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  1. Do you mean a non-adjusted fall of 0.6%? If so, it's the reduction in actual average price from £152,623 to £151,757.
  2. The Halifax predict a two percent fall in prices for 2005 but this is based on assumed earnings growth of 4.2% and a fall in interest rates to 4.25%. So in real terms they are expecting a 6.2% fall overall with a 9.2% real terms fall in the south-east. If rates were to rise to 5% there could be a further 15% fall in prices. I don't subscribe to the view that the MPC will lower interest rates to prevent house price falls because they have argued that price levels are unsustainable and there are plenty of inflationary pressures in the pipeline- not least of which is housing costs. So I'm loo
  3. http://www.shonkibrothers.com/auction/12 I thought this might be of interest to show the current state of the market. Of 31 properties for sale, six were sold prior or after and only nine sold on the day, one of which was commercial. Of the eight residential properties two sold below guide price, four within and two above. As guide prices are generally set low to generate interest there would have been a lot of disappointed sellers. It is also interesting to see the "previously marketed at" (PMA) prices for a few properties. There is PMA £275K, now available at £199k; PMA £179.95K, wi
  4. In the pilot studies land values are excluded from the index. The fall in prices will largely be reflected in land values and so excluded from the index.
  5. September data released at: http://www.landreg.gov.uk/assets/library/d...s/pprq904bw.pdf
  6. zzq113 The first three - not Birmingham, that's West Midlands.
  7. "Recent house price performance has parallels to 1999/2000..... The moderation in house price growth in recent months has similarities to the performance of the housing market during the previous Bank of England monetary policy tightening cycle in 1999 and 2000. Between September 1999 and February 2000 base rates rose from 5.00% to 6.00%. House prices subsequently fell in four out of the twelve months following the first rate rise, and the annual rate of house price inflation slowed from a peak of 16% in January 2000 to 1% in January 2001." I'm struggling to see the similarities: -20%
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