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  1. There are a sizable number of UK expats living abroad who have BTL's to keep a toe in the UK market, in case they need to return. Of course the rents supplement pensions, too.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6516417/ISIS-terrorists-branded-two-murdered-Scandinavian-women-enemies-God.html
  3. The Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders of Cyprus are entering into a week of intensive talks in an effort to reach a peace deal and end 43 years of division on the island. Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci will meet at the United Nations in Geneva on Monday with the hope of thrashing out the final terms of reunification, following 19 months of talks. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/cyprus-reunification-latest-news-greek-turkish-leaders-island-peace-talks-final-stage-mediterranean-a7516951.html
  4. I get the feeling you don't agree with the OP ?
  5. Just getting worse and worse ? Ryanair today (28 June) announced the cancellation of 34 weekly flights (250,000 annual passengers) to/from Morocco because ONDA, the Moroccan Govt’s airports authority, has reneged on its agreement with the airline by imposing a new monopoly handling company on Ryanair which would have resulted in a massive increase in charges for the airline. ONDA has refused to guarantee Ryanair the continuation of the cost levels of its original agreement. Consequently, Ryanair has no alternative but to announce substantial reductions to its flight programme to Moroccan airports which will include reductions of 8 weekly frequencies at Nador, 6 at Fez, 8 at Marrakesh, 4 at Tangier and the complete closure of its operation at Oujda Airport (8 weekly frequencies). http://www.ryanair.com/en/news/ryanair-announces-reductions-in-services-to-morocco-as-onda-breaks-agreement-on-costs
  6. I left in 1990 and lived in Belgium, Sweden and France. Canada, Oz, NZ, US are easier because of the language but more remote if you have family in UK. Sticking to EU helps with tax, pension etc because structures are similar and there are many agreements in place. Now semi retired in South France, I miss some UK aspects (friends, country pubs, etc) but wouldn't want to live there full time. I'm thinking of getting an apt in UK and splitting my time between the two.
  7. Another supporter for making the move. I've been resident in UK, Belgium, Sweden and France. You only need 30 yrs contributions (top up years cost around £650) to get a full UK state pension. Your other pensions will be higher and payable earlier. Aim to move back to UK and buy a house without a mortgage - and life suddenly gets easier ! Many decide they like "foren" and stay. I'm currently in South France and there are quite a few retired Brit expats around. Send me a PM if you need more info.
  8. The website above has vanished. The arab spring, anti royalist demonstrations and political unrest has severely reduced the always volatile Moroccan tourist industry. Easyjet 2012 weekly departures to Morocco are down 38 per week. Even Easyjet can't get passengers to go to Morocco : And the Tangiers - Sete ferries have been seized by bailiffs for non payment of fuel : Anyone still believe in it ?
  9. Where are you based today, and do you need convenient transport to return there ? Peter
  10. Latest proposal in more detail : http://www.midilibre.fr/2011/09/07/immobilier-au-regime-cher,383619.php Peter
  11. From 1st Jan 2011 all ads for property sales and rentals must quote the results of the Diagnostic Performance Energetique (DPE) report. It has been a required component of leases and sales contracts for the last few years, but has not been 100% observed. The implications have not been fully considered. Online creation of a free le bon coin ad today (valid 60 days) does not require a DPE. Similarly, what about the numerous local "free classified" in newspapers and websites ? Agents are probably well advanced in obtaining these certs for properties currently on their books, but there is much discussion of how it might change the already weak market. Suggestions from various sources are : Will make newer properties more favourable Will make smaller properties more favourable Will make renewable energy systems more attractive Rental of poorly insulated properties will be more difficult Encourage landlords and owners to invest in insulation (0% finance also available) Will limit sales to motivated and serious vendors who will spend money to get the DPE before advertising Less incentive to advertise at an inflated price "just in case" A cynic would say that the main beneficiary will be the experts who provide the certs ! Peter
  12. " PS Felix i am English and i do not hate the french having said that a vast majority of the french hate N Africans eg the maghreb If they had a choice to make between a brit or an arab The french would choose the brit! " And they probably rank the maghrebians above the Parisians ! Peter
  13. I guess individual prices don't matter too much here. What is clear is that many of the departments are starting to show consistent positive trends again for the first time in the last few years. Peter
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