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    Hi there honest ea a little more advice needed here. Weve seen a house that we like . It was originaly on for 149995 and has now been reduced to 144995. We would like to make an offer but obviously no where near what they want. It is owned by a building company because the previous owners px for a newbuild. Where should we start with our offer. The girl at halifax who weve got our mortgage with recons offer them 130000 and they pay the stamp duty what do you think?
  2. Well an update on this situation the property on fri just dissapeard off rightmove and the ea website. No under offer sstc or sod all. The fact that they didnt even phone me to say that another offer had been given and not even given us the chance to counter offer makes me think something dodgy has gone on here.
  3. Hi there honest ea need your advice on a few things. We recently put an offer of 110000 on a repo which took them 7 days to come back to us and refuse. This was the second time they had put the offer forward. Weve basically been hagling with them for 3 months over this property, ie needs loads of work etc. Now the last time the offer was refused was round about 28 th july, so i emailed the ea to see were things are up to, and that we were thinking of putting an offer in on another property. Now this is where it gets strange. They replied to say they recieved a higher offer on the property and
  4. My Partner died when my daughter was 15 months old. Rather than continuing to live the lifestyle I had, I had to move back in with my mother and share a bedroom with my daughter knowing that rather than funding a lifestyle I couldn't afford I would be saving up and would be in a better position in the future. This woman went into denial and wanted to continue funding a lifestyle beyond her means. She didn't want to think that there was any possibility that she may have to change her lifestyle because of one tragic event. Tough decisions have to be made. She didn't make them when her husband
  5. It kind of is 2 bedroom ha flat in south east manchester surrounded by mutants. I think we are the only ones on the whole street who go out to work. Well legally anyway.
  6. Ive offered 110000 and im not budging. If the mortgage weve got gets more expensive that offer will be going down.
  7. Hi there honest ea in giving me some insight to how things work.Id like to pick up on a couple of your points .Firstly i think the first guy that showed us around was a bit naughty ,but i wonder what tempted him in giving us that information,as i dont think he had anything to gain in doing so. To be honest tho in a way its a good job he did because its kept our interest in the house as we would of just walked away from it with all the work that need doing to it. on the point of the land registry , i have already done my homework on this and the house has not changed hands since before 2000 so
  8. Hi there honest ea i was wondering if you could give me some advice on a few things. Me and my wife are having to look to buy somwhere as we have one child and another one on the way so the thought of moving from one rental to another is horrifiying. Id been keeping my eye on a house for a few months when one day i went to look at the outside when i notced it was empty,which was stange as the pics on the website had furniture in etc. Anyway we decided to view it and when we got there there the guy who opened the door for us let it slip that it was a repo and that the solicitors were told to e
  9. Perhaps they failed to pay the bill on time and had their account suspended?
  10. Did anyone see the story relating to the congestion charge this morning? I only just caught part of it, but apparently there is a committee that has been created in support of the CC. Guess what, it's all city centre developers involved. They claim that we have to look at different ways of living and accept the need for improved public transport. To me it seems more a case of we can't sell our flats. If people have to pay a fortune to commute in, living in the city centre will look more practical and we may be able to sell again!
  11. I think in this numpty's case she has the jobs she has because of who she knows, not what she knows. Nepotism at it's worst, really....
  12. The UK and International resuscitation Council's now recommend that if you find someone collapsed you don't try and find a pulse unless you are used to monitoring pulses anyway. Carrying out chest compressions on someone with a pulse causes less damage than the minutes wasted trying to find a pulse if you don't know what you are feeling for will cause to someone who is pulseless.
  13. I think this isn't widely publicised as the VI's are either: a) in denial and don't want to realise the fall from peak yet, and are also hoping that a late 'spring bounce' may happen and improve the figures again. scared that if they publicise this it may snowball, leading to a more catastrophic crash.
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