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  1. Not sure about conclusions being drawn....consiracy theories maybe? They were suddenly abducted by aliens? Remainers 'dissapeared' them? I'm sure you are the type who has a theory that will give us a belly laugh.
  2. I see fishing is kicking off again. Brexit is a divisive little beasty...divide the people domestically, constant wrangles with the EU, Northern Ireland in turmoil...shortages everywhere.....what a turd Brexit is turning out to be. House prices are roaring ahead (hussar!), news worthy? Yes, but not a mention of dry petrol stations up and down the country in todays BBC new site...I guess that's too much like bad news for us to bear. But according to the local head case...we must 'think all is well'....just eat the turd and pretend it's a succulent sausage. Brexit Britain - what what!
  3. Well I don't know the in's and out's of how this works, but, if the government secured debt at a rate of X% for 10 years (for example) and they pays that back with devalued sterling. Is that not the same as inflating away debt? Just as taking on a fixed rate mortage at 2% for 5 years and then everyone getting a 20% pay rise over the term of the mortage...effectively your debt has been eroded.
  4. All three petrol station in our town (50k people) have no petrol or diesel, all have lights on with prices advertised (as if open and business as usual) but all cordoned off when you drive in. The nearest 'other' petrol stations are 20 miles away. This is getting really fecking annoying, especially as I am constantly told there is no problem....... well, it is a fecking problem.
  5. You are getting all petulant...but it's getting late now. Pop a pill and get some sleep.
  6. I said the EU was flawed as is every institution, it is not beyond critisism and I stand by that. I'll be the first to call out failings in the EU and in our 'deeply flawed' institions. All organisation need to be held to account. Thanks for pointing out that I am unbiased! Point stands. You have gone off on a bender. Get some rest.
  7. Yep, the system was gamed, well and truly. I am constantly surprised that it's not obvious to all. Perhaps that's because of our (collective) ego. The old saying rings true 'pride falleth before man'. That is the lesson we are going to learn at great cost.
  8. Yeh yeh.... whatever you say. Get some rest....there are organisations out there that can help you.
  9. I don't know about that, but, such a change in personallity and beliefs are indicative of mental health problems. I feel a little sorry for him..
  10. Yep...he gone...totally lost the plot. The mental gymnastics have done his brain in.
  11. Give over, it's no more flawed that any other. I can't name an institution that isn't flawed. What matters is is being out of that institution better or worse for us. Clearly, going by what is happening...we are worse off...unless you like eating turds.
  12. And that was the problem. There was never a opportunity to clarify the actual direction. Hense we are where we are...a turd has come out of the sausage machine...and you are chewing on it with glee and trying to convince everyone that it's tasty. Pull the other one and get a life!
  13. Yep - you are nuts. You can't say because you 'think' Brexit is a success that it will actually be a success. You've gone all absolutley deluded - Comical Ali eat your heart out - you have conpetition (Alla rest his soul).
  14. Don't be silly. That's just a proceedural mechanism. It serves you ill to deny that the democratic process has failed, this pustule will rumble under surface until the pain is too great to bear.
  15. Nope...a destination is just an initial destination, one that has to be clear if you want to prove inforned choice. The fact all relationships evolve over time by mutual consent is nor here nor there. It is absolutley necessary to know the landing spot. Brexit failed in this regard as it had multiple paths, most of which were very unpopular...... and we are where we are....the least popular Brexit.... I don't know how anyone can claim the process to be a success when this Brexit was only supported by 10% at the referendum. You could say that hard Brexiteers rode roughshod over the will of the people...now that you can say.
  16. No idea what you are talking about. The turd that is Brexit has ceased to be a secret to everyone but the Brits who voted for it. Both destinations were well understood in 1975, hence legitimate, we'd barely joined...reverting back was well understood by all. You can't ask people what they want if you don't define the destinations. Hence why it was suggested that post 2016 referendum that a second vote be enacted to decide a popular Brexit destination. That did not happen mainly because the Brexiteers were scared that there lovely Brexit would be scuppered by popular demand..and we are where we are. Brexit is a turd and will remain so.
  17. We were given a menu of options. This could and should have been put to the people on the event that Leave won. It was not. Negotiations proceed after the desired destination is choosen. The government overstepped it mark by using No Deal as a negotiating tactic because it was clear from all the polls that this was never an option that would be mandated by the people. That may be the case. I don't know about that. Not at all. The referendum in 1975 to take us in was a defined destination along with legal text. The 2016 referendum was a nebulous beast that no one knew what final destination they were voting for. We are not Ireland and I only care about the UK. They seem happy with the end result...good for them. Can't say the same for us.
  18. The only picture that matter is that a turd came out of the sausage machine. Either the raw ingredients were bad, the sausage machine malfunctioned or the sausage machine is a turd producing machine. It's one of a combination of the three. My view is that the referendum was ill conceived and considered given that there would be multiple choices in the event of a leave vote. From the off there should have been a provision to allow, post initial referendum, 'the most popular Brexit destination' to be decided, either by the people or the HoC, not a majority vote. I could argue that this should have been been pitted against the remain option...but this suggestion went down like alead ballon for those leavers who 'want democracy'. As it turned out, we put in ingredients that the machine could not cope with, as evidenced by the endless circular arguments, the machine failed to get a popular mandate, instead a turd was pushed the other end in a hurry on the promise that it would be a bonafide sausage. It's a turd, that is was it will continue to be no matter what you decide to call it.
  19. There is nothing simplistic or farcical about my argument. All polls suggested that less than 10% would have voted for the type of Brexit we have now in the referendum. The logical problem you are having getting your head around is that by first eliminating the most popular 'final destination' (remain) then you are left with a bunch of other destinations (all Brexity) that MP's had to agree on a single best of. Now we know that there was no unanimous outcome here, but being in the SM/CU was the most popular of the Brexity options in the HoC. In the end, with MP's fed up and the whole population fed up to the back teeth of anything Brexit....you get a clown who says 'I'll fix it for you'. MP's get on board because it's all going nowhere and the population says, yes...anything to stop this nonesense. So on three levels you have a failure of democracy. First the population's preferred final destination (remain) is ignored. Second the HoC's preferred final destination is ignored. Third, we end up with a final destination that few would have voted for and was the least popular in the HoC's. It's a tragic failure of democracy, absolutley pitiful.
  20. Absolutely. A failure od democracy, or more precisely, of our system. Don't know how anyone could argue otherwise.
  21. I hope you are right.....I do have my doubts. It's hobsons choice.
  22. Your argument is that people wanted to get over it as they were sick of it...and that equates to 'what they wanted'. Sorry, the two things just don't go together. To be so flippant about such a serious matter is more than concerning. It is a failure of process, a process that put up no credible workable options. Alarm bell should have been sounding.... but I have faith....when real pain is felt then we will have change.
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