorry .
  18. It will be one that the tax payer doesn't own, won't it? So not Lloyds HBOS?
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