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  1. Sounds like a desparate threat doesn't it? Quick! Buy property, or else you could lose all your cash!
  2. Sounds to me like the meter is not recording the units that are being billed for. I'll bet its measuring cubic meters and the charging is in cubic feet. This happened to me and my bill for a similar spec property was about 3 times what it should have been. I got a refund of about 2K when I finally realised why the bills were so expensive. Definiately something wrong with that setup (especially with the thermostat set at levels that Mr Scrooge would be proud of). I am with EDF too. If you check the bills, you can see what units you are being billed for. Make sure this is the same as those being
  3. I think they will ditch this policy once the electoral cost becomes clear. The conservative leaning friends and colleagues that I know that are going to be affected by this are seething and definately looking to kick someone in the nuts at the ballot box. ho hum
  4. I have my mortgage with them. At the time I took the mortgage (about 5 years ago), they offered me a maximum of 3.6 * times my salary. So I think they were not one of the irresponsible lenders. You do make an interesting point about them buying up a lot of the failing building societies however, and I wonder how much this has damaged their business. Their savings rates are not great, but their standard variable rate for borrowers coming to the end of fixed rate deals (like myself) is a very agreeable (if you are a borrower) 2.5%. So this must be having an impact on their ability to offer comp
  5. Fancy that! Families helping each other? Almost like a functioning, normal society should be. Would do anything for my father, as I am sure he would (and has) for me. Talk about a good news item. There was I thinking that Labour had all but killed off the family. There's hope yet..
  6. For who? Think the banks will pass that on to savers? I doubt it.
  7. Interesting idea although it might push those on the edge over it. I guess if they brought it in for new debt, it might work.
  8. Starters for 10. Whoever wins.. - VAT is going up. - Higher rate tax payers to lose the 40% supplement on pension contributions. - Road tolls (hear the sound of silence on that one in the current campaign). - Phased withdrawal of tax credits (probably via fiscal drag) - Freeze on recruitment in "front line" public sector staff - Big cuts in back office public sector staff
  9. It might spur my wife and I to take the plunge and move over there.. My career is going nowhere over here, and we have lots of family over there to help with childcare whilst a do a McGaijin job teaching English or start a pie and mash shop or something.. ho ho. Visiting our relatives out there has become incredibly expensive over the last couple of years. I would welcome a return to my purchase power when visiting at least..
  10. I think some of these contracts need to be bound. Say a devout catholic signed a clause that says "no kids", gets raped, pregnant and then thrown out of their home minus deposit for contract violation? hmm.. Personally, I think "no kids" clauses should be illegal with the exception of specialist accomodation such as granny flats.
  11. That sounds like a gaping tax loophole that I am suprised Brown hasn't closed yet.
  12. It's hard to say. I read somewhere that basically you should "pay yourself" at least 10% of what you earn every month. Paying yourself means setting at least 10% of your income aside each month. (If you can afford to, clearly you should aim for more than this anyway). The difficult question is where to put this money. On the one hand the government (and some employers) offer a generous top up to any contribution you make to a pension plan (particularly for higher rate tax payers). However, the problem with pension plans is that there is no guarantee that the governent won't change the rules
  13. For how long I wonder. I would not be surprised to see compulsory "insurance" (tax) for riding a bike soon. The line will be "This is to compensate injured pedestrians from those few irresponsible cyclists that mount the pavement and ignore traffic lights.". (Dog owners have recently been targeted in a similar fashion). Coming soon... the window tax, the school pack lunch "Health Check Monitoring" supplement (and associated penalties for illegal mars bars and dairylea dunkers). Never underestimate the imagination of the champagne socialists... Those bankster bills must be paid after all.
  14. Well, my wife and I are in the process of booking flights and we were going to use BA - until this strike was announced. So, they just lost 1800 quid of business to another airline.
  15. I can only say what I'd do. I am on track to clear my mortgage within 5 years (assuming I don't get made redundant). This will be 16 years ahead of schedule on what was a 25 year mortgage. Once the mortgage is gone, I will save up any money required for us to move to a bigger house should we need to. Having got rid of a mortgage, my plan is to never borrow another penny again. You have the chance to be debt free. I would save up and never pay another penny of interest to the banks again if I was you. Anyway, congratulations! You are in a fantastic position. Buy a property to live in as a home
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