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  1. They can only steal the low paid if they deliver...jam tomorrow will not cut it. BJ and his toff chums can get away with a bit or hardship (what what)...but for those who live hand to mouth...that's a difference story. If they don't deliver then they will lose not only the low paid but a swath of the electorate.
  2. LOL....BJ ticks quite a few of those boxes.
  3. Again, I see you implying that the UK is somehow below all other western countries. This is not the case. The UK are fourth highest in terms of productivity in the G7. The USA has the highest productivity by a smidge compared to France and Germany who are second and third and almost on par. I note that the EU did not hamper them achieving that! This is all just another mirage..the next unicorn. In fact if the aim of Brexit was to acheve higher wages and productivity by exiting the EU and we are aspiring to the level of productivity that Germany and France achieve....that stikes me as totally bonkers reason to exit in order to achieve that.
  4. How about some reality? We are in a pickle. They usually have a credible plan to get us there. His bluster is the issue here. Nothing wrong per say about his vision. It's the means to achieve it that is in question. Pain today is Ok if you can get to the end point. If not, then what is the point of the pain? It just mass delusion.
  5. Igree with that but I think something more profound is going on. A doubling down of previous rhetoric, no option but to raise the stakes. The cons know that they have no option but to take the jam tomorrow line...and they are bigging it up. If you are going to lie then lie big. Labour have been hamstrung in that they dare not criticise Brexit for fear of alienating voters. They should be holding BJ to account over his claims of higher wages and higher productivity. Where is the plan?
  6. I am 'starting' to get the impression that Boris is full on delusional. Here we are suffering supply chain issues, rampant inflation, energy prices shocks and more. And yet he is his full on bluster about these sunny uplands of high wages and high productivity. Out of the Brexit unicorn comes the new economic miracle unicorn....with lashings of jam tomorrow and pain today. By the time winter is in full swing maybe people will start waking up to the new reality. We are poorer and have no plan, led to this by a clown with charisma.
  7. Reality has a habit of changing opinions. Could Brexit have be done better? Yes. Thats asuming they didn't have their head up their ar55es high on unicorn dust.
  8. Come on leavers.... I'm starvin...more jam tomorrow please! I knew Wrexit was fck-up.....their economic strategy confirms it.
  9. Brexit has lived up to my expectations. What we are seeing is the unicorn being paraded on every media channel. Brexit's economic plan is some vacuous guff about AI, productivity, higher wages as if diktat is all that is needed to make these changed. As for strategy, that seems to be we let you fail if you don't do it better and you don't cope with the supply chain issues, lack of workers and all the red tape that have been foisted on you and disadvantaged you with. Well fck me....that goes beyond my expectations...I just didn't realise that this amount of self harm was possible. This is the kind of thing a foreign malevolent force would do to get a country to self implode.
  10. Yes - crashing is deflecting again from the self harm we are determined to do to ourselves and seal clapping at the same time. He'll clearly support Brexit whatever the government does and however it turns out.
  11. You can say the same about any poor country....here it will have been a deliberate policy to make us poorer.
  12. It seems to me that every sector that offers low pay will eventually bubble up to prominence and be exposed as lacking in workers ...and also necessary for us to function in some way. Given that the response by government will be 'better pay and conditions', it's ironic that the reason that better pay and conditions are needed now is that the essentials of life have been inflated beyond peoples reach using deliberate policies created or encouraged by the very same government and supported by government sanctioned cheap debt. This level of inflation is going to create mysery as wage rises will not keep step with the inflated cost of living for the very many. Interest paid on debt will increase. Living costs are going to jump significantly. It will be an excellent opportunity for the predators at the top of the food chain to buy up distressed assets from those at the bottom. Mr Mogg will no doubt approve.
  13. After 20 years of being told that wage growth is bad because it promoted inflation, now they are making a virtue out of the inevitable inflation that Brexit will bring and claiming it as 'an achievment'. Talk about gross hypocracy. The problem with inflation is that the only ones that gain are those that get the money first. Everyone one else will pay for it. We also have the issue of interest rates. If they fuel inflation and raise then the economy will implode. If they don't the pound will turn into toilet paper. Either way they and we are stuffed.
  14. Yes..you're right. But good on Boris for making it clear and giving the heads-up that the money you've saved will become [even more] worthless. Project fear....is here for real...bro...
  15. OMG....pathetic. So we've gone from the government espousing low wage rises = low interest rates so that inflation stays low and debt repayments stay low....to wage growth is good...the knock on effect is inflation and debt repayments rise...now that is good. This is what this cynic thinks.....they know that Brexit mean high inflation...it's inevitable..therefore they (as a populist government) are simply accepting it and portraying it as their great achievement.... I hope people with a stash of money are well protected.
  16. According to the Express the areas worst affected include, The North West, West Midlands and East Midlands. So you are making it up. No it isn't uniform and it does not seem to align with Brexit/remain voting areas. Another Brexiteer telling porkies......sadly it's come to be expected.
  17. Oh dear...now theres a shortage of people delivering pints! My heart bleeds for him https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58758701
  18. First, there where many polls carried out that guaged the prefered type of brexit ie..... not 'my own subjective opinion', it is evidence. Below is a link to just one that askes the British people what sort of Brexit they want. The conclusion from this report and similar is that the majority of those asked about a Brexit option prefered a close relationship to Europe, much like Norway. rand.org/randeurope/research/projects/brexit-preferences.html Second. If 48% voted for remain then surely this would sway the relationship with Europe to 'as close as possible' without breaking the intent of the referendum, assuming that these people had any say in what type of relationship we should have - obviously they held little sway for reasons already mentioned. The fact that we have a hard Brexit says that neither those that wanted to reman, nor the majority of leavers who wanted to have a close relationship got their way. Conclusion, the process failed. It did not deliver the type of Brexit that the majority wanted....it delivered a Brexit for the few hardliners. Third. Had a Brexit option been decided on it was not tested against remain to check if that was still the prefered option. The process failed the British people....
  19. There is no amount of logic that you can use to refute that only a few people wanted this Brexit at the referendum...and yet here we are. That is a failure of democracy and democratic intent. There was no second referendum or clarification referendum. None. General elections are not a substitute for a single issue referendum.
  20. Easy. You and countless others considered the first vote binding....the cries of 'democracy will be trashed' if they didn't exit prevailed, social uproar if they did not proceed. That was the considered opinion by all the politcial parties and the people in general at that time. Does that excuse the disenfranshisement of the 48% by defeault or by ignorance? No.. After 3 years of rangling...the populace, who the majority of paid little attention just wanted it over and bought into the concensus that the referndum needs to be respected....they went along with the only option that was available...just get it done...anyhow and any way...just get it done and over with. All those who thought they had ceeded their voice to the exit decision (leavers and remainers) thought they had not choice lest they trash democracy, because that is what they valued more than the decision to remain or exit. Kind of ironic really, democracy eats itself. Remember a small minority would have voted for this Brexit at the referendum....yet here we are. Is that democracy?.... hardly. You need to get your head around this fact.
  21. It is an equivalent of the Brexit referendum process and subsequent result, granted that it was an extreme example. Few wanted the Brexit we have now, yet here we are...is this democracy.....no... is it a flawed process...yes! I see you've retreated to your mind bunker already. You are not ready for this are you. If you remember...there was no second referendum....you said yourself that people were sick of the endless rangling...they just wanted closure that respected...what? .....the will of the people..which was to disenfranchise 48% of the people and deliver a result that even few leavers wanted at the actual point of the referendum. Remember....democracy....the will of the people....all of the people.
  22. Note the word 'hypothetical' in my example, a far fetched example granted. The process is the same tho. Only 10% of the people would have voted for the Brexit we have now....yet here we are. The government seemingly disregarding the majority who would never have contenanced the Brexit we have now at the referendum...if that is not the process of democracy gone wrong then I don't know what is. You'd do well to ponder on that example given before going back into your mind bunker.
  23. Irrelevant. The question of right or wrong is a second order effect to the process being enacted correctly in terms of democracy alone. Hypothetically, if people choose to vote to exterminate all people over the age of 50, then that is a valid outcome of a democratic process, if the process is enacted in such a way that respects the majority of the will of the people. If the process is run correctly then that is the outcome, end of. If however you run the process in such a way that you exclude the over 50's from deciding what their fait is then it is incorrect - democracy is about the people, all of the people. Demo 'the people' Greek. Kratos 'rule'. Democracy, the rule of the people. Not likely - How could this possibly happen by accident? You could for example run a referendum that asks if the the under 50's should be prioritised. Yes or No in a referendum. In the event of a yes vote, it was agreed that the politicians would be given free reign over priorities of the over 50's in all matters - post referendum the over 50's would then be excluded from any further decisions. Their voice would not be not be heard from that point onwards. Few wanted the outrageous option of actually exterminating the over 50's during the referendum, but that was the result of this hypothetical political process. That is legitimate outcome according to you....yet not really the popular 'will of the people' or intention at the time of the referendum. The process was flawed...can you see how? Democracy gone bonkers. Easilly done. See Brexit as a real life and real world example. 10% of people wanted this Brexit...yet here we are...
  24. Totally illogical. Of course a 'democratic' political process can come to the wrong answer. Ask your friend Putin, he'll always get elected...even if he has to put his rivals in prison....or 'disappear' them. Yes - it's a process argument. Democracy is a process to ensure that the will of the people is enacted. The current version of Brexit was only supported by 10% of the people at the referendum....the process failed....democracy failed. Sorry old boy....you can keep on convincing yourself that this turd is a succulent sausage....I'm not buyimg it.
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