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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/b00sy7yv Jeremy Vine show today, have a listen from 1 hour 6 mins. Some people have some strange priorities...
  2. I'm curious. Given how many people (both on here and who've commented on the blog directly, myself included) clearly like and enjoy it, what is it that makes you feel you're judge and jury on what's good and what's not?
  3. Fair comment JS, but I guess it's all a matter of perspective. After four months on £60 JSA I should think anything is pretty exciting!
  4. Came across this blog via HPC a few months ago, and it's been mentioned a couple of times since. Anyway, logged in this morning and it looks very much like he's finally got there! http://charliecroker.wordpress.com/ Good man.
  5. I hadn't realised we had to read it all! I just read the things on the Internet that interest me, personally. Where do you find the time?
  6. Incidently, I think it speaks volumes for the tolerance and mentality of the average Brit that still people are desperately trying to turn this into an issue even after the facts have been sensibly explained to them. No wonder the Daily Mail is such an influential and popular newspaper.
  7. Is it suitable for all "communities"? When was the last time you asked for such an account? Do you want such an account? Point is, this account is clearly aimed at a set target audience. So complaining that you (or others not of that target audience) weren't offered it when you're/they're not a Muslim is a bit like complaining that no one tried to flog you a Stanna Stairlift when you can walk up stairs perfectly well using your legs.
  8. I see. Better to earn less money so you pay less tax? Better still to earn zero then by that logic, think how tax efficient that would be!
  9. Your religion doesn't come into it, you want an account like this? Go get yourself one. Honestly, complaining this account exists is a bit like complaining that a certain religious group will only drive blue cars, and then complaining bitterly that BMW have brought out a blue car suitable for that religious group. The bank has seen a market for a certain type of account and created a suitable product. That's it!
  10. Brilliant advice! Can I add to that and say get a job earning over £100,000 a year. This will make financial management much easier.
  11. It's a £200 discount and a free disposal of your old "can't give 'em away" TV, that all.
  12. Here's a thought, why not read the article, then read the posts in this thread, then get a clue...
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