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  1. It's a two-speed market in Liverpool it seems IMHO. There is a massive oversupply of one and two bed flats, with more and more going up all the time. Press reports suggest that 1/3 of these new builds are unoccupied, having been bought by local and out of town speculators who couldn't find tenants. It seems that prices are indeed falling in this section of the market, although i feel they were set far to high in the first place. On the other hand, prices for decent family houses in decent areas reamin robust, and the bottom end of the market in particular seems very healthy. Houses in th
  2. well done yogi, I hope you find a decent place and enjoy putting your own spin on it. i'm similar to you. Militant HPC advocate from 2000-2005, then changed my mind after finally opening my ears to both sides of the debate. I can honestly say it's the best thing i've done. We enjoy doing it up, like the area and have a decent amount of equity already. all the best
  3. Funny thing is since i bought my house i still worry about house prices just the other way. I get p*ssed off when they don't go up now.
  4. True, but why am i bothered about the trend from March 2005 when i bought in Spring 2006? The trend from spring/summer 06 to Spring 07 is clearly up and continuing. (EDIT - That house that sold for 112K in December was a real s**thole and had stuck on the market for 18 months. That it sold at all was incredible let alone for 10K more than better properties 12 months previously)
  5. But house prices are going to crash aren't they? Besides as one poster who leapt to my defence said, you're better off owning in a rising market than not. That next semi is even further away for the militant renting lobby. Well since it's increased in value by 15K i didn't did i? I've posted the nethousprice data at the bottom of the page, all you had to do was ask. For the record it's Garston, or south Cressington as it will soon be known. Near the brand new Liverpool Parkway high speed rail link to Manchester and Birmingham. 2 miles from John Lennon airport, £1 flights to Dublin an
  6. I was hoping they'd raise the stamp duty threshold for all houses. As someone owning a house worth about 125k it woul've put a grand or two on my house price.
  7. After being a bear between 2000-2006, I decided I was wrong and bought a 2 bed terrace in merseyside for 102k. This was during the lull and there were maybe 15 properties for sale in our price range in the area we wanted, many of these had been on the market for 6-12 months. At the end of 2006 the majority of these sold, even the rubbish ones, AFAIK there isn't a single house for sale within 3 blocks either way, and any houses that have come on the market since the new year have sold in a few days. So no crash here, and my house has risen by c.15-20k given the prices being paid at the mome
  8. We have this nonsense every election. XXXXXX thinking of calling a snap election etc......It never happens, just paper talk. May 2005 end of story.
  9. The worst thing the tory's did was to win in 1992. If they had lost by a small margin. Labour would have had to govern with a tiny majority, the ERM would've blown up in labours face, and they would quickly have been voted out in 1997 (assuming they could have stayed in power for a full term). Add to that we wouldn't have had the vindictive anti-tory press campaign of 1992-97. In short new labour would never have happened and the tory's would've have enjoyed the golden economic legacy they fought so hard for, unfortunately this is now being enjoyed by Gordon Brown and large chunks of a
  10. Wouldn't that just favour the rich even more? For example, they could buy houses with cash. Personally i couldn't care less about owning my own home (fat chance anyhow) for any reasons of social esteem (keeping up with the Jones's), home DIY (the whole laminate flooring ****** etc...) or MEW from any potential gains (it's still borrowing money). What scares me though is paying rent/mortgage when i'm too old to work. Given the mess which pensions are in and millions of us looking at poverty in retirement (should we be lucky enough for it to be an option) i think this is a significant reason
  11. I read recently that the German consumer uses his/her credit card on average once every two years. Illustrating the point about consumption differences between the UK and the continent. Apparently most prefer to use debit cards and live within their means.
  12. I remember reading an article in one of the newspapers before the US election, that some voters in California were voting for George Bush because he would be worse for the economy thus interest rates would stay low (so they perceived). Their fear was that an improving economy under Kerry would've led to higher rates and them not being able to afford their million dollar mortgages.
  13. au contraire, i've made almost a grand this year by "stoozing" with the 0% credit cards. That will be a fortnight in Tenerife this February thankyou very much.
  14. Come on guys, there is no way a primary school teacher takes home 14K a year. I used to live with a guy in Liverpool who was a primary school teacher, he was on 25K a year and this was in 1999.
  15. Yes, you can use the 0% offers, stick the money in ING and watch as you make free money.
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