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  1. ehhhh? hmmm if you did not have the brains nor the courage and drive to do what the ''bloody foreigners'' did, shut up and keep your racist comment off this forum please. Thanky!
  3. These are the offers I've sent between yesterday and today. We'll see what kind of response I get from them. In the mean time, if any of you fancy taking the pi$$ and offer lower than I did for these properties, be my guest! Craigs Estate Agents feedback page ** FROM PROPERTY: GBP 204,995, 3 bedroom semi-detached house, Tenby Road, Enfield, Middlesex ** My offer for this property is GBP 150,000 Craigs Estate Agents feedback page ** FROM PROPERTY: GBP 242,500, 3 bedroom semi-detached house, Hoe Lane, Enfield, Middlesex ** My offer for this property is GBP 135,000 Trojans feedback pag
  4. Common sense dictates when one should sell off assets which are unlikely to be reliable when investing at a period in time where the market is woobly and uncertain. If one prefers to rely on so called experts and economists who have vested interests in these particular markets, then one is doomed to go wrong one way or the other to the benefit of those having vested interests in these particular markets.
  5. Yeehaaaaaaaaaa! Bring it onnnnnnn ! I can't wait till the decision is anounced by the bank of england to raise the base rate! Ohhhhh goodie! hehe Santa has come twice...once in dec and now in Jan! Hmmm wrap it up nicely...I can't wait to open my pressie! I hope the tsunami disaster and the amount of money needed to help save lives and rebuilt the countries affected by it has put some sense into people and what the value of money really means. Brick and mortar dating back to 1930's costing 200k is absolutely ridiculous.(I don't even want to quote any property price in S. Kensington *head
  6. Hmmm I am not allowed to tell you why but am sure you've already figured it out by yourself...and yes I am Jewish.
  7. Bob the builder....being a builder I am amazed he was abled to type all this on his own...I shall discard his posting since it bears no relevant information someone of his class would be able to muster. Last but not least....for someone who has worked all these years and has only 2m in the bank...i'd call that a very lazy person.
  8. Yummyyyy HPC Babe! I better check my back in case mrs got a glimpse of my post!
  9. Value for money. Thats what I want. Not buying any property which price tag does not reflect its real value. Thats kind of stupid thing to do...
  10. Oh I got my head firmly on my shoulders! For me EA's are a bunch of charlatans and should be punished like in the old times for ripping people off and selling inflated priced properties : stoned to death! Seriously they think am going to waste my youth ploughing my health away to pay a mortgage straight from hell? They must be kidding! I'll hold on as long as possible but noooo way I'll part with MY MONEY which I've earned to enrich some fat cat drinking tea at the ritz in the evening and cackle over rising debts. Where are we going to?!!! No regulations?!! No law?!! How can they allow suc
  11. Absolutely outrageous! The depicable way which EA are trying to keep the property market price as high as possible and as long as possible is absolutely disgusting and will result in a market crash and economy downturn. Having checked the prices of properties in london, from well known EA's, I cant believe my eyes at the prices asked! Who in their right mind is going to buy a 3bedroom house at £700,000 in W8 ? What do they think people do? Sell drugs or something? £700,000? Is the fireplace made out of gold or something more precious? Gem lined ceiling rose i suppose? To be honest, I'
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