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  1. Yep - could happen. Then again its never happened before - if it does then in a few years time we can say it was different this time - until then there are lots of what it scenarios that may play out. HAL
  2. Fit a valve to it and squeeze it when people are asleep that way no one will notice as its going down. Seriously - the situation is out of control you cannot undo what has been done without upsetting the majority - hence the reason for BG's ridiculous 3m houses by 2020 - he knows its just spin, we know its just spin - but the majority of people including many jurnos and newspaper, as we well know just report the statement - they don't actually question it. So as far as most people are concerned the governement have a plan - done deal - another political incident dealt with - next!!!. HAL
  3. Gordon Broon say we will build 3m new houses by 2020!!! READ GB - panick what should we do? Spin Meister - pick a big number GB - one million! Spin Meister - no bigger! GB - three million!!!! Spin Meister - thats better, now pick a date when you'll be dead GB - 2050 Spin Meister - don't be daft, you can't screw around with all those gays and expect to be alive by then GB - Ok - 2020 Spin Meister - you have your new housing policy - well done - you are brilliant!! GB - I am pretty good arn't I (grins to himselves and goes into fits of the mouth wobble thing he does) I'm glad I did'nt go into politics - its just too hard. HAL
  4. People have problems using their brains to breath never mind organising a backlash - besides the government will blame 'external factors that are outside our control' when the time comes. HAL
  5. Don't count on it just yet! The VI's will fight this kicking and screaming as if their livelyhood depended on it. They will scare people into ever higher debt - the BBC will be complicit - the government will put out policies that support HPI rather than stabilise it for fear of a pre-election crash and the banks will continue to try to sell bad debts to other institutions whilst lending irresponsibly to make a fast buck. We may be at the tipping point but there will still be a fight. On the positive side for bears - how much more HPI can the British public take? another 10%, 20%? Have we yet to see a last surge before its ultimate collapse or is this it? Everyone is starting to feel poor - those with even large saving see their spending power vastley diminished - those with houses see their monthly bills soaring and their savings turn negative - crunch point is just around the corner. I personally expect to see a last and fast surge before it dies and then crashes - that then follows all the previous behaviour. On the back of the crash Sterling will get a pounding and inflation will soar as the Chinese Price Index ramps up - expect to see a general election in September. HAL
  6. I just don't understand these people with houses - they earn imaginary money by sitting in their houses whilst they appreciate in imaginary value, then they spend this imaginary money in exchange for a lifetime of debt, then they complain when that imaginary money disapears from whence it came. Its not as if they have done any work to deserve the increase in value is it? What gives here? - as they say easy come easy go. Look on the bright side - your children will be able to afford a roof over their heads as opposed to living with you for the rest of their lives (that is if you can afford to have children). HAL
  7. Yeh but - if they changed the planning regs with an in built 'expiry date' of say 2 years in a use it or lose it sense - we'd have a better system because no one could then 'horde' building land. So the way around that may be to horde the land and not get planning permission - but then the value of the company would stagnate as their real assets would not reflect the added value of turning ordinary land into buildable land. What is wrong with that? HAL
  8. You display the flexbility of mind that would be envy of any politician. HAL
  9. And as a result they have just delayed the eventual crash and made it worse - and now the government is trying its best to keep the house of cards propped up. Are these guys trying to tell us something important that we should be listening to? I think they are trying to say growth is more important than where growth occurs - i.e. they do not care if that means a housing bubble or a tulip bubble - they just want growth - which means spending which means jobs which means happy votes - they do not care about the after effects or the long term damage to society or even sustainability - they just want to get elected and the easy targets to subsidise their election dreams are now those with savings and those who are 'have nots' - the majority are currently the ones with houses that keep them in easy money via MEW - so long as the government does nothing to harm this section of the electorate then they can get back in and keep voting their salaries up, guilding their pensions and maxing out on their expenses. Pretty sad really - maybe Maggy Thatcher was right when she said their is no such thing as society - the Tories said it but Labour are living it. HAL
  10. Sounds sensible - just be aware that if the market does slide as many think (and hope) it will - then you need to be practical wrt the selling price i.e. try not to chase the market down - get slightly ahead of the curve - also some estate agents will give you a good valuation but that does not mean it will sell for that price. At the end of the day you can, within reason, set the price that you want for it - but if you want it to sell then its a question of what the next person will pay and in a falling market people wait for the market to fall even further - the longer it goes unsold the more it will seem poor value (a downwards spiral). You need to make it attractive compared to the current market expectation. If I were you - i'd get the other EA's in and then pick a sensible price that you know will sell - its no use having a house on the market for 6 months without a buyer. Best of luck HAL
  11. Look on the bright side - if your trading up then you'll get the next one cheaper - so you will be a winner. Seriously - you did not mention what you bought it for and when? Also what makes you think its worth more? HAL
  12. 'GB - the ecomony will continue to grow this year , next year and the year after" When GB said he was not good with numbers I really think he mean it - how can you control inflation without discouraging spending? He is living on another planet. We will end up with hyperinflation at this rate and we will all be broke - a la Zimbabwe. HAL
  13. I still find the BoE's remit confusing as they say that they are targetting CPI and are aiming for 2% - but in the same breath they say they are trying to achieve growth and employment - surely the two are in conflict? How can you get lower inflation without the casualities i.e. job losses, stagnating HP's and general economic misery - unless the medicine in painfull on one will take a blind bit of notice and will contiue to spend spend spend with the understanding that the government will come to the rescue as soon as growth slows a little or HPI starts to approach 0% - as they did in 2005. Lets see what happens when HPI approaches 0% this time - if the Boe o the same trick this time - then jigs up - either buy, emigrate or accept the fact that you will rent for ever or worse live as a debt slave. HAL
  14. I am suprised that wthe same old line of it will be different this time is being rehashed again and again - a rentier society - the haves and the have nots are here to stay. We are just in a bubble - manufactured in 2001, re-enforced by economic policies after 9/11 and admitted as such by central bankers. The debt limit will be reached soon (savings at less than zero are not sustainable for long) and then consumption will fall off a cliff and that will be the end of that - the mess that the BOE stalled will be apparent for all to see only worse for their delaying tactics. I can understand why people get sucked in - the constant barage of VI spin - getin now or lose out - conflicting stories and an endless stream of lemmings jumping into the credit abys. Common sense says that we have arrived at the last station before the crash - zero savings are a good indicator of what is just around the corner - people have no money left - they will restrain their spending or borrow massively to finance their lifestyle - either way it is crunch time. Wake up - the time has come - just be prepared for more extravogant claims by VI sources as they try to protect their flagging interests. HAL
  15. Whatsup? did let the playboy magazines pile up? HAL
  16. People on minimum wage provide goods and services that used to be consumed locally (and I presume essential) - hence they needed to live locally - if the workers could not be housed then local society could not continue to function. What you are implying is the old 'victorian society' arguement - ten to a room and let them eat dirt. Fair enough - but not sure that most epople will vote that way when it start to affect the middle classes too. HAL
  17. How could you prove that you had been in the wood for 4 (7?) years? HAL
  18. Ministers have said that it is a fair system - so it must be. On the other hand, social housing was designed for the needs of the native population and was not intended to cater for a mass influx of asylum seekers who by virtue would be more in need that the natives - therefore the current system is indeed biased towards asylum seekers. Interestingly - the Government has never really been taken to task about this point - most people cannot see part the seemingly fair 'points based' system. Also, you see the Government duck when anyone mentions the cost of immigration or the cost that asylum seekers incure - they don't want to put their hands in their pockets or fees up to the true costs and impact on social services, housing, the NHS, local authorities or anything else - they just stick their head in the big bucket of sandy stuff and hopes no one will notice - except people do notice. BTW loved Ruth (spit out of the corner of my mouth!!) Kelly talking about handing leaflets out to immigrant to reduce tensions - I know here type - man loses a leg in a farming accident and she gest the baby wipes out!! Useless dipsh1t that she is. HAL
  19. In the last crash mine also droped from 72k to 51k - over a 4 year period with 10% inflation making its real drop >> 50%. I was pretty obvious that during the last crash that one could not actually sell a house unless you dropped the price significantly. The roads where lined with for sale signs - I chose to sell mine below what I paid for it (i.e. whatever I could get) because I moved up to a lovely 4 bed semi in London for 100k in 1995 (which was priced at £180k in 1990) - they guy wanted £120k but I was the only punter in town and said that 100k was the figure - take it or leave it - he took it because there where no other buyers. I just don't subsribe to the average house drop being 11k - if you look at the graph on the front page you see that the house prices went from about 5x salary to about 2.5x at the minimum > 50% drop in real terms when you take wage inflation and inflation into account. HAL
  20. NuLabour have always said one thing and done the opposite - if they declared that they would rape every productive citizen to boost spending on their ill thought out waste of time projects, public sector salary increases, chav benefits and their own renumeration then they would hardly get voted in would they? Truth is the average UK citizen is dumb, dumb, dumb! and half asleep - they have no concept that the elite may not be acting in their interests or for long term stability and these politician guys are smart - they use that to their advantage to take from the part of society that can afford to be pick-pocketed - but they seldom stop there. As to guns and moustaches - now that is a seriously good idea - you bring the moustache and I bring the gun HAL
  21. And this is the problem with a fiat based system. They can pump money into system when they feel like it and withdraw it when they feel like it - that means we can be manipulated when they feel like it - we are never free - they are allways in control. Without a banking system that guarantees the fruits of your labour and its buying power free from external manipulation then we are as slaves with masters that control our every move. Maybe Bruno (remember him) was right after all - you are better off going with the flow but getting out before you get too greedy. There is no such thing as fair value if the markets are manipulated because their is no such thing as market value attached to currencies that are manipulated in this way. Look at the BoE - they are still behind the curve - what more evidence do we need to see that they are not interested in taming 'real' inflation. At this rate they will have boiled the frog to death and soon it will be time for hyperinflation - don't think so? - they why has the BoE always hesitated in raising interest rates when faced with news that the stock market has twitched down by 50-100 pts - is that in their remit? I have long suspected that the BoE are acting on a different agenda - that agenda is to devalue - it will do this most efficienctly through inflation - albeit inflation that is hidden from the the public view. HAL
  22. Yes I was similarly appauled by this 8X8 sh1t ole excuse for accomodation. My instant thought was why don't 10 people get together (£500k) to buy a propert with say 5 acres - very do-able in Norfolk - they can then set up caravans and live no worries. Then I got to thinking evil thoughts - I started thinking as a manipulator would think - I believe that they are 'anchoring' our expectations with the 8x8 cubical - i.e. you are lucky if you can buy a house (look at the alternative FFS!) so do it now as there is another sub-set of shanty housing comming along that you may get relegated to. Those evil *ankers - they are manipulating us. Then I thought why not just buy a motor home - its bigger, more flexible and you don't have to stay in this sh1thole if you don't want to. HAL
  23. And I totally agree with your point above - they, as are most of the public sector - over protected, over paid (compared to the private sector) and enjoy over the odds benefits (holidays, pensions etc). The NUT will not get what they want - nor do I have any sympathy for them. However, this has gift horse and mouth written alll over it for anyobne who wants to expose this bunch of NuLabour spinsters as lying theiving fakes - let the NUT make their point and hope for a good punch up, and lets not be too proud to support them make a descent fist of it. HAL
  24. Geeze - you guys and girls know nothing!! Stop carping on about the NUT and their demand for a 10% salary increase, if teachers deserve it or not, or if their other benefits count as salary in kind, or even if they acheive their aims - it is not the point is it you gimps. The point is that the NUT have made a direct point of linking HPI to the demand for above CPI/RPI salary increases - that is the point and they deserve praise for making this link. Bravo NUT!!! HAL
  25. Also signed.... Come on its easy! We cannot let these feckers think they are above the law - they are supposed to serve us, not live it up on our money and get away with whatever they like. HAL
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