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  1. You are entitled to your opinion - I'd also say you are nieve in thinking that the public would accept working till they died to support a priveledged public sector in youthfull retirement.
  2. If your lucky you get to work finding food - if your unlucky, those who blame the government and those who work for it get a noose tied round their necks.
  3. I read from that, HeliBen wants to keep rates at ZIRP for at least 5 years - regardless of the inflationary pressures. There will be no tightening. The aim is to inflate and inflate they will. Irresponsible, cavalier, criminal organisation - their main aim seems to be to steal from savers and line the pockets of their preferred in people and organisations.
  4. +1 A repeat of the 90's would mean another three years of declines minimum.
  5. Mick - It all comes down to politics at the end of the day. Labour in -> you get a pay rise as they develop their client state and captive voters. Tories in -> you get a pay cut or sacked. Weather you are 'worth it' is speculation on your part. Which ever way you cut it - when the cuts come and they will, there will be scant support from the private sector for your cause - who ever heard of the public comming out in support for quangoes or the tax man?! . Dare I say it there will be cheering on the streets as armies of public sector workers get thrown out of their jobs. I remember the days when no one in the private sector would hire a private sector worker - usually because they are not business savvy enough, too soft and or incompetent - these days are fast approaching again. Sharpen up your skills and good luck.
  6. We would have to reduced your basic salary first say to 50% of your current level - then devise a sufficiently difficult taget where only 50% would exceed the target and 50% would fall below. Sound good to you?
  7. Poo BooLoo - I don't want no stinkin gramar course - I can here to put the worlds to right
  8. Good job BooLoo - allways thinking ahead of the game. I'll remember you when at the end of the year when we are pushing up the greasy pole. My goodness is that the time - Is it lunch time already?
  9. They can be difficult to deal with - all that red tape an all! I get my special projects team to put out a specification conforming to their 1000 page template - I suggest we put a team together to review once this has been done.
  10. WAIT! Its not in the job spec - we'll need to update that first - that means more responsibility - which means more pay. In addition to the targets we'll need to ensure we are correctly insentivised to meet those targets. I suggest a bonus structure. Lets set up a job appraisal and insentive team first to deal with these issue before we begin. I'll need to hire these people in of course - we do need to do the job properly. Anyone know where I can recruite a recruitment agent?
  11. Castle Mall - thats the place. I am assuming that they wound not touch Argos stuff with a barge poll - they want to make money and I assume they'd rather buy gold plated PCB's than the stuff they sell in Argos and other dross outfits.
  12. The one who set up stall in the town centre was offering £500 quid for a krugers that seem to be selling on ebay for £650, about 75% of selling price. It would seem to be a simple job to hand out leaflets on the street asking to buy gold coins - then look up the value on ebay and offer 70% of spot price. Or am I being too simplistic?
  13. You are a bit of a one trick wonder are you not. The answer to all people who disagree with AZ is 'you are jealous' - just add Nana-dee-nana and you have your complete answer to all critics. Justice is coming - ain't no doubt about that.
  14. Is mainland Britain within bomb throwing distance?
  15. Over the last week I have noticed two new companies on TV buying gold (on addition to the two that sprung up a month ago) and was suprised to see in the centre of Norwich a little stall handing out leaflets touting for gold. I like to keep an eye open for a rise in gold buyers as this could point to a general mass market awareness of gold - which would/could I dare say send the price of it sky high. Mods - this is a serious post and not a gold ramping thread - what is happening out their is starting to hit main street. Anyone else seen if there has been an increase of activity?
  16. BB - you where at the cutting edge of the last crash - I do agree that nominal falls of over 30% where not only common but the norm - so as another poster said why did Haliwide indexes not show greater falls ??!!?? Fraud and manipulation even back then - have we always lived in the matrix?
  17. Naaaa - the IMF are part of the same game - they now all print money out of their behinds. It may have been an organisation to be feared at one time but now its been captured - only to be used against countries that are not part of the ruling elite to extort resources from.
  18. Banks when accounting for their assets use mark to model. Banks when asking for a deposit on an asset use mark to market. i.e. ensuring that all future transaction have a safety cushion whilst falsifying their current position.
  19. If theres any more proof you need that central banks and governments are the cause of booms and busts - bubble'omics at its best. Next stop - insane stock market - insane house prices - insane commodities - insane price for a loaf of bread. These guys really need a good kicking.
  20. It must be pretty common knowledge that the game is rigged. I think they have gone one moral hazard too far - there is no turning back now - they will just have too keep printing, subsidising, bailing out and distorting. The market is fubar - snauf - ****'d!
  21. I agree - this is the area that will get the first dip of public money. I'd say that he'll be sneekier than just giving straight pay rises - they will probably be target related - like the doctors - they will effectively get 40% more for doing 50% less.
  22. Thanks for your honesty - but before making any claims do try to come up with some sort of analysis - blind faith is not a basis for discussion. My take on the question is that the current buyers are those with means (savings)- they have been scared out of hiding by the the actions of the BoE, they are currently pertified that quantative easing will destroy the value of their savings. In effect savers have had a gun put to their head - either they spend it or else! That is not a way to run a free market - its is actually theft - when you grown up and start to think about savings and what that means for your old age then you will realise what it means to have your savings devalued and your interest given to speculators to gamble against you. Your rather crude repetition of "HPC will not happen because I say so" is silly - if you said HPC wil lnot happen because the government would rather debase our currency or cause yperinflation than let it happen in nominal terms then you would have the basis for a real discussion. I really do not expect you to understand what I am saying - but even if a flicker of light comes on it was worth it.
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