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  1. The payment app they mention is mobile pay and it is not totally misleading. Its becoming massive over here, is very common place and its use is predicted to keep on rising at a fast pace. We used to only be able to use it in a few places but now many places take it as standard. Combined with the Dankort I hardly ever see anyone paying cash anymore (unless they are tourists) and this is a big factor. Tourism could really suffer. Most Danes Dankort's also have Visa, but many friends who visit us here have issues with their Visa cards already as it is. Just cant see cash totally being phased out (hope it doesn't)
  2. You definitly have to plan and research it, and another problem is language, your average Brit will not entertain learning a Language, but if you can/do then allot more opportunity opens up.
  3. Interesting topic. Im seeing more and more friends/family leaving the UK now. Its a big world out there to choose from. Personally, I am London born and bred but really do not envisage ever moving back (lived in Copenhagen for 2 years now) Parents still live in London so still go back to visit, and funny enough I really enjoy visiting now (but that's because I get to leave and no longer have to live/work there enduring the terrible daily grind into work and excessive hours and stress, now Im just a tourist) Would defiantly recommend looking abroad, the experience, the culture, learning new languages really broaden the mind. Read allot of comments about foreigners hating us "brits" but personally found most countries value us Brits if you have the skillsets they require. Give it a go.
  4. I notice Denmark is very low as well right next to Germany, doubt we will buy over here. People really don't care for it here, and I notice the topic never gets raised in conversation at dinner parties etc How refreshing.
  5. We will be, decided to cash in and let out our house during the games. We live on the Blackheath/Greenwich Borders and getting as far away as possible. Around this way it will be a lose/lose situation. Loads of inconvenience with Greenwich park being closed down, lots of parking/driving restrictions, all of this inconvenience for local residents (who probably missed out on tickets anyway)
  6. Not quite that much, my yearly 1-3 ticket = £840, would be slightly cheaper for 1-2 i would of thought? As already said, thats a bit harsh. Some of us were born and grew up in London, and dont want to move from our hometown - especially with our family/friends close, and the Lions share of employment being here. Indeed. We live in Zone 3 and i think this will be my last year commuting in via Train, nearly everyone i work with cycles now it seems. I think back to when i started working in the square mile back in the late 90's never used to see/know anyone cycling in back then. Just need to decide on which model of cycle now
  7. In the mail as well with 90 comments so far... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2092970/Plunging-mortgage-charges-house-prices-mean-owning-home-cheaper-renting--1-400-year.html love the comments from Barry..... - Barry, United Kingdom, 28/1/2012 13:02
  8. We live about a 15min walk from Greenwich Park and yeah there is allot of resentment about whats happening around here. Personally we have no interest in the games, although we have allot of interest in our house we will be renting out so cant wait to get a tidy amount to take away with us to escape the lockdown and craziness that will be happening here.
  9. we went live on Trading Hungarian government bonds this week, trading has been "interesting"
  10. Up in London slightly, down everywhere else.
  11. I did say a few years back I don't see London prices falling much (and was shouted down with 40% falls etc) yet these reports tie in with what i was was referring to. Saying that im not bullish, and think things will be flat'ish in London for quite some time yet other areas outside will fall more. Really tempted to either sell up soon once we paid off this place next year or rent out and go travelling, as much as i love my hometown really need a break from it right now
  12. As usual will just have to renew the Gold rail card this week at 2011 prices for whole of next year. Surprised more people don't do it tbh
  13. hmmm interesting. Just as we are preparing for the Hungarian government bond launch... http://www.mtsmarkets.com/News-and-Views/Press-Cuttings/Press-Cuttings/2011/MTS-to-launch-Hungarian-government-bond-market
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