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  1. Yes, Lord Hannan came across as deluded, ill informed and out of step with reality. TBF, quite a common set of attributes for a Brexiteer.
  2. Sunak to bring in new measures to reign in borrowing. LOL. Talk about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted, gone over the next paddock, took a jump, cleared the earths atmosphere and is now making it's way past the kyper belt.
  3. I am happy...Brexit has done more to make the case for remain than remainers could even have done...and whats more...they are getting better and better at it....what's not to be happy about. BTW How's you alternative theory on trade being better as trade friction grows going???? Seems long overdue. Are you having a bit of a mental block??? Perhaps a diaretic/laxative is in order....better out than in I say...just make sure there's adequate drainage. No one appreciates a mess. And BBTW......as for nostaliga..... the foot looked better and was more useful before Brexiteers shot a hole in it. So yes - I yearn for the time when idiots stop telling me to look forward whilst constantly inflicting injuries on themselves and others.
  4. I don't accept that self inflicted damage is about the world changing. It's about stupid people doing what they do best...being idiots.
  5. I am loving Brexit. It just keeps giving. - NIP under threat - Trading with our largest import export partner mired in red tape - Shops bereft of goods - No one to drive lorries or pick fruit and veg - Fishing industry shafted - Farming shafted - Immigration - no change, just a different profile - Dinghies arriving from France at an unprecednted rate causing Brexiteers to have heart attacks - No border controls for inbound goods reducing the competitiveness of British businesses - FTA's with none EU roll-over countries sparse and totally insignificant - Dozens (or should I say ten's hehe) of other issues that I have probably failed to mention because there are too many to mention.... And the list just keeps on growing......hand clap!!....well done Brexiteers...you really know how to fck up a country. Where are the fecking benefits?????????? BTW - did I forget to mention house prices at an all time high...that will be a bit of a bummer for all those disaster economist Brexiteers... And in the interest of balance...we have blue (or black??) passports....if you like blue (or black).
  6. I guess that means less trade with Norway....another Brexit bonus. We are getting quite good at this. Was wartching news night just now and listening to the conservative mp trying to defend the UK's decision not to implement inbound checks....total cop out IMO....the cons are trying really hard to make sure the public don't see the shortages in food/goods that the oven ready deal has caused...by throwing British businesses under the red bus.
  7. True Brits should be easy to spot then...they'll be the ones wearing loin cloths and bear skins.... not seen to many of those around Tesco's lately. I sympathise with your POV tho...I'd like all the people in my village to be from the village...local shops for local people....
  8. Envious to hear that. Here we had to make do with a tent in a farmers field, getting p1ssed on with rain, paying over the odds for all that and for the privilege of eating crap food. Give me Greece anytime.
  9. I don't know what it was like in the EU...but travel advice was a mess here. You'd need your head examining to take the risk of booking a holiday anywhere......and that's how they would like to keep it. Hence why the article is trying to uncouple covid with the rise of stacationing and couple Brexit to it.....covid will go but brexit won't. The article read more like an infomercial.
  10. Let me think. The sunny med or some farmers field getting p1ssed on every day? ........really hard choice that one. When people have no choice they choose what's available.....mainly due to Covid I'd say.
  11. How about your ex wife/partner (condolances BTW), would you send her back on a boat?
  12. I am not arguing that high HP's are good...it's just that governments who preside over a HPC get chucked out. I want lower HP's. But successive governments elected seems to indicate that the majority want the opposite. Otherwise governments would not keep pouring fuel on the fire of HPI...they want to be in power and they give 'the people' what they want....like sugar...it tastes good at the timem but in the long run it caused problems. I agree with all that. The baying for higher wages is simply a symptom to the root cause.
  13. HPI is a deliberate policy by our government. Otherwise, what were all the props for? That seems to get them ected and re-elected...and now the economy IS being trashed. The economy was not trashed before...it was working, albiet in a way that you might not agree with. What you are in effect saying, is that the government needs to be overidden. But what exactly is it that you want overidden?......'most people' seem to want high house prices...so what exactly is your point? Do you really think that Brexit was about lowering house prices?...that didn't come up on the radar but I suspect that it was in the background. I still think that Brexit was a reaction to growing inequality.....a deep uneasy feeling that things were going backwards. One has to look at the cause and not the scapegoat to solve the problem. In my opinion, the issue was and will remain inequality, made apparent and exacerbated by the GFC of 2008/9. Brexit will not make this go away.
  14. Well, I agree with that point. The answer cannot be to trash the economy to correct our addiction to high house prices, which, let's face it, is the central issue that necesitates better wages. That's the tail wagging the dog....or more correctly...the political impertative to power. That has not changed one bit.
  15. Since you are the one who knows what is best for businesses...how do they raise the game? Inwards good, more expensive, wages, more expensive......do they pull rabbits out of a hat? Rely on divine inspiration? Perhaps you could provide consultancy services? No, it will be done the traditional way...we will trash the currency.
  16. I agree, get all those lthose Brexit voting lazy **** off the dole and picking fruit. In fact, take the dole aweay so there is a real incentive to work.
  17. Yeh..know what you mean. The economy needs to be more reliant on over priced local food, over priced local goods....that we can't export...unless we trash the currency again.
  18. I think you've lost it. It was quite clear that German businesses are looking to import from other EU countries because of friction with the UK. This is not good for the UK as their exports seem to be doing well compared to exports out. What will be telling is the balance of trade between UK and Germany,
  19. UK to drop out of German top ten trading partners by end of 2021. The trend towards sourcing products from other EU countries instead of the UK, a trend that is continuing due to friction. See BBC website.
  20. I see that migrant crossing are at an all time high. Patel upping the anti with sending boats back (in narrow and specific circumstances). The French are having none of it and will, if anything, just stop cooperating and then the flood starts. We just keep shooting ourselves in the foot. There is not much our Brexity government can do. Burning bridges at every turn. Taking back control my ar5e. The DUP are kicking off too. That's a festering sore that's not going away due to Brexit.
  21. Didn't take much to twist our arm did it. This is the pattern for our future trade deals. Reduce standards, ensure that our businesses have no option but to lower theirs or go out of business.
  22. There are some serious questions to ask about the purpose of the NHS and it's priorites. My belief is that their priority should be first and foremost to take care of those that are young and in their prime. I know that sounds harsh...but the old have had their life...and I speak as an oldie. The old take up too much bandwidth and the very old, far too much. We need to accept a shorter life not prolonged by expensive intervention.
  23. I don't think the problem will be our standards being unacceptable because they are too low. The problem is more likely to be that we, by agreeing to recognise their standards, will accept lower standards....which will impact again on our businesses....as if they haven't had to cope with enough Brexit already.
  24. More worrying is that since we have applied, then we have already decided that their standards are agreable to us. If this is the case don't we want to know what standards we have agreed to accept and what the impact of this will be on our producers and businesses?
  25. That sounds like saying we have shot ourselves in the foot and now we'd better start using crutches. But you are right in one respect. Businesses will either fail or reconfigure their supply chains to mitigate the damage or they will accept the status quo and jack up their prices. The real question is how they go about doing this without damaging their competitiveness or putting their businesses needlessly at risk. Regardig your last point. Reconfiguring supply chains is not easy, it's expensive and loaded with risk. Businesses cannot say with all certainty which supply chains will break (that takes hindsight) and they cannot reconfigure all chains to exclude the EU as that would potentially leave them in an uncompetitive position where they to pick the wrong or more expensive suppliers when other did not. It's a minefield. So simply saying that they need to 'reconfigure' is too simplistic and not nuanced. I have some sympathy with those that say it will take 10 - 20 years to do this.....when there are opportunities and benefits. But I have no sympathy with the process taking this long for no benefit and incurring losses on the way.
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