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  1. Yes; Business Rates are based on the Rentable value of the property. They are reviewed periodically. When I moved into my current premises 12 years ago Business Rates were a somewhat incidental expense, around £200/month; now it is over £600/month and so is a significant overhead. In that time our rent has increased by less than 20%.
  2. I'd love to see how that one plays out in front of an Employment Tribunal
  3. Yes, it reminded me very much of Scientology (which I came uncomfortably close to in my youth).
  4. The whole chicken-and-egg thing of who in the chain has already "sold" is so tricky; last time we moved house we eventually came to the conclusion that only by moving into rented could we avoid having a large chain, that would inevitably break at some point. This also had the advantage of leaving an empty house, and and so we put the onus on the EA to show round viewers, as it didn't need to be prepared (nightmare with very young children) - if they want to waste their own time showing tyre-kickers round, fine. Of course we did have to pay both rent and mortgage, but that was do-able in the
  5. Risk Assessment Makes me think of mediocre jobsworths in Hi Visibility jackets with clipboards
  6. With Business Accounts, the banks charge around the same amount to pay cash in as they do for credit card transactions, so there is no advantage to a legitimate business (i.e. one that is not trying to hide earnings from HMRC) accepting cash (yes, it shocked me too when I first made the mistake of paying around £1k in over the counter). Debit card, cheque or BACS transfer is way cheaper, and therefore preferable. Of course if they can sell you a finance deal they get commission from that.
  7. Of course it would, but our market economy makes us compete with other buyers, pushing prices up.
  8. By the time you've done all that testing out you may well have pissed a lot of your profits away on ads, just to prove what your gut was telling you in the first place.
  9. Communism would work just fine if everyone in the society was equally altruistic, but human nature being inherently greedy, smart and/or unscrupulous people will always find a way to manipulate the system for their own ends.
  10. Indeed, furthermore the self-employed, or indeed anyone on any kind of profit-related bonus will most likely have seen their income reduce by more than the reduction in the Interest on their mortgage.
  11. Makes perfect sense to me; the added effect of non-housing inflation will just put more downward pressure on house prices in time.
  12. I suspect that might have a lot to do with the patriotic attitude of French motorists, similar to Germany. The roads are full of Peugeots/Citroens/Renaults and have been as long as I've been going there.
  13. Less than 3x Joint Salary. Our first house was financed in 1990 with a 100% mortgage (a mere £65k!), but on 2x Joint Salary, when the Base Rate had just come off its peak of 15% (the Tories had things well under control after being in power for 11 years, obviously). I've always found that a good rule of thumb is for direct housing cost (i.e. rent or mortgage) to be no more than one-third of Net income.
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