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  1. I certainly can't agrue with the fact that Brexit has created non-tarriff bariers with the EU and that has made trade harder. Are you suggesting that we get rid of standards and just allow anything in from RoW? Personally, I don't think you understand the issues involved. Well these FTA's were made after Brexit so no excuses please. Besides, why do you think these quotas are the way they are? According to you there should be nothing holding us back now. So what is the problem? Why? According you you we should be free to do whatever we want. Is that not the case?
  2. I don't understand, you just said that you would show them how to do Brexit, now you say that it is done? Which one is it? If you were to show them 'how to do it', what would you do differently? Genuinely interested as this Brexit seems to be making us poorer, has created a mess of NI, the fishing industry, farming, SME's that export to our largest customer and has led to our influency being eroded. Solutions to this would be greatly appreciated.
  3. So what is stopping us from sourcing from RoW now, or for that matter before Brexit. We happilly sourced from China and others no problem. The only quotas that were imposed were due to restrictions we on the wghole have agreed with. Can't see this changing in any significant way now. Oz and NZ show t#that any gains are marginal compared to the grief of losing trade with the EU. Why 8 years, why not 25 or never? Agreed, Brexit seems to be a doorway to less trade.
  4. And there was 'believing' that Brexiteers knew what they voted for...rofl But seriously. This poll shows that 94% of people don't like this....the best Brexit that the UK could negotiate. Which in turn really means that Brexit should be ditched. Pronto.
  5. Just the other day you said that we should stop importing goods from the EU and source them from elsewhere...really? You seem to be ramping up on your incoherence. BTW - your Brexit benefits...when will they start to materialise? 20 years, 50 years or never?
  6. Thanks for that. Best example of warped Brexiteer thinking I have ever seen. Confirms that you are indeed a nutcase and not to be taken seriously.
  7. The thing is the 'intelligence' was manipulated to suit a certain persons personal beliefs. That is what happens when the intelligence service is infiltrated by the political establishment...for personal and political aims....truth and the true picture of what is actually happening goes out the window. Russia and Putin are currently in a similar situation. Putin wants to see the western world as an enemy and any intelligence is doctored to renforce that view....otherwise the intelligence officers get to fall off a balcony.
  8. Most here thought that the Iraq invasion was wholly unwarranted. It's what happens when you let guys detached from reality and wannabe's (Blair) take command. Putin is another good example of such a person, but on steroids. To boot, he is now trying to starve the 3rd world with his antics. How very caring of him...he needs to go....preferably at the hands of his own people. We all know who is the bad guy in this conflict...that is Putin. Rolling out previous villans does not excuse Putin's actions.
  9. That was my thought. The DUP are essentially overturning the collective will of NI and they are overturning the collective will of the UK. It is shamefull behaviour. I would not be surprised if the nationalists also refuse to go back into power sharing if the UK pull the plug on the NIP, and I would not blame them. This is the DUP acting in a manner that holds the people of NI to ransom.
  10. £4m is peanuts - a stocking filler when space has not been fully used up. Why don't we just get rid of all tarriffs from the EU? Surely cheaper than hauling produce from all the way across the world. The point is that the NZ agreement has been negotiated - it represents the square root of bugger all and will not make a dint in what we have lost. All the other FTA's put together will make scant impact on the loss of the EU. Brexit 'is done'. What is your solution to the loss of trade and more expensive food? Transport is getting more expensive, sourcing low vaklue produce from across the globe cannot be part of the solution and not good for the environment either.
  11. Are you going to fly the onions to the UK because I don't believe they freeze well? If treated carefully they can be stored for up to 2 and a bit months...just in time for them to reach us on the putrid side. You do realise that it takes between 50 and 60 days to ship from NZ to the UK? I really do think you are living in some sort of alternate reality. But carry on...must be very frustrating living in lala land...where what you seem to think things are easy to do, but no one actually does it. Everyone else must be idiots eyh
  12. You detect an inconsistency because you are coming at this from a clean slate. That is not the case. All our trade is now geared up to the EU (our biggest and nearest customer). It has grown into what it is now over 40 years and has already made the necessary shifts, the ones you talk about. Now we will have to remake all that trade and change our industries to make way for the compromises necessary if we are to negotiate new FTA's, with customers who are smaller, more remote and less aligned. It does not make sense from a geographical perspective nor with the size of the new markets we are seeking. The opportunities available will never make up the loss we have had to take. This has been forcast to death by many analysts and the vast majority agree. It's just plain daft.
  13. From my understanding and with the current projections the NZ deal will be worth about £1 per person per year. It's a non entity as far as anyone is concerned. Good for optics but bugger all use to anyone on a practical level. If the limit to NZ lamb was lifted significantly it would still decimate our domestic industry.
  14. And that was done by agreement, ie our entire agricultural, services and industrial base is now reliant on the level playing field created within the EU. There will be no difference in dislocation in negotiating FTA's with other countries outside the EU. There will be sacrifices and possibly some gains. If you look at the deal we have struck with Oz you will see farmers up in arms because they know that they cannot compete. Same for NZ and lamb. You seem to be suggesting that there is only uposide to any negotiation when plainly that is not the case. What we 'had' is stability with the EU and a level playing field that has evolved over time and that we have evolved into. That makes sense because they are our main customer. NZ, Oz, USA etc are not.
  15. That is a very accurate observation. Each time they come up with some pap they get called out, they then skip onto the next bit of pap and so forth. They never bottom out or admit that their initial lie is indeed total bunkum. That is why these die hard Brexiteers will eat grass rather than admit that their mental model is simplistic and wrong.
  16. Hmmm....doubling down I see Please tell me why our FTA's have not led to reduced food prices, compared to what we had before and compared to the EU? We have Brexited and all you do is whinge. You should be happy because in your head you must be getting cheaper food...right?
  17. Because agriculture is their main export to the UK. Lamb making up quite a bit of that, since you made a point of referencing NZ.
  18. Here are some facts for you to chew on. - We produce more lamb than we can consume by around 10%.. - Virtually zero lamb is imported from the EU. - Our main market for lamb exports is....you guest it....the EU. - The vast majority of imported lamb already comes from NZ So you are advocating that we decimate the domestically sourced demand for lamb by importing even more cheap NZ lamb after we have already stymied our export market with Brexit? Sounds like a plan to put our sheep farmers out of business.
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the FTA with NZ was done post Brexit. So please tell me why Brexit is not doing what your idealise, version in your head is not working? They had the opportunity to negotiate the best trade deal with NZ, according to you they failed. Perhaps you really don't understand what free trade deals are about after all. You will have to admit that you are just plain wrong. Brexit has failed. Increasing cost by imposing checks in the future with the EU will only make matters worse.
  20. Haven't heard of anyone rejoicing at cheese, butter or beef getting any cheaper since Brexit. Before we joined the EU you claimed that they were cheaper, from domestic suppliers. Now we are 'free' you would have thought that this would have changed, afterall, it's only us and the EU at play. Do you have an explaination?? Would be handy if you could solve that for us
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