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  1. I'm one of those extremely rare people these days - a first time buyer that bought this year. I would have bought a year beforehand, but it took a year for the chain to sort out, which, on the plus side, means I bought at last year's price, and last year's interest rates - which I've got fixed for five years. I've actually managed to get a three bedroom house by the sea in Sussex (Shoreham-by-Sea), and the monthly cost (25-year captial, not interest only) is only £50 a month more than the rent was on my previous two-bedroom mouse-hole in Brighton. As such, I know I can afford my mortgage payments, even if interest rates go up a fair bit, so I'm not too bothered. Is the housing market going to crash? Probably. Why did I buy then? Because then I'll still be able to retire rent-free if it doesn't crash, and because the cost of buying was only marginally more than the cost of renting. Stupidly, the value of the house has apprently gone up by 10% since we put our offer in, so I wouldn't be able to afford it if I was buying now. I wouldn't buy-to-let, though. Not after seeing the damage that the scale of buy-to-let has had on first time buyers now.
  2. Unfortunately, the original story isn't there any more, but it's still up on Guido Fawkes' blog. See Downing Street's response to the alleged faking of Yvette Cooper's webchat here: http://www.custompc.co.uk/news/601366/upda...rs-webchat.html
  3. Comment from Downing Street on this here: http://www.custompc.co.uk/news/601366/hous...ml#readcomments
  4. Believe it or not, in central Brighton, but right between two hills and between two transmitters, neither of which can deliver TV to my house. I also have a dodgy landlord who's trying to run the whole street (which he owns) off a single TV aerial. I can't even cut the cable in the loft and install my own aerial as it would cut off the rest of the street! No cable in my road either. However, we've found that we can pick up Channel 4 (just about) if we watch it through the video, as the video seems to act like an antenna of some sort. To be honest, I've found that my life's actually much more fun without it anyway
  5. Column on Orange's website from an ITV 'property expert' (I have no TV reception where I live, so I'm really out of the loop on these things and have no idea if she's famous or not!) about a potentital crash. It's mostly anecdotal, chatty fluff as opposed to an economic study. However, it was the front page story on www.orange.co.uk when I last looked, and it's three pages devoted to the potential for a crash. Interesting to see the C word in a headline anyway. Read the piece here. (Apologies if this has been posted already)
  6. Just thought I'd add a correction, which is that the protest is scheduled for 2.30pm, rather than 3pm (in the original post and threat title). I can't edit the post now, but it would be great if any of the mods could edit it appropriately! We've now posted a full action-planand itinerary on Priced Out here, and we're also going to put up some downloadable flyers, posters and placard-designs that you can print out.
  7. That's a good point, thanks Timm. The protest is indeed a Priced Out demo, and it needs to be treated as such, especially as we're going to have the press there. The campaign needs to be seen as accessible to the public as possible, and we very seriously need to avoid any banners that say things like 'house price crash now!' or 'immigrants out!' We're going to provide plenty of placards with our own slogans on anyway, so anyone coming along can pick up one of those if they want.
  8. Now on Channel 4 too, via PA: http://www.channel4.com/news/articles/busi...+protest/506982
  9. We've made it to The Guardian now too: http://money.guardian.co.uk/houseprices/st...2074647,00.html
  10. Sorry, I've only just spotted this suggestion. That's an absolutely great idea if you can do it!
  11. This one Please come along if you can make it!
  12. It's quite astounding how out of touch politicians are with this issue. They just don't seem to have any understanding of quite how expensive houses are in comparison to wages now. It's not like they haven't been told. We've certainly written enough letters to MPs. The letter I got back from our (Brighton NuLabour) MP said that it was an issue he was concerned about because his son was in the same boat, yet he still didn't want to change the situation. Don't these MPs have kids that are telling them how bad the situation is? Also, he made the same **** up as last time by saying that he didn't think price controls were the answer, despite no one suggesting that they were.
  13. No he wouldn't, or at least he'd certainly give a wishy washy answer that implied that he still didn't get it.
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