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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00ds...kfast_09102008/ 2:40 ish a little snipping from ferg
  2. did this go out I heard wilson on 5 live, saying he is getting out.
  3. im listening again now god I wish I was able to phone in earlier and have a go at the stupid woman.
  4. ahhh diddums do you think a supermarket warehouseman could afford a house now?
  5. HAHA Woman bought in 2000 for 100k and is upset she cant sell for 200k Shocking.
  6. Kent is crashing, and will be hit hardest due to the scale of building here.
  7. At work homeworking is an occasional when u need to be at home for kids or delivery etc kind of thing, but the two of us that live some distance from work are now discussing, with the powers that be that we work from home 1 or 2 days a week.
  8. As someone who lives in Kent I too, detest the wilsons, they have single handedly ramped up the prices in ashford, and not content with this for years have run workshops to advise other middle aged people who have seen the equity in their home rocket, on how to buy btl properties, so inflating the rest of Kent in the process.
  9. I think we should get a list of names together to give to the tory's to encourage them to put forward a vote of no confidence, im sure if they were sure they had the backing of the peed off majority they would go for it,
  10. Ive been approched to appear on this, they want to come into my work, as I supplyed them with the example of the three of us in our office, in different age ranges being forced into different situations. By the way I have seen from another post you are near canterbury im in Wingham where are you?
  11. I found the coe vicar hillarious he gets 20k a year and gets a house for nothing, and says he couldnt survive without his wifes wage. WAKE UP MAN
  12. Interesting but £15 utilities is a bit optimistic isnt it.
  13. Bigger problem is that benefits are too high rather than min wage too low. It should NOT be the case that you are better off not working.
  14. A drop would make people more equal, it is wrong that there is such a huge generation gap in this country and how much what decade you were born in can affect your standard of living. In my office there are 3 of us that do the same job and earn much the same money. One guy is 39 HE bought his house (3 bed semi) when he was about 25 and has a 50k mortgage. He currently pays 300 a month on his mortgage and this is him OVERPAYING. Another Guy is 28 He bought at 26 (3 bed semi) he has a 200k+ mortgage He currently pays 1200 a month on his repayments. And ME im 25 I RENT a (3 bed detached)
  15. Id say its the demand for student lets that scews the figures. I live in a south east uni town and aaparently the unis here are having to accomodate students in b&b's but yet there is loads of private rental places avail but no landlords want student tenants.
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