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  1. Lord Heseltine on BJ on newsnight. It started with the lies about Brexit, continued on party gate and now this. An economy in ruins, sterling devalued, international standing diminished and a liar as PM who is not trusted by his MP's, the constituents and our allies.
  2. Loved Rishi's resignation letter, but I see there is a bit that leaves me concerned. He comends BJ for 'breaking the Brexit deadlock' and at the same time he says that the public deserve to know the truth regarding the economy (he is refering to next weeks speech), in which he also alludes that BJ would have wanted him to put a positive spin on it. He also alludes that the news is not good and the outlook is difficult and the public should know this. My question is, is Sunak being a little disingenuous because 'getting Brexit done' was never 'sunny uplands' as they would have liked you to think...and is he sensing that the can has been kicked into the long grass...there is no more long grass...and now is the time to bail out. The lies have caught up with all of them. Sunak, Javid and the rest of the cabinet are all culpable. They are all as bad as each other.....
  3. All the more reason to vote libdem. The two main parties can fight it out for the 40 odd percent that still support Brexit.
  4. Please tell us why you think the subsequent elections in Ukraine are less democratic than prior to 2014. What is your 'less simplistic' understanding? And when it comes to that, tell us why Zelenski is in power now and why Ukrainians are not waving flowers at the invading Russians. Have they all been brain washed by the independant media?
  5. In light of the UK reneging on the NIP how long before even this too goes belly up?
  6. The Scots voted to remain in the EU by 62% to 38%. If the aim of an independant Scotland is to join the EU then the division you suggest will not be as great as is being made out. I know it's a secondary issue, but a very significant one.
  7. There is a fine line between letting people get away with falsehoods and repeatedly calling them out. In this case, it should be apparent to most that said person is a serial whatabout'er with a pile of fantasy 'facts' thrown in. It would be funny except the person actually believes the crap he spouts...and he is the one moaning that everyone else has been 'propagandised'..strewth!
  8. Have you any objective proof that China and Russia are both better or is this another one of your made-up facts? Did you privide any objective proof that your assertion that Zelenski and the Ukraine is as bad as they were before 2014. No. I dispare that you even talk about Putin's approval rating in the context of no independant media, killing/banning/imprisoning of journo's who say anything negative about the regime and similar with opposing political parties, or protests which result in long prison terms - in the same breath you effectively try say we are doing the same level of propaganda. You are a fool, a white noise issue conflating whataboutism fool.
  9. Go ahead and challeng the relative human rights abuses by Russia/china in comparison to the UK/The West but do so in a way that can be compared. We are not squeaky clean and I am not about trying to absolve our misdemenours. Again, you are guilty of identifying (unverified) isolated events without comparing the relative level of misdemenors committed by these regimes. Humans are not perfect and never will be. Please let me know when this situation has changed. It;s not great, but it is reality. I asked you to show proof that the level of human rights abuses under Zelensky was the same or worse than before. You have failed to do that. I still think you are angry to human behaviour and have little objective perspective. You accuse others of 'buying into propaganda', but you are just as guilty of not being objective because no one is 'clean' or has an unblemished record. The point is who is trying harder to be better and who is systematically abusing. I do get what you are saying, but your message comes across at a time when Ukrainians are being killed by the Russian aggressor. It's a good message in the wrong place and time.
  10. You say Ukraine's human rights abuses are every bit as bad as they were before. Provide some evidence please. You also say that you have never said anything about Putin's record on human rights. I agree, you are content to talk about everyone elses record without even considering how it compares. That is not balanced is it? It's the very definition of myopic. I understand that you are angry at any human rights abuse and those that 'accomodate' their action out of expedience. The real world is like that I am afraid. It's not an excuse for inaction, but to lay into 'the West' without regard for comparative abuses is just pathetic. You come acroos as angry at the West, probably because you have little understanding or knowledge of how bad Russia or China is when it comne to these matters. Try googling 'the holodimer' to see what the Ukraine had to put up with under Russia rule and you might think again about the motivations of the Ukrainian people in preventing Russian rule.
  11. I am just telling you that your assertion about human rights is correct. Yanakovych (under Russian direction) had a terrible record on Human rights and that he has gone. Also, change may be slow, but it's pointing 180 degrees in the opposite direction to Russia: Following Zelensky’s landslide victory in April and his party’s decisive victory in snap parliamentary elections, parliament adopted legislative reforms to protect whistleblowers, strip members of parliament of immunity, boost prosecutors’ effectiveness, and shield civil servants from political pressure. Ukraine’s High Anti-Corruption Court finally became operational. Please don't even bother asking about Human Rights in Russia. Most don't live to tell the tale. For someone who claims to have a broad perspective - it seems more and more that you spout what you think is the case rather than fact checking.
  12. And what is your proof that Zelensky is a puppet of the West? As for human rights: You are right! Ukraine under Yanakovych had a terrible record. Thankfully he is out and the people voted in Zelensky by a huge majority under real free elections. The International Federation for Human Rights called Ukraine "one of the countries seeing the most serious violations against human rights activists" in December 2011. As of 17 January 2013 Ukraine lost all of its 211 cases at the European Court of Human Rights.
  13. That is a very 'Kremlin' take on the situation. Yanukovych was a Russian puppet president. Elections were gerrymandered and opposition was stiffled. The majority of Ukrainians wanted to join the EU which Yanukovych refused to do. The Ukrainian people had no choice but to protest. Those protests turnd ugly when the the Ukraine forces under Yanukovych used excess force to stop the protests. The protests took a life of their own and Yanukovych fled to Russia....because he was controlled by the Kremlin. Russia used the excuse of 'protecting Russian speakers' to send in their little green men to 'defend them'. Ukraine, rightly saw this as annexation by default and an affront to it's sovereignty by an agressor. Yes - Ukraine needed help by the West as (in case you hadn't noticed) Russia is a far far bigger power. Russia annexed the Crimea. The ultimate ambitions of Russia in Ukraine are not known. But labelling them Nazi's indicates that they want regime change and regime change that is controlled by the Kremlin. As we see on a daily basis, they are prepared to do anything to achieve that. So, go ahead, blame the West if that is your disposition but that is a very warped view and not one that the vast majority of Ukrainians think...and they are the ones dying fighting for their survival and the survival of their independance and for their country. If you really want to promote your message then you should be talking to Ukrainians because they are the ones fighting. Somehow, I doubt you will get much sympathy...more likely you will be told to go stuff yourself.
  14. A bit like Lavrov or Putin then. I did wonder why Putin insists on the looooong table. Must be squeaky bum time in the Kremlin and the smells must carry. It will be sad when Putin eventually meets his demise at the hands of his generals....but I can just about live with it
  15. You don't understand how these things work. This is akin to a hostage situation....it will take a long time to reach any sort of agreement. And that would be the point Mishka.
  16. I doubt they will let through arms and tech. They may let their version of Big Mac's through...so should keep the general pop happy
  17. No point repeating yourself albiet in more detail. The point is that Russia's invation of Ukraine cannot be excused. You made a point earlier that both sides were bad. I don't see you bringing to the fore historical atrocities perpetrated by Russia. We all know about our misdemeanours and most on here, but definately I, did not support such actions. Where is your balance?
  18. This is funny. NATO is a defensive alliance , it is not looking for confontation. NATO is significantly expanding it's defensive land air and sea abd land forces in response to Russian aggression. NATO is expanding to include Finland and Sweden. Wow...that must be a with for the Kremlin. Kaliningrad is isolated, it only hosts the Russians biggest navy base!!!!... Putin must be thinking WTF have I done!!! Time he took another bareback ride in the woods were he is best..... posing as a macho fool. Or, murdering his opponenets and jailing all independant journos to stay in power.
  19. It's pretty clear that the BoE are not in control. Words with the aim of expectation management just don't cut it. anymore. Too late for that.
  20. The problem with getting into 'the west is magnitudes worse that what the Russians have been involved in' is that it threatens to trivialise and excuse current event. If you look at the history of Russia (especially when it comes to Ukraine) and include their exploits in Afganistan, Georgia, Chechnya and Syria then this can be disputed too. There is a place for criticising 'the West'. Using Russia's actions in a pissing contest is not the way. Each to their own tho. Personally, I have no sympathy with 'taking down Sadam', especially since we botched up the aftermath. I also have no sympthy with our involvement in Afganistan. As for Ukraine...they need our help against an undisputed aggressor, and we should give it to them with no quibbles.
  21. Yes as real as all of those. I condem the Isrealis for their actions against the Palestinians and our actions against Iraq and Libya. That does not mean I can sit back when the other side is in the wrong or anyone esle and use the excuse 'well, we are bad as them'.
  22. If you are going to play the game of numbers then Stalin killed millions of his own and millions of Ukrainians in the Holodimer. Hitler killed millions. How far do you want to spread the net and how far do you want to go back in time? We cannot undo the past, what matters is now. Your position is tantamount to saying let Russia take the Ukraine and kill them. You don't think he has an agenda and further ambitions? Get real. This is not some campus style discussion...this is real.
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