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  1. Oh sweet god, I was looking on a totally unrelated forum (http://www.catchat.org/forum.html just looking, not posting) and seem to have stumbled across the wench herself. JBFTB, any choice titbits on her nfh thread "9 Years Of Hell And Cant Sell My House"? I often wonder what happened to the nice London flat that we rented before it was sold to some crapulent BTLer. Situated above the insane drunken cow who would listen to Elton John at full volume at 3am and have raging arguments with her "man" (she was celibate for 7 years, and he beat her ) and below Mr. Stereotype pot-head rasta and hi
  2. OP, what a charming piece of work... I feel ill. So they have a neighbour who allegedly beat their dog so badly that it had to be euthanized, follows kids and takes photos of them, and trespasses on their land to fiddle with their property? But hey! As long as YOU no longer have to live next to him, sucks to the poor fool who ends up buying the millstone :angry:.
  3. *Shame* Rat forum. Again. It's an education, to find that people are still buying houses at the asking price without having the common sense to investigate the sentiment spouted almost daily by the media. Because unless you buy right now you'll never ever own a house and end up renting forever and having someone else pay for things like dodgy wiring. And all your friends will laugh at you as they MEW to buy big cars and holidays. Oh, the horror is more than I can comprehend.
  4. Christ. I am the same age as this daft bint, and last year I was the one to suggest pulling out of the purchase of a house we didn't necessarily want to spend a long time in, in an area that was passable, but could afford. Even if we never get on the fabled "ladder" in this country it's nice to know that we can actually leave it without massive debt/repo/stupidity fears. My partner thanked me for putting things into perspective. Hell, we lost money we can ill afford on the survey but that's a lot better than losing it on a mortgage. Some of you may recall my post about the young couple
  5. Pants, should have put that in the "Your area" section. Desole!
  6. http://www.ukpropertyshop.co.uk/cgi-bin/ag...estate&irp=3227 THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE BUCKS NATIONAL DOWNTURN SAYS DACRE, SON & HARTLEY ... "For first -time buyers who may be unsure whether to purchase against the backdrop of a market that is softer, it is important to remember that in the long term paying off your own mortgage rather than some else's makes a lot more sense - why rent when you can buy! Even if the property market were to stand still for a period, getting on the 'property ladder' should pay long-term dividends." Such as repossesion? Hot damn, count me in!
  7. "Since I left University me lender trebled the limit I can borrow." "So they got you into debt?"
  8. Thank you all, partner rang the plumber himself. Although he is busy he will come round at 10am tomorrow to have a look and try and get us equipped with hot water for those little things like bathing, washing up etc. Turns out the silly beotch booked him to fix the fires as well, hence the long wait we would have had... Will be ringing EHA again tomorrow (long story). Again thanks for your help, sorry to be brief but have a (Writing!) portfolio to compile!
  9. Perhaps if I begin at the beginning it will make some sense. My partner and I have been renting a house in a nice area, for an astoundingly reasonable rate, since May 2003. We have the most ineffectual parody of a landlord, happy to ignore problems until they threaten health. The house did not have smoke alarms, but I am lead to believe that as there are only 2 of us this does not concern the Environmental Health Agency. In July this year the kitchen ceiling began to leak every time the shower above was turned on, turned out to be from improper sealing around the bath. Gimp boy sent his
  10. BBB Quoi? We haven't borrowed anyones money, nor would we fanny around with it if we had! I meant how are the quoted peoples going to go about things when/if there is a swandive in the market. My parents would deserve it anyway
  11. zzg113, I don't want a load of people flaming the poor guys Unless you're really interested in rats of course. Oh hell, here it is anyway, just don't tell 'em it was me http://www.fancy-rats.co.uk/community/viewtopic.php?t=14612 Some of the replies are quite priceless, much akin to their future hose methinks...
  12. Just found this in another forum (it's about rats, OK?!) Don't want to be to one to pee on their chips but jebus, bye bye savings, bye bye borrowed money, bye bye common sense... My partner and I are in the same boat - not enough savings to form a decent deposit but enough to pay our own costs, and frankly we wouldn't touch this market with a long stick. I'd hate to tell my oldsters what had happened to £10k (or whatever) of their hard earned cash when the crash bit!
  13. Hope this works, I can't get a direct link without giving them my particulars http://www.rentonandparr.co.uk/index1.htm Occupying a prominet position? Behind the chip shop? On a pokey little area of land that leaves each house overlooking the other? I saw the damn foundations go up, the rooms are tiny! Bugger, doesn't seem to work. "SHADWELL VILLAGE AN EXCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT OF THREE STONE BUILT DETACHED HOUSESPrices From £395,000 £395,000 Occupying a prominent position in the centre of this popular sought after village, only some 5 miles from Leeds for easy commuting. A small e
  14. LS17 mostly, one "village" in particular where a rash of boards has gone up overnight but no-one's biting Take that you delusional affectations of prosperity! 2/3 beds in a crappy area of Moortown went up from £95k in January to about £140k in June/July, now many are back on the market at £110k to £125k....
  15. Hello peeps, I'm a lurker but just had to vent about prices in North Leeds. Several properties in a certain pretentious village have been on the market for about a month. One "three bed" (attic conversion) mid-terrace with a ghastly interior, ugly extension and general pokiness went on the market for...£282k! A nearby pair of mid-terraces are on the market for £199k for a two bed and over £200k for a three bed. Oddly the £282k property now has a "sold" sign, as does the £199k. But on the EA website they are only "under offer"... I'm tempted to ask whether they got the asking price or
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