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  1. Yes I agree the Moors are serene in winter. I will have a closer look at the Exeter/Exmoor direction thanks for the tip. Having just witnessed a horrible mugging tonight on the way home my natural reaction is to run to a remote hamlet buried deep in the moorland and retire in peace. I recently found Haytor where Ann Widdecombe has bought a home, very nice close to Bovey Tracey Town for shops etc. Belstone was so dramatic and I will explore a little more. I wonder how Hairy is getting on with his research, look forward to hearing from him.
  2. Thanks , however having just arrived home from Dartmoor again I must confess doubt is creeping in. Very very quiet out of season and many villages seemed depressed somehow. We like to eat out and found we were the only ones in the local rests etc. Essex has many negatives but somehow always a buzz in the resturants even when times are hard. We walked the moors and that was nice. Came home today feeling slightly flat as we were so sure we would retire there but to be honest I somehow now feel it may not be the right move. We visited Oakhampton, Tavistock and local chav types all drunk on town bench at 10am I was so dissapointed . We may be chasing a dream !.. My wife said we may end up old and bored before out time. I suppose in Essex similar to Surrey we have so much choice with towns, villages offering all you could want you can drive in any direction and find choice choice choice in so many things. In Devon you are so dependant on your nearby areas and they choice they offer you. We feel we have taken for granted many many things Essex offers us and scenery in Devon is stunning but there is more to life than scenery. I think its good your keeping a place up here and spending some time in London will no doubt give you a nice contrast. I hope you manage to hold onto the majic and all I would say is spend as much time down there in winter before you commit , quiet is nice but we felt as we drove back to Essex that its home, warts and all. Your younger than us and no doubt have time to build a life down there around your family I wish you well.
  3. Totally agree Salcombe is so expensive we were shocked at the prices. We have decided to move from Essex to Dartmoor but not yet, keeping an eye on prices down there. We hope to retire in a few years. Out of interest what were your motives to move from Surrey to Devon after all Surrey is a nice County. We are looking for a quieter pace of life and have noticed villages etc seem well cared for and people are friendly I do hope its the same when you live there, still you dont know unless you try I suppose. Exeter was busier than I imagined having not visited for many years which is fine when you want to have a shop etc. Do you think more 2nd homes will hit the market this winter? Have you seen an increase in holiday cottages/barns etc or no change since you started looking.
  4. If they are so busy why waste money on leaflets?
  5. What is the news re tax on Savings ?
  6. In the same boat as you. I have offered on one 5 to 6 other offers in but most with places to sell. Hope to hear by the weekend. Are you feeling confident when reading the posts re mortgage capping? . So jittery about it all I am cash and just so unsure I am doing the right thing leaving it in savings, or buying. I suppose with 6 others in the frame at least the house/style/location is popular.
  7. Well said, you have convinced me. Have put an offer in on a place for cash and your post makes me more nervous as I do hope I get it now before I was jittery. Cheers.
  8. So you think hold the cash, hold my nerve and wait for further drops?. Inflation will take off ? How will that effect my cash? I suppose if its sitting there waiting to buy a property the only thing I need to watch are the house prices. At the moment not many mortgages out there this will no doubt change and I will have more competition when making offers. Its a tough one as nobody really knows whats going on including those running the show. I spend so much time on HPC going over it and over it, I just cant afford to make a wrong move.
  9. I am glad you havent said 100% NO, DONT BUY - Your a wise man and I trust your judgement. I have placed an offer today on something and feel excited about it. I will keep you posted. Agents said offers will be decided at the end of the month, probate/do up job so he reckons a good bit of interest. I can only see what happens. Frustrating wait ahead. I hope being 100% Cash will do the trick. It somehow feels right all of a sudden.
  10. F&B Clunch is great with F&B Slipper Satin Enjoy your new home.
  11. Hi Grumpy, so nice to hear from you. France didnt work (We love the UK warts and all). Well as you see I am tempted to go back in if I can get 30% off something I have my eye on. Your views always welcome and appreciated.
  12. Well I havent done it yet, maybe my offers will be rejected and then I will panic as I wont pay the going rates, that does feel barmy.
  13. I have my eye on a probate, needs loads of work and would think FTB would struggle with Survey/Valuations so they may out of it. Not everyone wants to take on projects so I guess its Builders etc and Cash Purchasers like myself. I am excited about it put an offer in today and if its meant for me it will happen. The only good thing about feeling a little unsure is you dont feel broken hearted if your offer doesnt make it. I really feel you have to feel you have a bargain to commit in this market place. I am sure the QE lending will take a while to work through to lenders for FTB,s etc . Anyway one thing is for sure prices should not be going up .
  14. No borrowing and looking 10 years plus down the road. I dont know 10 years down the road how cash would look in savings and as mentioned no understanding of any other type of investments so bonds and savings accounts would be my only option. Stick with what you know !! I must say over last 30 years always been OK with property and did go through crashes in late 80,s early 90,s . Aware this is worse, but as mentioned earlier its all bad out there so limited options.
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