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  1. Sadly, I agree. Seems that the authorities are trying there very best to cover up fraud on a gigantic scale created and perpetuated by the governments themselves. Only by preventing the tide going out can they do that - hence print, print, print. When this is over (if we ever get out), no one is going to trust the system again.
  2. Thats pretty much it - imagine if taxpayers where actually asked if they would give their money to banks so that they could borrow it back with interest and they would also then have to pay higher taxes in the future. Don't think we would get many takers. HAL
  3. Great - so everyone needs money. So why I am getting so little interest for it? I did think we had a system that worked on the principles of supply and demand and that that applied to money. If it is as you say that there is a big demand for money then why the low rates? If we do not have a market that makes sense then why are you even bothering to argue for a particular outcome? To me this enforces where we are moving to - that is a point of no confidence in the system. HAL
  4. Even in an environment of excess debt it is possible to see a highly inflationary environment if governments start to offer tax payer funded loans in large enough volume at low or minimal cost. If you think of all that delayed consumption in the form of savings, investment and now the petrol on the fire being offered by governments in the form of zero interest loans then you have the making of a catastrophy if all this enters the market at once. Wages will rise when governments start to set prices and wages in the wake of a hyper or excessive inflationary environment. Of course real wages will lag behind the price of everything. In the extreme good will be hard to buy as it becomes increasingly difficult to persuade people to part with it in exchange for fiat. Wages inflation will not be the driver - it will be an effect. HAL
  5. Agreed. So rigged inflation figures even when they where showing 2% where more like 8-10% - now they are rigged at 4.1% and inflation over the last year has been more like 25%. I predict that even the rigged CPI inflation figure will not go below 3% during this "delationary" crisis. What we have is a crisis of 10 years of mallinvestment - they are just supporting a misguided stagflationary policy.
  6. I disagree - if you lose confidence in fiat then you will be prepared to exchange cash for anything that retains its value or has some utility, even if those things are relatively plentifull. Of course the first things to go will be those that consentrate wealth, PM's and such, but once they are unavailable then ordinary stuff will be the focus of attention.
  7. I happen to think that this article is a pretty good summary of how this deflationary blip could turn into hyper-inflation. This is how I see it: 1/ Governments have themselves been involved in perpetuating the fraud of bidding up house prices - this bubble is so big and they have so much vested interest in it that they will at some point they will do anything to cover up their tracks. It is/was about 25% of the economy and a significant tax generator. 2/ At first reflationary policy will have little affect and as governments become increasingly desperate they will annouce more and more measures, a climate of fear and panick will ensue. 3/ The fall-out from house price bust is so large that it threatens to cause public unrest as more jobs are lost, this will accelerate the number of annoucements of increasing desperation with the amount of money that governmnets will be prepared to roll-onto the tax payer increasing in magnitude. 4/ A breaking point will be reached where the public has lost confidence in the government and see personal gain at the expense of the collective taxpayer. At this point there will be a rush to get out of cash, velocity of money will go hyper and so too will inflation - the delivery mechanism of the cash will be seeded by credit on behalf or taxpayers and then this will be quickly followed by savings and any liquid investments. People will know that they have been sold down the river at their collective expense. 5/ Governments are very slow to react to inflation of this nature (i.e. lack of confidence in fiat that will act like a coiled spring being released). At first governments will rejoice at the realisation that they have 'solved' the problem - they will not realise that they have created a far worst problem or they will wait to get to a point where they can be sure that inflation has imbedded itself. By the time they have done so, inflationary expectation will be pretty much out of control and confidence in the authorities and fiat will be shot. Governments by nature seem to react to situations like these in small discrete steps without view to the bigger picture - here they are simply going down the rabbit hole one step at a time, each step seems sensible to them because they are still of the view that what was before is desirable again, in doing this they are acting to restore what the majority know to be a false economic climate - they are moving further from the light. This is what will cause confidence to erode and the flight from cash to ensue as the populuse as a whole realise that governments want a ponzi economy and not a real one. Can anyone convince me that our government will not do 'whatever it takes' to restore the false economy that was before? A false economy based on HPI, cheap and fraudulent loans and tons of mallinvestment. HAL
  8. Brilliant - but I won't sign on till benefits are at least over £50k per year, I want expenses, a state car and free yatch club membership. This is getting more and more surreal by the day - Labour - you can rely on them to come up with some real clever ideas. But do not let it be said that NuLabour have not invested in chav culture - pretty soon we'll be exporting them.
  9. Ohhh!! Its too painfull, I just can't take it any longer - lets just debase the monetary system, create another false boom in the process and have hyper-inflation. That will all make us feel better. The guys a nut, he's crazy as a coconut.
  10. Amen to that. Labour have allways suffered from not understanding how economies work. They tend to want to help the poorer in society and then go about supporting and growing a social underclass that can never be incentivised to get back to work. They also seem to like Ponzi schemes and want to grow these until they collapse the economy. Free money is just money to them - they don't ask questions like where does it come from and is it right. Kind of like the Sibleys of this world - they are at the end of the day just deluded and morally wrong. Socialists are good at command economies - if they could control everything they'd be happy - prices, behaviour, they like to reward under achievement and penalise sucess for some reason? Beats me why but they are pretty consistent in this. Their soft love creates more dependancy - its a lesson of error in moral judgement. No wonder they are the worlds best at totally screwing up everything they touch. Can't wait to get shot of them - the sooner the better. In my view you pick the least worst and more importantly the least worst that will not allow Labour in - and for me that is the Tories. Believe me, todays Tories are not a patch on those of yesteryear, but still infinately preferable to Brown, Blear, Balls, Cooper, Millipeed and that lot of crazy wacko's. HAL
  11. I like it! We could outlaw beards and facial hair of all types, halitosis and other nasty smells with on the spot fines issued by armies of public hygene supervisors. This gets better and better. Maybe we can even formalise the fashion police and instead of seasonal fashion changes we could demand that fashions change every week. That will keep those nasty chavy citizens in their place. Our aspiration could be to look like Italians - we could put targets on it - it could be a manifesto pledge. This is great! I love it. When can we start?
  12. Another great idea (I'm on a roll) - why don't we employ all those on benefits wih lots of children by different parents, give them an expense account, a pick-up truck, a big house and tell them to spend. We can give them bonuses depending on how much money they have spent... What that I hear?....... Oh... its being done allready... scratch that then.
  13. An even better idea is to send everyone 5 grammes of Cociane through the post - this will take away people inhibitions and make them mad, insane I say. They will then spend what the'd been saving for their babies needs or steal it from their mothers or grans to do so. Sound like it could fly.
  14. I'll vouch for the that! American management is rather like watching a Vietnam war movie or George Bush - you just know its going to end in disaster - they are just arrogant, have ideas that in truth are just half baked shoot from hip madness and then when that does'nt work they just come straight back out with madcap idea mark 2. And around and around it goes - time passes, money is spent and eventually they have no products that anyone will buy. They then resort to selling ideas, all madcap and without a shadow of a doubt never realisable. I gave up in the end - for sanity sake I had to leave. No more working for those idiot yanks no more, no sir.
  15. I quite like the idea - anyone want to buy a £1000 voucher for £900 quid? Darn - beat me to it Durch.
  16. Funny how taking a 60% reduction of salary will magically qualify them for the new mortgage bail-out too. The strategy seems to be fitting in place nicely - keep delaying all this until the last possible moment - get everyone so dependant on NuLabour bail-outs that voters have no option but to vote them back in. Nothing like standing on your own two feet..... I mean its nothing like it at all.
  17. Good article. Maybe EDM can point out where it is stated by central bankers that savers interests will be protected and the feckless punished in this car crash that they created? That would be some re-assurance. Without that explicit re-assurance what can savers assume except that they will be shafted. HAL
  18. Most of you guys are pretty pathetic. Why don't you read the quality papers to get an insight into what is happening or use google instead of just assuming, supposing and guessing. There is alot more to it than some poor kid being murdered by what is a corrupt and non-accountable government What are you, village idiots or something? Get with it. HAL
  19. Same here - Norwich only 6 or so pages - at the height it was 110 pages. Quite some difference! Also I'd say that this time of year is a contributing factor, but mostley EA's not having revenue.
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