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  1. Only going on past experience but : No need to leave for viewings, just a smile and don't mind us when answering the door .Get EA/LL to give you 24hr notice of all viewings, it's just easier for all. You are still paying rent for the place, if the land lord didn't want you there then he has to terminate the lease-<read :lose money.> As for cleaning the house.. well we always pick up the undies from the floor : ) General tidy up is a good idea, although polishing the furniture and roasting a chicken or brewing coffee before they come may mean you have to leave sooner than you thought. The painting, i doubt you'd have to paint it back. Check with LL. (New owner has never seen the old paint color so won't know the difference) he's buying it with the current now color so why would he think he'd get a different one later...
  2. Wow, so no-one is an expat then. Never knew restaurant fair had to do with it
  3. Not true i'm afraid. Anecdotal but, have a clutch of Indian workers in offices in a town in Berkshire going through an Indian IT agency/IT firm who do all the visa and provide housing for them. Wages are below UK minimum wage (big slice taken for housing, and guaranteeing the worker difficulty if they leave the agency), the agency and the rather large Indian gentleman who pimps them out take the lions share. As a company we paid about 150-200 a day to said agency, they saw less than half that.(Much less) Could have changed by now I left 2 months ago, but.. i doubt it. Imported outsourcing (Edited to clarify somefink)
  4. Not quite true, if your house is valued higher you can MEW the crap out of it as your pension. Would depend on the criteria the bank has. Having said this my mother has just got another 10 year mortgage at 67 years old ... (Taxpayer backed financial institutions are great, huh)
  5. Hmm, he was a bit simple with his crass way. He should have opened an offshore and protected bank account in the name of some non-doms who'd made some limited company and then invoiced and paid for some consultancy back to himself through a third entity in a seperate time zone and with no agreement on financial information China.Thailand or the like you know somewhere where they do things on paper // or the like. His crime , well tbh.. a minor thing, BUT his stupidity not doing this properly - is CRIMINAL. I wouldn't want an MP who didn't have the nouse to do something that was above board to the human eye. MP .. seems like a good career path to me or is that for me.
  6. Not sure i agree with that. Yep they're up to their armpits in debt, yep they have major difficulties with a seemlingly never ending bail-out, and balance sheets that don't reflect truth. But they have been the country that so far has been willing to let things go to the wall. Not every sector or company, but in general they have let things slide, if anything they are the ones i see as having been most realistic on the ground, and the ones that will have a quicker more exuberant resurgence later. (BTW we're not a the lowest ebb yet) It's a shame that helicopter Ben is trying hard to distort this realistic approach.. IMHO
  7. Why are you angry about this? Blood boiling is on the whole bad. Out of interest, If a person can do the same work from their home remotely. Does this still induce boiling? Just curious as i don't understand where you are coming from, and I won't spout off about saved carbon from being at home blah blah.
  8. Enjoy it and enjoy yourself. Relax. I'm in excatly the same situation, small difference of a move to Australia but the handover here is done. Oddly many of my colleagues have taken my leaving very sourly as if i had stabbed them in the back, the colleagues in Japan anyway, i think work is akin to life for some of them over there. May go in later for a coffee though, as it's only down the road, and the coffee is good. Good luck with the new direction.
  9. Unfortunately the rounded fonts and big graphics have sent me off looking for something with a more grown-up feel. Still come for a browse but with the chunkiness of everything it's more difficult to find house price and economic news amongst the political vitriole
  10. Nice smiley at the end... only .. that's just insulting someone, not funny or clever really.
  11. Clarification if you would - becasue i'm not sure. I read 'VI' as spin or an angle on something. But to be honest i have no idea of what it really means or is meant to mean, or indeed where it comes from .. it does seem to have a negative feeling when used though, is that always the case ?
  12. Clarification if you would - becasue i'm not sure. I read 'VI' as spin or an angle on something. But to be honest i have no idea of what it really means or is meant to mean, or indeed where it comes from .. it does seem to have a negative feeling when used though, is that always the case ?
  13. Nope, he inhereted and followed through. A little Naive.. shoulda looked a bit closer.
  14. Jeeezuz. Worse case scenario. Many stopgaps on the way to soften the blow. Should be softer .. gentler gentler.. Yet still with a bang.
  15. Here in Maidenhead, you would not be able to see there was any recession on at all. Small shop owners may be noticing a drop in sales as people cut back and some big chain names have disappeared from the High Street but, by and large, most people look like they are still in work. >>Is it true that hordes of once highly paid solicitiors, bank workers and such-like are now signing on and applying for even the most menial of jobs? No, not a horde in the area. >>Do you know people personally who are out of work, who have lost their jobs or even their houses? Yes i know many who have lost their jobs. My boss for one. Whole departments being let go, a department of 40 downstairs went last month. Downsizing is the norm. Helicoptering in a recession savvy managers to cut cut cut. I'm not close enough to know what they did after they left though. Boss started his own company. >>Or is it all just smokin' mirrors? No, it's real, just not so easliy visible, job hunting being all on the net for a lot of people, and being out and about costs money. But the whole media 'devastated' image is .. .. sensational.
  16. As in the other posts, hope it works out for you. Personally I can't help but think that buying a house will open up a barn door full of tax hits that will be imposed at future dates. Window tax anyone? The lack of control once becoming an owner is a lil' scarry for my household. That and the anchor of course. Swings and roundabouts and dare i add an exposed electrical cable in the middle of the playground.
  17. http://www.expressestateagency.co.uk/index.html here they are.
  18. I'm not quite getting this. Great! Global economy, wonderful! ... all for it. Equal opportunities.. good. But there has to be development of the other countries, surely. By foisting .. basically.. this wealth on developing countries <<with the Global trade and anti-protectionist lobby strengths>> .. is this actually helping them develop. Or just helping the corrupter elements or people in a position of power ?...maybe the up and up business' succeed in bringing in change to the working condtiions but..... do they ? I guess if they are foreign companies they will then put our 'values'? or social structure into the employees lives. Is it being done? We had news of Nike factories.. what of the Biscuit factories? .. sure it meets out standards for the end product? But what of the workers? The only way that the UK will not be accused of being protectionist is if we are able to do the same Jobs at the same prices as other countries minus shipping costs (If needed) and there must be no loss of service standard or product quality right? I twould be easy to achieve overseas price advatage for the expensive social support system and health system are not inherent in developing coutries systems.. now globalization is great as long as it's done with integrity. How are we sure this is being done.... what measures have been taken to ensure the people are treated with the same respect, or with the same values we want? We maybe just supporting a rich or even tyrannical mans land to ensure the rich become richer with the hope it'll filter down. I get it .. but i don't get it.. because i don't think it's being done right so therefore can't 'just' agree to jobs going overseas as fine. Unless i know it is going to be fine for all. Level but not level the field be.
  19. Have had a urinals similar to the picture in two houses that i rented, both bathrooms too ... was in Thailand though. It's great, though i had a maid so i couldn't tell you if they would reek after a while with no cleaning. Judging from most pubs i've been in they would. edited: to make it make sense...
  20. Interesting ... don't have a link to the data on the shorten exit strategy or know where to find it? This bit 'Add to the fact that they are being publicly humiliated each time the fed 'prints' another bust of motes...' is of their own 'pegging skill' making.
  21. Daddy Haven't seen the post before. So read it with interest. I may not be getting it a bit, this part 'China has been very vocal recently about the US devaluing the DOLLAR. I think some of you may be right in thinking the chinese won't want to cause panic and exit the bond market rapidly causing a disorderly pop. But they MAY NOT HAVE A CHOICE.' MAY NOT HAVE A CHOICE bit about. Myself, i think they will just take it, but what's the no choice about?
  22. Yep, Commute from Ealing to Maidenhead much quieter.. about 10 and a bit mins faster. Not many build ups at any of the main junctions. Pre--tty sure it's the job losses in the Thames job markets.
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