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  1. No, just the opposite in fact - duty up approx 2.5p on 1st April
  2. Blimey. This is just the town council precept. How much will the overall council tax increase by?
  3. I would like to think so, and I am sure that sitting and waiting for another 12 months is the right thing to do in current circumstances. However, 1) as far as I know repos are not taken into account in the property indices, so I do not think the undervaluation will affect sale price statistics locally. In addition, the sale will not be listed on the various internet house price databases. 2) what annoys me most about this is the thought of an EA possibly making a lot of money at the expense of a naive buyer (note the date of the last sale) and also at the expense of the mortgage company, which undoubtedly will be one of the bailed out companies, of which I, as a tax payer, am a forced shareholder!!! :angry: :angry: :angry: I would like to do something about this, but not sure what - any suggestions?
  4. Anecdote is as follows: House appears on Rightmove on Tuesday, obviously a repo (vacant possession, notice stuck prominently on window). The house is a standard 3 bed semi, several similar houses in the same area have been on the market recently, so easy to value, and obviously significantly below market value. A little research reveals that the house last sold for £x in July 2007, typical asking price for similar properties has been 75-80 % of £x, this particular house is on for 60% of £x. I visited the EA yesterday and was quite abruptly told by a very shitty sorry shifty looking EA that " a sale has gone through on that". I've been watching the local market very closely, and am as certain as I can be that this house was new to the market this week. My understanding is that repos have to be marketed for a reasonable amount of time, typically at least 2 months, to ensure the best price in the current market. Also, there is sometimes a public notice stating that there is an offer of however much on this house and interested parties should make enquiries before whatever date. Looks to me like the EA is offloading undervalued repos to his mates. Is there anything that can be done about this? :angry:
  5. I think this time last time year there was a huge differential - up to 10p/litre diesel > unleaded. Would guess that refining capacities for diesel have caught up, but I'm not entirely sure, however something has definitely changed. In some areas I have seen diesel 2p cheaper than unleaded (eg West Cumbria).
  6. Appeared on Rightmove today: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...3Ftype%3DBUYING Looking at Nethouseprices.com: http://www.nethouseprices.com/index.php?co...0&curPage=1 (It's number 31) Why would someone buy a house for £169k and sell it for £150k 2 weeks later?
  7. I think it is about this man. The moral of the story is, never trust a man with a beard
  8. "I've always been a bear market trader. I only sell the FTSE," he said. It meant he made almost straight losses for the first three years in the early Noughties as the FTSE 100 index soared. He was still shorting the FTSE in 2007 when it neared 7,000 points. But then came the crashes of 2008. Just say that again Edit: Oh, I see it probably means 2003-2006. On first reading I though it meant 2000-2003, when the FTSE 100 did not soar.
  9. Surely it would be simpler to publish a list of scrupulous estate agents?
  10. I like his 13 point countdown, except for the fact that the first 8 points have always been red since the first day he posted it. Also, he's not yet yet mortgage free.
  11. Assuming your income is safe for 10 years. Mina (mortgage free at 37, 5 years ago) - and would never borrow as much as you have.
  12. I'm bored waiting for number 9 on your sig to turn red.
  13. Because it tells them exactly how much she can afford. EAs are scum (I've visited one today). :angry:
  14. There is absolutley no correlation between the Ftse and the budget speech, 100% guaranteed.
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