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  1. 'Will The Emergency Budget Ensure A Double Dip?' God i hope so. we really, and i mean REALLY need a recession. we need to have every one whose going to go bank rupt to do so asap so we can clear out all the bad debt and get back to stability.
  2. i dont think anyone does. id be interested to find out how much money was given to charities by bankers over the last few decades, anyone know? but my point is that greed is perfectly natural as long as its balanced with fear. unfortunatly over the last 90 or so years governments and central banks have been systematically removing any fears of failure that should have counterbalanced the greed.
  3. of course they were, their human like the rest of us. but greed should always be tempered with fear. why werent they scared of failure, or bankrupcy?
  4. ok, ask your self this. why did banks lend irresponsibly and take on silly amounts of leverage? any one who looked at it for even a few minutes could see it was all going to end in tears, bankers are not stupid people.
  5. here you go, injected a bit of reality into your post.
  6. the website looks crap, www.websitestylecrash.co.uk anyone?
  7. 2 million says the mail, 15 thousand says the BBc haha.
  8. reading jonah goldbergs liberal fascism at the mo. dispite the fact that the authors writting style is wide eyed and rabid he does make some good points Re: the classification of fascism as more of a left wing movement, based on the original german nazi manifesto which called for a strong welfare state, confiscation of private property in certain areas of the economy, profit sharing of heavy industries with the state and the illigalisation of unearned income (ie rents and dividends). he does make the point that fascism is very difficult to define as it has a strong nationalistic side and hense manifests differently with in nations. this nationalism, he states, is the reason its hated by the communist left who believe in 'workers of the world unite' internationalism. he also points out that racism or anti semitism isnt a deffining tenant of fascism as whilst it was heavily present in germany, it wasnt present under mussolini in the 20s and 30s (until the nazis strong armed the italians into it at some point, forget the date). do i think we have fascism here and now in britain? not really, crash gordon is too NWO internationalist. but i do agree with some of the posts here and on the torygraph board: the left/right mudslinging isnt really relavent. i think the focus should be on the collectivist Vs the libertarian angles of the political divide. for me, i feel were slipping, slow but surely into a collectivist distopia, and it worries me.
  9. i doubt this is the 'next leg down'. too many pundits getting high on green shoots (shooting some green?) and cheap money. markets will probably go down for a week or 2 and then the MSM 'stocks are cheap still' commandos will be jumping through the window holding sanity hostage. in my opinion stocks will probably keep rallying until the bond markets says no and interest rates start rising. Q4 maybe? who knows.
  10. im giving some thought to living in nz, at least for a few years. infact im off there tomorrow for a month on a 'dipping the toe in' mission. looks like theres a demand for scientific/medical researchers so with any luck ill be able to get in.
  11. i guess well have to agree to disagree. my universe and yours are rather different places.
  12. has a country in africa ever respected property rights or contract law for more than a decade at a time? are you equating the current system of land ownership to serfdom? i cant see people sumitting to that again. if you dont have land and want to, you should be allowed to find someone willing to trade you for it.
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