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  1. The above must be the most difficult to read posting style ever. One long sentence with many spelling mistakes and typos and devoid of any normal punctuation or structure. I can't get past a few words before losing interest.
  2. That must be why we have so many unemployed. The truly worrying thing is that you might actually have convinced yourself of that.
  3. No disrespect but attitudes like that are why modern schools are little better than zoos. CCTV footage Clearly Harvey had had enough of "positive re-enforcement" and other such psychobabble.
  4. HPCers are showing their fluffy, caring side for once. Can't last though.
  5. Why not? Is it better for the prudent to repay the debts of the foolish?
  6. Edit time showing as 12:00 to me. What difference would it make anyway? You really are a paranoid fruitcake aren't you?
  7. Why is anyone even mooting a return to the Deutsche Mark? Could it be that the current path the EU is on is hardly free of disastrous consequences itself?
  8. Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan says otherwise. http://www.federalreserve.gov/boarddocs/testimony/1998/19980724.htm
  9. Ta DB, a very useful reply. I'm thinking about the daughter of a friend of mine. She's 10 and very bright but gets frustrated when she has trouble reading stuff. I think she's classed as moderately dyslexic. She doesn't seem to be getting much in the way of help from the school at the moment.
  10. Even steel it seems can pass as gold. LINK Seems a bit improbable, but it's on the BBC!
  11. What's an EP report? Is it worth having if you have a dyslexic child?
  12. You probably didn't see them Doc but the BBC ran several series on BBC 3 where young Brits were taken to places like India to work in the garment and food production industries. Their shock at the conditions was eclipsed by their shock at how hard they had to work, and for how little money in return. Quite eye opening stuff.
  13. Lots of bulls on this thread. Can I offer my services .
  14. Beat me to it. Can gas replace oil in the petrochemical industry too?
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