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  1. Apply this and scrub with an abrasive pad Mould remover http://www.amazon.co.uk/HG-Hagesan-Ltd-Mould-Spray/dp/B000IU40HQ. You may get something similar from Wilkinsons or the like After paint over the ceiling with emulsion (about £5.0) If you need to paint over it after cleaning with the above go to WIlkinsons or similar and get some cheap emulsion so long as there is no visible signsof mould they can't use it as a reason for holding the deposit Once cleaned and on departure take pictures as proof If wet areas were painted properly in the first place with washable emulsion it wouldn't be so much of a problem so its the landlords fault in my opinion if they haven't used a kitchen and bathroom paint.for the bathroom then they are partly responsible Have you reported mould as a problem during the tenancy ? If not fine but it is a healh hazard and if you did then I think that there might be an obligation on the part of the landlord to fix http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/HomeAndCommunity/Privaterenting/Repairsandstandards/DG_189198
  2. Some 2012 figures on UK teachers and teaching assistants from the uk gov The size of the school workforce in all publicly funded schools is nearly 876,000 full-time equivalent permanent employees. Compared with previous years, the school workforce has seen substantial increases in the numbers of school support staff whilst the number of school teachers has remained relatively flat: between 2005 and 2011, the numbers of full-time equivalent (FTE) teachers has increased by almost 4,000 from 434,200 to 438,000; for the same period, the numbers of FTE teaching assistants has increased by 72,500 (from 147,200 to 219,800); and the comparable number of FTE support staff has increased by 15,300 (from 118,700 to 133,900). there were 11,500 occasional teachers and 41,100 support staff employed by a third party in service on the census day. Numbers The total headcount of teachers (excluding occasional teachers) is 486,000. This is the equivalent of 438,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) teachers which represents presents a decrease of around 10,000 (2.2%) FTE teachers compared with November 2010 (448,100). Of the 438,100 full-time equivalent teachers 27% are male; however only 14% of primary school teachers are male (no change from last year). Age distribution Over half, 54%, of all FTE teachers are aged under 40: 23% are under 30; 31% are aged between 30 and 40. Of the remaining 46%, 23% are aged between 40 and 50; 20% are aged between 50 and 60 and just under 3% of teachers are over 60 (practically identical to the previous year).The average ages of female and male teachers are 40 and 41 respectively. Average pay The average (mean) pay for full-time classroom teachers in all schools is £34,700. It is slightly higher for male teachers: £36,000 compared with £34,100 for female teachers. The difference in average pay is mainly explained by the higher proportions of female teachers who work in nursery and primary schools where the pay is less than in secondary schools. The average salary figures are approximately £100 less than the equivalent figures for last year.
  3. From this I would say it might be tricky for most people to get a rebate http://www.wessexwater.co.uk/customers/threecol.aspx?id=234&linkidentifier=id&itemid=234
  4. This article hits at one of the real problems in the housing market I would add Banks are to BTL'rs in preference to low income FTB'rs. After a purge in 2009 of the johnny come lately BTL'rs the remaining BTL'rs have more collateral behind them than a FTB so if there is a crash in values of 30% the BTL's are in a better position to ride it out The trend of european migrant workers means that BTL'rs now get an income stream from a different source making their business model more resilient Another way of dealing with BTL is to include rental yields/property values in the calculations for pension lifetime limits. Currently If the rich are on target to hit the pension fund lifetime limit they are entitled to of £1.5m then they can get round it by using BTL. If the rental yields or value of their property portfolio were included in this figure then that would cap the growth in BTL amongst the chattering classes
  5. I worked in the water industry it is a scam and has been since it was created as an "industry" It was privatized to avoid investment by a tory government and to get revenue through the privatization its pricing policy was sorted out over about 2 weeks back in the early nineties Every consultancy eg Anderson Consultancy PWC etc used it as a watering hole for £1000's millions of easy easy money over the years The water industry has been driven by accountant speak AMP2 etc to bamboozle the general public and it doesn't reflect the underlying cost of producing water on a mass scale The regulator is part funded by the industry and a poodle They have deliberately slow timed the general public on fixing leaks and providing a network of pipes to the dry areas of the country and building new reservoirs because they know when that is fixed the job is done They have wasted billions on "diversification" projects, overseas acquisitions, moving into domestic repairs, new head offices, etc etc to flare off capital expenditure because that is what drives the price of water higher Water companies overcharge for water because the calcuations are so complex and are very slow to pay when they are found out http://www.h2obuildingservices.co.uk/news/h2o-building-services/water-companies-continue-to-overcharge-uk-companies/ The domestic metered pricing is calculated on the basis of fixed charges and volume related charges, the fixed charges are inflated so that its pointless trying to be too economical with your water usage as it doesn't bring your water bills down meaningfully The talk of desalination is falling into the water companies hands as it will drive capital expenditure up which will drive customer prices up according to current pricing formulas What we need is a pipe network from west to east with some concrete pipes and a few pumps. The reason it doesn't happen is because the bean counters can't agree on the intercompany charging mechanism for water and who pays for the capital cost of the pipework and because it doesn't generate enough profit End of rant
  6. Back in 1993 John Birt the former Director General of the BBC was doing it. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/media/media-its-just-not-done-at-broadcasting-house-john-birts-tax-avoidance-has-its-roots-in-itv-practices-going-back-more-than-20-years-but-it-is-damaging-to-the-bbc-says-maggie-brown-1495309.html Its a tax avoidance scam on an epic scale which IR35 was supposed to put a stop to but hasn't. Partly because the IR don't seem too keen on cracking down on for some reason(s) Most self employed IT and Management consultants and contractors will be Ltd Liability, They need to satisfy IR35 for them to legitimately call themselves self employed the key criteria are to answer Yes to the following: Can they hire someone to do the work or engage helpers at their own expense? Do they risk their own money? Do they provide the main items of equipment they need to do their job, not just the small tools that many employees provide for themselves? Do they agree to do a job for a fixed price regardless of how long the job may take? Can they decide what work to do, how and when to do the work and where to provide the services? Do they regularly work for a number of different people? Do they have to correct unsatisfactory work in their own time and at their own expense? http://www.contractorcalculator.co.uk/contractors_earn_more_than_employees.aspx
  7. I've seen these people at work first hand; they are sneaky bastards, they visit... nice as pie, pretending to care about special needs as one gets older etc. Oh we can help you with that stair rail. Oh we can help you fix this and that. They then spend the next hour or two persuading the vulnerable elderly person to downsize away from what they called home for 20-30 years into what they know is a dark soul-leeching flat or bungalow in the middle of a cesspit crime town, away from family & friends and all other social links, to spend the rest of their--what's likely to be quite miserable--days being kept awake by late-night parties, picking up broken glass and litter from outside their prison, not daring to step further or have any social interaction due to shear terror. And thats just their relatives wait while social services get involved
  8. They want their cake and to eat it, that is they want to continue receive rent and to market the property at the expense of your quiet enjoyment. If they were honourable they would serve notice giving you the longer notice period that they are obliged to do 2 months and then carry the risk themselves that they may have to find another tenant. that could cost them thousands and an empty property would not sell as well. It would be cold and would need the systems draining down at this time of year it might also get vandalised. Both landlord and EA would lose out in that case as the owner might go to another EA if the property was empty. A 10% reduction in rent is only reasonably in my opinion in return for your cooperation whilst it is being marketed The owners are likely to be out of touch and want too much for the property and possibly switch EA's when they don't get the flood of offers they were expecting. They are likely to take off the market when they can't get the sale they want after putting you out. It did happen to me and quite frankly it was a pain, surveyors around on a couple of occassions, switching estate agents meant another lot of EA's round, no showers, people turning up not knowing you are a tenant, desperate EA's sending anybody round just so they look like they are doing their job. Being blamed for it not selling. Having to be in when you would rather be out. or knowing that people were wandering around the place when you weren't around etc etc
  9. What is the % contribution by your current employer to the money purchase scheme you will lose this if you stop contributing to the company scheme What are your current earnings taxed at the benefits of SIPP are 25% and 40% so obviously its a better bet if you are a higher rate tax payer SIPPS are the way to go imho mostly because of the tax break and the autonomy but the government has already had a nibble at them with regard to the rate at which you can empty your pension pot so nothing is guaranteed in the long term Alternatives to Hargreaves Lansdown to consider Sippdeal (AJ Bell) Jame Hay (part of santander) Killick Fidelity Also you could read up on the forums for pensions and savings on moneysavingsexpert and motley fool they are pretty informative For investments investment trust etfs and the newer american low cost provider Vanguard products are worth looking at
  10. Leaving a home you have made over say 30 or 40 years is a big wrench even if it is getting difficult to manage, it requires a lot of effort and cost as well. The kids will have fond memories and like visiting as well as do the grandkids so that doesn't help Just as there is a shortage of big family homes with big gardens for young families, there is also a shortage of good retirement accommodation. Many blocks of flats are in the wrong areas and have no lift facilities Bungalows often need doing up or are overpriced. Most are too small for entertaining. downsizing doesn't release much cash or reduce costs that much as good retirement accommodation in the right place is expensive People who get the downward transition wrong can easily spend the kids inheritance especially if they go into specialist retirement accommodation which is often overpriced new and the service charges are very high , resale is difficult. and if you then go into residential care (cost approx £25K) per annum Its all about timing really the people who used to work for me and are now in their 30's were buying their first homes in the 90's and their second before the year 2k so they were paying half current prices and seem to have pretty large houses and low mortgages one has paid off his mortgage and is only 35 but thats in the North West Not sure that a lot of 30 to 40 year olds are that keen on big gardens. They just want somewhere to set up a barbecue in summer and a trampoline. The kids get driven to activities rather than mess around in a garden. Perhaps the answer is pooling resources and buying a large multi-generational property thats big enough for three or even four generations. (Of course you have to get on)
  11. Some thoughts I would firstly discuss with her needs in the short and medium term Is she on her own Has she physical/mental health issues Has she mobility issues, Where are her friends and social life based Where are her family based and how much support can they provide how often will they visit (Will they need overnight accommodation) What are her housekeeping needs if any Living in this type of accommodation needn't be about giving up your independence there are various levels of support provided depending on need. Its really important that she visits a few places to get a feel for the atmosphere and whether she will like it has she done this yet I don't think that these type of properties are likely to gain in value so personally would look at the rental options and preserve capital for future use. The properties are likely to be leasehold so getting a copy of the leasehold to read the covenants etc is essential before making a decision. Do they have to be sold back to the housing association
  12. Looking at Fakenham there are a number of initial listings for the 8th they show up in yellow on my version but there are plenty with long histories of price and information changes which are listed in blue. Thursday seems a busy day for estate agents listings
  13. Just listening to Today on Radio 4 and there was a 5 minute discussion between representatives of 1st Time Buyers and some Landlords Association about the news that Yorkshire Building Society is going to offer BTL mortgages, initially in the south and south east. Interesting facts came out 200 BTL mortgages products in 2009, 500 btl mortgage products today High Demand for Rented property BTL accounts for 11% of the total mortgage market Landlords have better financial firepower than 1st Time buyers Landlord have access to interest only mortgages and get tax breaks for maintenance and interest payments The points that occurred to me were the BTL brigade are likely to capture more of the bottom end housing market and let it out to 1st Time buyers so compounding housing problems for the young It is not a level playing field as the tax breaks give the landlords an advantage The finance companies seem to be using the landlords to reduce their risk of default on payments as 1st time buyers have lower job security I can't see the Government doing anything as the MP's are all into it anyway The only thing I can think of is that parents should, if they are able, buy property for their kids and then put them in as tenants and then sign over to them for a price at a later date so getting the tax breaks for maintanance and mortgage interest .
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