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  1. I'm at a loss. What are you talking about? Can you give examples of politicians who have made racist policies that are anti-white? Real ones...not invented in your head.
  2. If by 'excrement' you mean having heating, fuel, a reasonable cost of living, a fishing and farming industry not in crisis, a haulage industry that works and decent social care for our elderly...then yes please. You are welcome to your own personal Brexit without the above. Wierdo.
  3. Worth a listen. Boris has moved on from blaming the EU to blaming business.
  4. Try comprehending the post you respond to first. He said individuals within the labour party might be racist...he did not say that it was OK. You are too busy creating your own enemies and narrative to engage in the real world.
  5. That's right 'Lord' Frost...you sock it to them...what a muppet of a man.
  6. What is needed is people's own private Brexit without affecting the rest of us. A personal recreation of sorts. I take a couple of thousand pounds out of your bank account every year, make you run around searching for food and petrol and sell you goods at inflated prices until you are forced to eat grass and then turn off your lights and heating. As a bonus I give you a very big hammer and let you loose on images of our fishing, farming and supply chain industries. That should do it....you can shower in your own private piss as often as you like now without the rest of us having to deal with your scummy habits. The £350 million we save a week by not feeding and heating brexiteers can be put towards the NHS for the rest of us
  7. It's unavoidable...if the situation continues and enough pain is felt, it will create a political will and the support for change. The opposition parties will seize on this when the time is right. They are currently in disarray but the fog will clear and the opportunity will present itself.
  8. How can the numpty say 'the protocol will never have the support to survive' ????? It was voted on in the general election...an oven ready deal....the best deal ever...they won a stomping majority on it. So they lied....it was not oven ready...it was a terrible deal.... They shoud call a general election because they won a majority on the mandate that they delivered Brexit on this basis....and have failed. The new government should consider a new referendum.....Remain as we are vs Join.
  9. That's because he's 'special'....bless.
  10. You make incapability to comperehend into an art form.
  11. Quite the opposite....you seem incapable of recognising the stupidity of your position. In 'your world' it be abhorent if I believed in the thrust of Christianity just because a fringe group that operates under that banner advocated doing something against the law? As a fringe does not represent the main body, it cannot be controlled by the main body or accounted for as the main body has no juristiction over the fringe. Example: Politician and others in authority in this country broadly believe in Chistianity....yet the Ku Klux Klan also support Christianity....therefore according to your insane logic, all MP's and anyone else who believes and supports Christianity is a racist??? Bonkers!!
  12. Oh give over...you are getting boring and monotinous. If I am getting offensive then you probably deserve it for being thick. BTW I'm not offensive to all thick people, most can cope with some sort of logic...obviously you can't
  13. It's not that hard to understand really. BLM is broadly a reaction to excessive police violence against black people. That is the thrust. I agree with the thrust. I don't agree with the minority fringes that use the label to persue an extreemist agenda. I agree with lots of principles but not necessarilly with the extreem elements claiming to be representatives of the main thrust. If this goes over your head then you no one can help you....seek help.
  14. Should you not be busy seal clapping the fact that skilled people that businesses relied on have left the UK? On the plus side we have loads of people won't get their £20 a week, can't afford heating or put food on the table desperate to get those high wage jobs I'm sure they can all do it...LOL
  15. Really? In your magic mushroom world maybe.
  16. Lots of people say lots of different stuff, they can't all be accounted for. The main thrust of BLM is legitimate and reasonable. Sad and regretable but not as common as the the injustices that many blacks have suffered and are suffering. any sane person would look at this in a balanced way
  17. Meh - this is the same story as HGV drivers. A shortage of skilled labour caused by Brexit in the banking sector. Same thing up and down the sector and supply chain. Soon to be felt in more expensive food and everything. Everyone with any skills and worth has left the UK. Good luck filling the posts with locals and still having a good business at the end of it. Great Britain -> Mediocre Britain. Well done for the seal clap...yawn! You are looking more and more pathetic. https://www.efinancialcareers.co.uk/news/2021/06/brexit-talent-shortages-london
  18. Yet this gov has restricted labour and called for increased wages which many companies say will lead to increased prices. It's not usual for governments to add deliberately add to inflationary pressures, especially in an already inflationary environment. By identity politic loons....do you mean the nationalistic clap trap that the tories are spouting?
  19. Wikipedia - says otherwise - their purpose seems quite sane and reasonable. Could you be refering to a fringe group under 'the banner' of BLM perhaps? You need to get checked out mate. Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a decentralized political and social movement protesting against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people.[1][2][3][4][5] While there are specific organizations such as the Black Lives Matter Global Network that label themselves simply as "Black Lives Matter", the Black Lives Matter movement comprises a broad array of people and organizations. The slogan "Black Lives Matter" itself remains untrademarked by any group.[6] The broader movement and its related organizations typically advocate against police violence toward black people as well as for various other policy changes considered to be related to black liberation.[7]
  20. You are entitled to your opinion but I think you are wrong here. Brexit is simmering under everything that is happening at the moment. It's the elephant in the room, from HGV to fishing to farming to the countless other supply chains that have broken to the ones that will be broken. Any serious opposition needs to feel confident that they can challenge that decision without alienating the public. At the moment that is neigh on impossible. I'll admit that labour have also been worse than useless in all this...I have no natural affilion with ether of them... but just look at school funding...the private schools have seen increases of 100% and state schools have seen real term decreases of funding in the last 10 years. How does that tally up with levelling up? The cons are all nice talk and no action...jam tomorrow pundits that get the hard of thinking poor to vote for them. The opposition is hamstrung at the moment for reasons that I have given. Even stuff like schools and NHS pay does not cut through... fishing? just a bump in the road....farming?...just a bump in the road......lack of petrol? .....just a bump in the road. School funding?......we have to keep our finances in order. etc etc.
  21. Largly agree but I feel as if something more profound has happened to the political landscape than can be accounted for by 'clever' tory policies and meh labour opposition. Brexit has a large part to play in this, especially as 'the people' are looking to the party who said they would get this done, to actually get this done and see the upsides. Even for some remainers, all that pain has to show upsides or clearly fail. The people are willing to give the gov the benefit of any doubt at the moment regardless of the calamities and inequalities bestowed at this point.....they are fully bought into jam tommorow. I don't think we have room in peoples minds for an opposition in this climate. The mood will need to change significantly first.
  22. They pulled out of considering the UK...because of Brexit. Prior to that the UK was a candidate...not anymore. It's not that hard to understand...another opportunity lost.
  23. It would help if they didn't add to them.
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