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  1. 4 hours ago, miguel said:

    I used to build those big heavy weight plinths for the 301, the 401, TD 124 and even the Lenco model.

    The TD 124 was my weapon of choice. That was one seriously engineered deck. 

    I built a few valve amps over the years too. All good fun, especially at first switch on! 

    Did that for the 301 and the Lenco. Never heard the TD 124, supposed to be awesome.

    Fav amp at the mo is my DIY 300b mono's with Aikido pre. Smooth, detailed, immediate. Low power is the issue...shouldn't have sold the Tannoys.

    Bit off topic....momentary lapse.

  2. 12 hours ago, jonb2 said:

    I would always judge a person by his audio system Bruce. I find it hard, but sometimes I can forgive some for having an 8-track - as I will in your case - you were obviously not responsible for your actions at the time. Perhaps you were completely  possessed by a demon?

    Yup, I know vinyl is a bit difficult to play in the car - but really? 8-track? 🙂

    Valve amplifiers and pre amp, Garrard 301, unipivot tone arm, High sensitivity speakers etc...am I in the good books?

  3. 13 minutes ago, Warlord said:

    There will be a period of re-adjustment in the labour market.  We had no problem unearthing spuds - or anything else - for a THOUSAND YEARS before 1974, 

    Try getting your head around that. I know it's difficult to imagine life out of the EU but we became a very rich and powerful nation before it even existed

    Potatoes were not introduced in the Uk prior to 1586. Brexiteers and their 'facts'.


  4. 2 hours ago, miguel said:

    Brexit was all about making Britain great again, having our own people picking fruit rather than them foreigners.

    So warlord, how did you help the brexit cause? How many spuds did you unearth?

    Of course we have been constantly reminded of what a great opportunity brexit is for starting a successful business. What exactly is stopping you from opening one and paying your workers a living wage? 

    Another brilliant one. You are on a roll buddy...keep it up.

  5. 1 hour ago, yelims said:


    Brexit-voting pig farmer says: ‘I didn’t vote for this’

    “Yes, I did vote for Brexit, but I can assure everybody that is listening that I did not vote for this. I voted for people to be more patriotic," the upset farmer has said.

    She claims to have made an educated decision...did she 'get eductated' by JRM or David Davies or Mr Fartrage by any chance? What did she expect? The truth? Silly girl.

  6. 1 hour ago, spyguy said:

    I notice people are starting to move on from 'not that mant migrants' as the number are so large and obvious now, to even to the dumbest.


    UK inwork subs are so high and the public services services so expensive that any increase in low skilled migrant will cost a fortune.

    Who cares?

    Well, are you not seeing the housign crisis?

    Theres 15m-20m migrants in the UK since 2000.

    This is the cause of pressure on housing stock, public services UK budget.



    There are 25 million homes in the UK for a population of 67 million. Just over 2 and a half people per house.

    The issue is cheap money and the constant ramping and support of the housing and building industry by successive governments.

    Raise rates and see what happens to the supply/demand theory...it implodes. It gets shown for what it is....a factor, but not the dominant factor by a long shot.

  7. Brexit is creating so many issues that it's now hard to keep track. Supply chain disruptions, inflation across the board, renewed tensions in NI, whole industries affected. Shortages of essentials, our standing in the international community as a trusted partner......it's beyond the point of plausable deniability.

    I got a quote for heating oil - up ~50% from £950 to £1450. Food and goods in the supermarket...all ticked up in price. NI's DUP itching to dump the NIP because 'they are not on board'. Well tough, that is what Brexit was about, only giving a few what they wanted...that being power to BJ and his chums....for the rest, they are just collateral damage aka 'bumps in the road'.

    Meanwhile the countries in the EU have cheaper energy, much less shortages and supply chain issues.

  8. 2 hours ago, spyguy said:


    Horrendous numbers - if you have to pay tax to support this horse.

    DM summary of ons report.


    Nearly a third of babies born in England and Wales last year were to foreign mothers, the highest since records began four decades ago. 

    Official figures released today showed up to 75 per cent of births were among women born outside of the UK in the most ethnically-diverse parts of England – the top nine of which were in London.  

    Most of the foreign mothers were born in Pakistan and Romania – around one in 11 – or Poland – around one in 12, according to the Office for National Statistics. 

    20 years ago the only Poles I met were ex ww2 army.

    15 years ago I rarely met Romanians.

    Next to death, birth is the most common expensive event in healthcare systems. About 10k in the UK.

    2013 - 8 years ago.

    MPs Keith Vaz and Mark Reckless to count Romanian arrivals




    Romanians landing at Luton Airport were greeted by Home Affairs Select Committee chairman Keith Vaz on the first day of new rules allowing the migrants to work in the UK.

    He said he saw no evidence of migrants who have "rushed out and bought tickets" because of the lifting of regulations.

    He said that most of the people he met already work in the UK and were "coming back after a holiday".

    But he also criticised the government for a "lack of robust estimates" of the number of Romanians and Bulgarians expected to arrive in the UK.

    4 years later -





    Who gives a feck. What? are they stealing jobs?...jobs that can't be filled?....you've had your time in the limelight and been found wanting. Your argument has ceased to to have traction. Time to get back under your rock.

  9. 1 hour ago, hotblack42 said:

    Hey, I'll have you know that I'm fully aware of my corruption, & very good at it IMHO😄

    Xenophobia is repellent, but I don't subscribe to the view that we should like foreigners by default.

    I don't like many Brits TBH.

    France is a beautiful country.  I have met many pleasant French individuals & enjoy their wine very much.

    I don't like the French though.  Name three good things about the French nation.

    You mean I like curry but I don't like people from india..I think that classifies you as a total numpty from the off.

    Have you met everyone in France? How do you know that you don't like all the French people?

    Racism is built on this generalisation...you do know that? Apparently not. Fecktard.

  10. 42 minutes ago, spyguy said:

    In terms of currencies at the mo, its not needing to outrun a tiger, just run faster than the slowest person.

    World currencies at the moment is a beauty completion of munters.


    Yes there is a debt build up and inflationary pressures are bursting from the seams. The question is who is more able to raise IR to support their currency and who is not. The beauties will reveal themselves and the munters will suffer.

  11. On 13/10/2021 at 08:46, Social Justice League said:

    Rampant inflation or IR rises.  Either way, 99% of people will feel major pain.

    Just went to order some heating oil today. It's up ~50% compared to just 3 weeks ago.

    Price for 2000lts then £950...price now..... £1450.

    That's real, eye watering inflation. Gas and leccy up substantially too...and more to come. Council tax is already priced in at 5% rises for the next few years at least. Food going up (in dribs and drabs)...the trajectory of essentials is clearly up and up by very substantial ammounts.

    This is going to put many people in a very difficult situation.

  12. 1 hour ago, hotblack42 said:

    Part of the bombardment of general warnings of Christmas shortages.

    What exactly will we be short of?  PS5s for kids who already have multiple consoles?  Plastic toys made in sweatshops powered by electricity generated from coal and shipped for thousands of miles in diesel powered ships?  Cake and pudding for the disgusting fat specimens I see wobbling up and down the sea front between the coffee Kiosk and Pier?

    So what are you now? The 'how to spend your own money" police?

    There are two issues which you are conflating. The normal supply of goods and what we should spend it on. Luckily we are a democracy and have freedom. People have a choice, good or bad, it's their to make not some numpty with faux justification for supply issues exacerbated by Brexit. 

  13. 14 minutes ago, Bruce Banner said:

    Brexit: Irish deputy PM Leo Varadkar warns nations UK might not keep its word - BBC News

    Ireland's deputy PM has warned governments doing trade deals with the UK that it is a nation that "doesn't necessarily keep its word".

    Leo Varadkar made the comment after Dominic Cummings suggested the UK had always intended to tear up the Brexit deal it signed with the EU in 2019.

    Boris Johnson's ex-adviser said the plan had been to "ditch the bits we didn't like" after winning power.

    Mr Johnson fought the 2019 election on a "Get Brexit done" platform.

    During the campaign, he repeatedly claimed the withdrawal agreement he had negotiated with Brussels - including the Northern Ireland Protocol - was a "great" deal that was "oven ready".

    I don't think it can be stated strongly enough, Brexit was a deception from day one. The deception continues to this day with the public voting a government on the basis of this deal which the government does not intended to honour.

    We've always know it, Brexit is a con. It's disgusting that anyone should support it and the government who have perpetrated this on the British public.

  14. 1 hour ago, Riedquat said:

    Why are several posters arguing from an "if it's not explicitly stated as policy it can't possibly be part of a party's outlook and attitude" perspective? Come on!

    Do you think whites, they being the vast majority in the labour party, are specifically and systemically anti-white? 

    If you do then let me know what systemic predjudices as a matter of policy or general outlook the labour party has against white's that is not about reducing the discrimination and improving the outcomes for none whites who, demographically, can be shown to have worse outcomes.



  15. 8 hours ago, rollover said:

    EU ready to scrap most post-Brexit checks on British goods entering NI

    The EU will offer to remove a majority of post-Brexit checks on British goods entering NI as it seeks to turn the page on the rancorous relationship with Boris Johnson. Up to 50% of customs checks on goods would be lifted and more than half the checks on meat and plants entering Northern Ireland would be abandoned under the bold offer from Brussels.


    Lord Frost proposes 'entirely new' NI protocol

    Brexit Minister Lord Frost has proposed plans for an entirely new protocol to replace the existing Northern Ireland Protocol. In a speech to diplomats in Portugal on Tuesday, he described his new legal text as "a better way forward".

    He said it was forward-looking, improved on the current "excessively rigid" protocol, and would allow the EU and UK to "get back to normal" by removing "the poison" from their relationship.





    Watched newsnight this evening. Dom Cummings reckons that the plan was always to get Brexit over the line and they had never had an intention of honouring the NIP...they wanted to ditch it as soon as they could.

    Bexit = the UK press ganged into No Deal....by deception...the gov deceiving the UK public.

    It all makes sense when viewed in this way.

  16. 16 minutes ago, Insane said:

    Just like Racism towards Blacks and Asians would have an impact on them Racism towards Whites would impact Whites. Really quite simple. 

    Now a question for you :- Do you think Racism impacts people ? 

    I'm at a loss. What are you talking about?

    Can you give examples of politicians who have made racist policies that are anti-white?

    Real ones...not invented in your head.

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