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  1. Cuts, I'd hardly call £90 billion on replacing Trident cuts in spending. Yet another U-turn by The Lib Dems. Just who are we going to nuke exactly and should I take a week off work???? If we must make weapons, they should be non lethal, you've seen them about.
  2. I take Injin's statement quite literally. I think he is referring to population growth, we is all of us. Without a Gold standard, we can reproduce to our hearts content and fight endless wars to keep the big pharma on the money . Road to ruin Happy birthday FIAT! Got gold? Absolutely loved this site in 07' - 08' Edit : Can't spell
  3. If only we had CCTV in London then none of this would have happened! Just to add, the pig shop in Brixton is all of 200 yds from the looted shops yet no one turned up for half an hour. The filth don't care about poor areas.... Thank God for the Police "To protect and serve themselves" HahhahHAHhaHAHhhAHHhahHAha. As a resident Londoner, I am more than happy to see the whole place burn.
  4. Good start? 11600 on the DOW before a bounce?
  5. It's going north of $100 dolliars. Only buy physical! My Sterling has taken a bath though, so at best I'm neutral. So... it isn't greedy, nor is the price high, it is simply a refleaction of US monetary policy and China's FX rebalancing imho. Currency debasement is in an accelerating phase, it has given me the opportunity to think for which I am grateful. I got a reminder yesterday of why I parted with 7% of my life savings to take control of something the Government cannot immediately get its hands on. CNBC had the US debt clock live on it, 100k ,every 6 four kin seconds. We don't need any
  6. Made a refreshing change from watching BBC 1 @10. Found it frustrating watching this sketch. The pain and the misery this has caused to millions is anything but funny. I really feel that any opportunity like this should be fully leveraged to educate as many as possible as to what is going on. If I was on there, I would have repeated until somebody killed him the particulars of Goodwin's pension for starters. Keiser is great on his tv show, I just thought he got pigeon holed with the 'bonkers' tag a bit too easy, There is so much unfinished business here..
  7. 10 o'clock live worth a watch for a little section on what to do with bankstards! Max Kaiser, James Max and an ex squid. TOTAL DENIAL And to keep in check with the thread I am still short everything that isn't shiny. I did nail the 5498 38% Fib retracement on the FTSE but no idea if i' ll go onto make new highs. Fukushima 7 stops me longing this market..
  8. I'd just like to post something good for posterity as the s&p stopped me out at 1227!! Short FTSE 5882.5 closed at 5690 Now short S&P 1178 1/6 FTSE stake as I am not sure. 10 stop
  9. Whoa! Tick tock..... http://www.smh.com.au/business/bankers-urge-debtridden-ireland-to-take-emergency-aid-20101113-17rvp.html
  10. Boomers telling anyone and everyone to keep the ponzi going. How about keep JSA payments the same but reduce housing benefit as punishment As someone else eloquently pointed out on some other thread, the system is there to be abused should no other doors be open to you but reproduction. edit: typo Double edit. Should be good for the black market if nothing else as people drop out of the system, also great for more crime
  11. Thanks! Ok, so that only leaves us with 'down' or 'a full retrace' on the S&P? Are you heading for the exits yet? From the feel of this thread, it feels close.
  12. Q. What figure is the 61.8% retracement for the S&P since the 07 high?
  13. Is the mothership that is this QE2 going entirely into PM's?! What a ride!
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