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  1. It won't be "unfair" on savers when deflation hits. In fact given the general views on this site about how high so called "real inflation" has been over the last decade, many will be begin earning real returns for the first time in the coming period, even if interest rates hit zero.
  2. Brindley House is only 25% sold. The developer isn't very large, and I suspect they'll go bust soon. Newhall Square (the former science museum site) have built a lot of the commercial side, but haven't started on the flats.
  3. I also live in a city centre flat in Birmingham, and I've had a mixed experience. You do have to be very choosy when selecting where to live. The more established developments in better areas are nice. But digbeth? I don't see how any of the flats there can be called executive. Better try King Edwards Wharf or one of the established loft apartment blocks in the city centre side of the Jewellery Quarter. Higher percentage of owner occupiers there and they generally more engaged with the managing agents.
  4. Owner Occupier with mortgage (around £160k) but with a good value collarless lifetime tracker currently 3.18%. I am bearish on house prices, I think they will be down at least 50% in real terms by the end of the crash. As I don't need to re-mortgage I have a VI in falling prices for when I eventually want to up-size. There's no point in selling up if rent for the same place in the same area would end up being more than your mortgage! Prices will continue to come down due to the size of deposit required to get an affordable mortgage, and not due to a repossessions crisis similar to that seen i
  5. I am a homeowner, and my mortgage (including repayments) is now under substantially less than the rent would be on the same property. Sod the capital value, it is now cheaper to own for me (3.18% lifetime tracker with no collar).
  6. I have that deal right now... and barclays bank base rate = bank of england base rate or any succeeding rate according to the terms and conditions.
  7. I think you're quite wrong about the jewellery quarter. A lot more of the new flats in the jewellery quarter are larger (and cheaper per square foot). More of them have been bought by owner occupiers as shells and they have kitted them out themselves. I do agree with digbeth area. Also prices in the jewellery quarter have not been so over inflated. In the city core from a builder at the height of the boom (2004), £250,000 bought you about a 700-800 sqft 2 bedder, and people paid that. In the smarter streets in the Jewellery quarter that bought you a 1200sqft 2 or 3 bedder. I do have an intere
  8. What would your opinion on a 10 year fix (at 5.59%) with a moderate fee
  9. I am in a slightly different situation, and I would like some opinions. I took out a lifetime tracker mid last year (BOEBR+0.18%) with no tie ins and no fees. The mortgage is around 3.25 x joint income. I cannot decide whether to fix for the long term or just endure the ups and downs of a tracker. What do people think will happen to the base rate over the short and medium term? When I took out the product I was expecting rates to peak at about 6.5% and drop back to around 5% when the sh*t hit the fan.
  10. -5.8% nominal for 2008. I am going for the deflationary scenario so real terms falls higher. I think house price declines in nominal terms will continue for 5 years or more. edited (wrong year specified)
  11. This is unlikely as most trackers consider the BoEBR to have a floor somewhere around 2 to 3pc
  12. probably a typo or mis-information/understanding
  13. That's the point of a tracker, it tracks the BoE base rate. I'm on a woolwich lifetime tracker, and the rate has just moved from 5.93 to 5.68 as it must. However the deal I'm on (organised back in July) is now only available at BoEBR+0.47 (29 basis points higher) for new customers.
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