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  1. There are 25 million homes in the UK for a population of 67 million. Just over 2 and a half people per house. The issue is cheap money and the constant ramping and support of the housing and building industry by successive governments. Raise rates and see what happens to the supply/demand theory...it implodes. It gets shown for what it is....a factor, but not the dominant factor by a long shot.
  2. Brexit is creating so many issues that it's now hard to keep track. Supply chain disruptions, inflation across the board, renewed tensions in NI, whole industries affected. Shortages of essentials, our standing in the international community as a trusted partner......it's beyond the point of plausable deniability. I got a quote for heating oil - up ~50% from £950 to £1450. Food and goods in the supermarket...all ticked up in price. NI's DUP itching to dump the NIP because 'they are not on board'. Well tough, that is what Brexit was about, only giving a few what they wanted...that being power to BJ and his chums....for the rest, they are just collateral damage aka 'bumps in the road'. Meanwhile the countries in the EU have cheaper energy, much less shortages and supply chain issues.
  3. Who gives a feck. What? are they stealing jobs?...jobs that can't be filled?....you've had your time in the limelight and been found wanting. Your argument has ceased to to have traction. Time to get back under your rock.
  4. You mean I like curry but I don't like people from india..I think that classifies you as a total numpty from the off. Have you met everyone in France? How do you know that you don't like all the French people? Racism is built on this generalisation...you do know that? Apparently not. Fecktard.
  5. Yes there is a debt build up and inflationary pressures are bursting from the seams. The question is who is more able to raise IR to support their currency and who is not. The beauties will reveal themselves and the munters will suffer.
  6. Just went to order some heating oil today. It's up ~50% compared to just 3 weeks ago. Price for 2000lts then £950...price now..... £1450. That's real, eye watering inflation. Gas and leccy up substantially too...and more to come. Council tax is already priced in at 5% rises for the next few years at least. Food going up (in dribs and drabs)...the trajectory of essentials is clearly up and up by very substantial ammounts. This is going to put many people in a very difficult situation.
  7. There is no difference between going bust and not being able to afford to feed yourself and your family because your money is worthless.
  8. So what are you now? The 'how to spend your own money" police? There are two issues which you are conflating. The normal supply of goods and what we should spend it on. Luckily we are a democracy and have freedom. People have a choice, good or bad, it's their to make not some numpty with faux justification for supply issues exacerbated by Brexit.
  9. I don't think it can be stated strongly enough, Brexit was a deception from day one. The deception continues to this day with the public voting a government on the basis of this deal which the government does not intended to honour. We've always know it, Brexit is a con. It's disgusting that anyone should support it and the government who have perpetrated this on the British public.
  10. Do you think whites, they being the vast majority in the labour party, are specifically and systemically anti-white? If you do then let me know what systemic predjudices as a matter of policy or general outlook the labour party has against white's that is not about reducing the discrimination and improving the outcomes for none whites who, demographically, can be shown to have worse outcomes.
  11. Watched newsnight this evening. Dom Cummings reckons that the plan was always to get Brexit over the line and they had never had an intention of honouring the NIP...they wanted to ditch it as soon as they could. Bexit = the UK press ganged into No Deal....by deception...the gov deceiving the UK public. It all makes sense when viewed in this way.
  12. Here is a vid from 4 years ago predicting the damage Brexit would do.. spooky 100% spot on.
  13. Shock...horror....we are going to be over run by Turkey before Xmass. Brexiteers where right all along. Problem is they are turkeys coming in from France because we can't produce them in time for xmas 🤣
  14. Oh I see. So there are no policies, laws or otherwise set out by labour. Thanks for clearing that up.
  15. There is no proof that Labour have deliberate policies that target and discriminate against white's in any of your ramblings and accusations. They are all in your head.
  16. I'm at a loss. What are you talking about? Can you give examples of politicians who have made racist policies that are anti-white? Real ones...not invented in your head.
  17. If by 'excrement' you mean having heating, fuel, a reasonable cost of living, a fishing and farming industry not in crisis, a haulage industry that works and decent social care for our elderly...then yes please. You are welcome to your own personal Brexit without the above. Wierdo.
  18. Worth a listen. Boris has moved on from blaming the EU to blaming business.
  19. Try comprehending the post you respond to first. He said individuals within the labour party might be racist...he did not say that it was OK. You are too busy creating your own enemies and narrative to engage in the real world.
  20. That's right 'Lord' Frost...you sock it to them...what a muppet of a man.
  21. What is needed is people's own private Brexit without affecting the rest of us. A personal recreation of sorts. I take a couple of thousand pounds out of your bank account every year, make you run around searching for food and petrol and sell you goods at inflated prices until you are forced to eat grass and then turn off your lights and heating. As a bonus I give you a very big hammer and let you loose on images of our fishing, farming and supply chain industries. That should do it....you can shower in your own private piss as often as you like now without the rest of us having to deal with your scummy habits. The £350 million we save a week by not feeding and heating brexiteers can be put towards the NHS for the rest of us
  22. It's unavoidable...if the situation continues and enough pain is felt, it will create a political will and the support for change. The opposition parties will seize on this when the time is right. They are currently in disarray but the fog will clear and the opportunity will present itself.
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