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  1. Para 3 - you hav'nt a clue - because if you tried to define/quantify those 'benefits' you receive on top of your good salary you would be exposed for the grasping greedy idiot you so transparently are. Count yourself lucky sunny and relish the short time you have left to earn a comparatively good wage because it won't last.
  2. She teaches because she likes it AND realises that she is LUCKY to be currently paid very well, with good conditions, no threat of being sacked i.e. excellent job security and an excellent pension. She does not go around telling others that they are jealous or envious - especially those that will never get to retire at her age or earn what she current does for the wages and benefits she derives. You don't get the second paragraph because you are a public sector worker living in a cotton covered world. Out of interest - what do you think teachers should be paid if they had 4 weeks holiday a year (i.e. had to go into work), did not have job security (i.e. could be sacked) and had to provide for their own pension (with token contribution from the employer of course).
  3. She went into teaching because she loves it - she wants to do it to help people. She moved from a good job in the private sector to teach when teaching was paid much less. Even she realises how lucky she currently is and how untenable the current situation is. I suspect that once the public sector has been cut back to size you will probably find a do nowt job in the private sector and then complain about taxes being too high. If it sounds like an insult - thats because it is.
  4. I know lots of teachers like you "its a job not a career" - they are the ones who should be fired but never are, since no one ever gets fired. What is it? - out of >10,000 teachers less than 10 get fired each year - wow! So - not really a challenge to keep down a job like that is it. The taxpayer should be very grateful of your voluntary careership. Bonuses all round.
  5. My wife is a teacher - even she knows that state pensions are unaffordable and that salaries have crept up too high in recent years. How? she sees the 'common' man working and he earns less, has job insecurity, worse working conditions and will never afford the pension that she has - thats how. Now defend your position that public sector pensions are affordable!!!
  6. Aww didums - workin too hard now - boo hoo. Best get back to your nice cosy office, hat stand and minion of staple clerks that you command. Don't want our GDP falling any more now do we. Twit.
  7. Sorry to correct you Injin. A thief steals and knows he is doing wrong - they can be forgiven. Mass murderers and evil dictators steal but think they are doing good - they can only be eradicted.
  8. You make too many assumptions. Money is only available through taxation if those that you 'feed' off don't die trying to keep you in the cosy lifestyle that you like. Deferred salary it is not - what you get is the money in 20 or 30 years time but as Injin says - it will buy you nowt by then - nor for you nor for me if we keep this up. But I shall be far more confident of getting by in that situation than most public sector workers. My guess is public sector workers get paid about 20% too much already - so if you kill your pension then we should be about quits.
  9. How are they affordable? Who will pay for them? Why do you think they are a deferred salary? No doubt that they are a contractual requirement - but you seem to relish the fact that the productive sector that pays for your 'better deal' is somehow jealous and you don't seem to see that these same people may resent setting you up for early retirement in luxury when they continue to toil for ten more years and finish up even poorer. Are you not supposed to be employed by the people, for the people? Or has the game changed and we are now your slaves? As I said before - true socialists like being paid so long as they don't actually have to work.
  10. Where is that emoticon that shows a punch being thrown - except its for real and comes out the screen and hit you on the chin. Opps! - lost the arguement by losing my temper... but gained a nice tingling sensation on me nuckles. I do dearly dislike the old style socialists who relish the parasitic lifestyle they have become acustomed to - so one day I can see a time when the will be no state employees and parasites like you can beg for a job cleaning my boots.
  11. You always come up with the best ideas Unfortunately Hitler come up with it first.
  12. but only until the housing market ... errgh... economy recovers umm.
  13. And here are the words direct from the horses mouth: www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk/JCP/Customers/WorkingAgeBenefits/Dev_016128.xml.html "Support for mortgage interest If you are claiming Income Support, income-based Jobseeker's Allowance or income-related Employment & Support Allowance and you are a homeowner, your benefit may include additional support for mortgage interest (SMI). Payments can be made towards a customer's mortgage interest payments for loans taken out to purchase the property or for specific home improvement loans. No guarantee can be made that the Department will meet a loan prior to it being taken out. No help can be provided towards housing costs such as payments of capital owed on a loan, insurance premiums or mortgage arrears. From 5 January 2009, a temporary package of measures was introduced to provide extra help to new customers in light of the economic downturn. These changes will be reviewed when the housing market recovers." The bold statements are the real kicker that truly did my head in. It really doemonstrates what NuLabour is all about and what they consider the economy to be - the OP is right they are paying you to buy a house with our money. I AM FURIOUS!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:
  14. I agree - the tories have 2 or maybe 3 years to clear the decks of toxic stuff and then they have to prepare to win the next elction - which means pumping and priming. So 2010 - 2012/3 will feel like hell for those in debt.
  15. In other words - the client state population goes up by 45k. Councils - are these the new "Masters Of The Universe"? - they charge us extortionate fees for their cra p services and now they give us meaningless jobs to do so that we keep voting for them. We really living in the age of the distorted market. Soon no one will be able to tell or remember what a real market looks like.
  16. The problem is that the gov and the banks have conspired to keep repo properties off the scene which has lead to very low supply. So EA's do not have a choice but to compete for properties by keeping asking price high.
  17. The debt pimps never stand still - they always find a way to force you to take their drug (with the politicians help of course).
  18. Can't we just print more soldiers? We can put some cardboard cut out soldiers and tanks on the front line. That'll teach the Taliban for messin with NuLabour - meow - grrr.
  19. Hav'nt had such a good laugh in ages. Takes a real dork to make ineptitude such comic reading - thanks for the linky IRRO.
  20. So he recommended that we cure the hugh build up in debt by ... er.. er encouraging more debt. Who's the prat?
  21. I've been thinking about this for ages. Established banks have loans out against over prices assets so they need to charge a premium for their loans to build up reserves for the inevitable write downs. New banks on the other hand are not encumbered by past mistakes - so they can offer better savings rates to attract capital and lend out at slightly better rates. So why is everyone not doing it? Anyone want to get together?
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