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  1. There is one thing worse than regular inspections by the EA and that is regular inspections by the EA accompanied by the Landlord and her monther. The experience was one of the biggest contributing factors to our decision to throw in the towel and buy a house (overpriced).
  2. http://www.rightmove...l?premiumA=true Staggering price and staggering that the sellers have a toddler!
  3. Thanks for all your replies. In the end, I settled on this:
  4. We moved into our current property less than 6 weeks ago and today I received this rather snotty email from the letting agent: I am totally aware that there are a few weeds appearing and the lawn could do with a trim (its that time of year after all), but I really don't need the letting agent telling me how to organise my time. Nor do I appreciate knowing that the agent (landlord most likely) has been driving past the house having a good nose. As it happens, we HAD set aside some time this weekend to neaten up the garden, so this email really annoyed me! Can anyone help me with a suitable s
  5. An update for you all: A couple of weeks ago we recieved the undisputed amount back into our accout and the letting agent agreed to involve the dispute service to resolve the remaining £25. Today we recieved an email: It took them 2 weeks to realise the admin costs were 'high'? More likely they realised they had no evidence to submit or the dispute service told them they had insufficent evidence from the outset. Note there is no apology to us though, they still maintain it was our fault!
  6. Its because its the first time you (or rather your browser) has viewed these houses. They have probably been on rightmove for a while. Your Property Bee app will only update itself when you search rightmove.
  7. Thanks for everyone's responses, much appreciated! An update for you all: I called the agent this morning to find out when I could expect to hear how much of the deposit they were going to withhold. Initially, I spoke to a chap who said he had my file in front of him but was not able to tell me anything. He wanted to take my number and get someone to call me back, so I said I didn't mind holding until the person was available. He said that wasn't possible, so I explained that it had been more than 10 working days since our tenancy ended but we had yet to receive any response on how much of
  8. Deposit is registered, but how long should we give the agent to come back with their costings? Can't really go to the dispute service until we know what the agent wants to deduct? TDS site says the following:
  9. We moved out from a rental property on 18th December and the agent has not returned any of our deposit and appear to be fobbing us off. They are saying we left paint in the shower tray and are in the process of costing this up before they return any of our money. We are disputing the paint and have made it clear a number of times that we are more than happy for it to go to arbitration. However, each time we mail them or call them about it we get an email saying the same thing regarding costing the damage up. This has been going on since before xmas! We are starting to feel a bit uneasy and rea
  10. Roxette: 'Crash, Boom, Bang' and 'Sleeping in my car' Chris De Burgh: 'Lady in (the) red' Kaiser Chiefs: 'I predict a riot' and 'Oh my god I can't believe it'
  11. A friend of mine is on SVR and was complaining the other week that her mortgage goes up £36 a month with each .25% rise. I asked her why she doesn't fix and she said she thought 'interest rates were high at the moment' and 'will come down soon'. In her experience rates go up a bit then go down again - 'thats how it works'. She's in her late 20s. Looked a bit worried though when I mentioned the possibility of 6%....
  12. Right well I will have to get on the phone tomorrow and try my luck. Cheers for that!
  13. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if its possible to approach a bank directly and offer to buy a repossessed house before they try to sell it? Reason I ask is my mum's house has been repossessed and the bank have said they will sell it for £150k despite it being valued last year at aprox £280k. Is there any legal reason why the bank cannot accept an offer without putting the property up for sale/auction first? Also, can someone give me a run down of the the drawbacks (if any?) of buying a repo'd house. Someone told me you can't get a mortgage but surely this isn't true? Thanks
  14. Put a smile on my face today: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-682...pa_n=4&tr_t=buy
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