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  1. Hav'nt had such a good laugh in ages. Takes a real dork to make ineptitude such comic reading - thanks for the linky IRRO.
  2. So he recommended that we cure the hugh build up in debt by ... er.. er encouraging more debt. Who's the prat?
  3. I've been thinking about this for ages. Established banks have loans out against over prices assets so they need to charge a premium for their loans to build up reserves for the inevitable write downs. New banks on the other hand are not encumbered by past mistakes - so they can offer better savings rates to attract capital and lend out at slightly better rates. So why is everyone not doing it? Anyone want to get together?
  4. Or maybe savers no longer trust the government or banks with their money and are choosing to put it under mattress instead.
  5. You forgot to mention that we need to print more money - no slacking off now
  6. Or people stupid enough to have forgotten their passwords multiple times and have had to change user name - erm - like me.
  7. Correct observation - this has been noted many times over the last few years on this forum. The politicos have been in on the act and drawing money from a bubble they helped to create. Sense had left the building, but only if you look at it from the health of the nation - when looked at from the perspective of the greedy banker or politician then it all made perfect sense.
  8. +1 Brown - his name already brings bile to my throat. He has sold the UK, all its citizens and their children up the river - so that he can live in No 10 and retain power for 1 extra year FFS - I personally think he will never regret what he has done - I say this because if he did have even a jot of recognition of the harm he has done then he'd probably top himself.
  9. The only thing you are missing is all those people who are waiting in the wings to snap up distressed sales will never get a chance to do so in aa3's world of never let anything collapse idiocy. I guess you must have bought into the high assett prices forever mantra and are not trying to get everyone else to pay for your mistakes. You are on a printing bender no doubt about that - as I've said before the 'printing' lot will look for any excuse to carry on printing - there ain't no problem that printing will not solve for them. My advise to you is this - do something you are good at - and stay away from anything to do with economics.
  10. It may be presumtious of me but I think that what is being proposed here is living off people who can be ars'ed to work for a living. Nice to have the option of scrounging without actually having to extend your cap to do so.
  11. Amazing! To get such excellent growth and still they feel the need to provide a stimulus - they are learning fast.
  12. Not true - at least until we export Brown and Co.
  13. You are quite right, 3.5 times salary is not normal. Normally we would be slaves and never have the option to own outright. A return to 10 times salary on interest only will see the previous situation restored in a more modern context.
  14. So the public sector is to be a playground for the thick but on a good salary? You are of course right - the tables have been turned - it is now better to work in the public sector, much better. This is a very dangerous situation for our real economy (its called crowding out), and it leads to the type of economy that for example Greece and other quasi-corrupt, nepotistic states have. Your views on technology and their effects are crazy BTW. For example, over the last 30 years we have had the biggest technology leaps ever and yet more people are required to work harder to make ends meet. The extra portit being syphoned out by bankers and government machines. Automation simply means more efficiency and thus lower prices to ascertain a business advantage - not something that a technocrat would understand anything about.
  15. September 2020 maybe? They are all sooooo transparently committed to doing bug er all to change the status quo - and the media are so unquestioning - makes you think that they are all up to their necks in the same scam.
  16. Unadulterated scapegoatery - pure politics - despicable buck passing at a moment of national crisis. I expect no more from the scum who got us into this mess. They will happy bankrupt and destroy this country so long as they win the current arguement in the minds of the people. I spit on them.
  17. Don't worry - aa3 is a rare species - a medium intellect but large ego and thick skin - he could be quite a good politician
  18. Its sad - that politics and banking have fallen so low as to re-enact slavery through debt, but it is the case. And before anyone tells you that you have a choice of being in debt, the reality is that no one has a choice when essential assets like housing and soon energy and food are bid up due to out of control credit and printing.
  19. And who's job is it to think through the dangers and consequences of allowing a 300% boom in house prices? When you say 'do we really need to add more costs at a time when we need to be making savings' - who is we? Is this 'we' the same 'we' that are continuing to recruiting public sector workers on six figure salaries, wanting to keep spending above their means, scamming their expenses, and generally scorching the economic earth for the next government to sort it out? If so then I really could give a rats ars about that 'we', I'd rather let the full consequences of their actions unfold and the polticians who got us into this mess to be exposed.
  20. So, politicians are hostage to the banks, savers are hostage to the banks and the banks are hostage to those in debt. The conclusion is....... those in debt rule the roost, they dictate policy, they make the rules and they get bailed out - everyone else comes second.
  21. There was a time when I would get angry at this sort of state led persecution and abuse, but now I am resigned to the fact that the markets are being manipulated and don't work, governments are corrupt, banks cause poverty and war, fiat money is just a piece of paper that can devalued in an instant and MP's are crooks. So now I am no longer suprised or even upset - its just a game being played for the politicians glorification and we are the pawns being buffered by the winds.
  22. Aint it so - the rabbit hole is long and very deep and each step down is paved with good intentions.
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