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  1. I know Gunnislake quite well, it is quite a picturesque place, parking can be a nightmare if u r looking at terraces....Tavistock would probably be the nearest place to get your fish& chips (5miles away). The town is very small and does get quite busy traffic wise. On the plus side it does have a train station, property prices are at the cheaper end compared to Tavistock, but don't buy blind, Gunnislake is not for everyone...It's a hilly area as well so would keep u fit!
  2. There are 3 properties in my area that I have looked at, both repo's....They have been on market for 2 years! Price has dropped but still not shifting...Also I was talking to a woman in one of the properties, she had been made redundant couldn't pay mortgage and her bank is letting her stay there until its been sold...
  3. Being a beef farmer, I have seen prices for the single suckled stores rise dramatically over the past 18 months or so, many butchers attending cattle market leave empty handed because they are being priced out. IMO alot of beef & lamb is going directly to other eu countries helped by the weak pound against the euro. If it carries on like this we may well see consumer resistance kicking in..... If you want nice meat and you know a farmer who doesnt feed the herd on cake and other processed rubbish, get a few of you together, buy a bullock off him, share it out amongst yourselves....Go for grass, hay & silage only reared, traditional breeds are best, Hereford & Angus both very nice meat and make sure they are just under 30 months old when you book it in at the abbatoir. Once you have done it this way you will never buy meat from a supermarket again! P.S. Avoid continental breeds that fatten quicker and grow much bigger, a favourite amongst supermarkets which is why supermarket beef has no flavour...
  4. Fulfords have the results of yesterdays auction up on their website...The tower you mention was sold for £145k if I remember rightly....The rest of the lots are to be going through the auction today.
  5. I used to live there many moons ago, still got family there which I visit often and each time I go back it seems to get rougher, wouldn't live there again if I was paid to!
  6. The worrying thing is if we end up like the USA with its attitude towards state welfare. An interesting short case study I done (uni work) was the case of Tamarla Owens, it ended in tragedy. To cut a long story short, single mother forced out to work by the state working menial jobs, she was doing long hours (70 a week, if my memory serves me right) . Basically her 7 year old child got hold of her gun and ended up killing someone whilst he was left unattended. I can hear you saying why did he have access to a gun, quite rightly so to but, thats Americas culture, most households have one. Anyway, this Work for Welfare programme involved some big companies that were being subsidised by USA government to take on the 'underclasses' for want of a better word. So the big companies were getting cheap labour whilst a struggling single mother was nearly killing herself with working such long hours just to survive. Its all very well for those that think its ok to have one parent at home whilst the other works and supports everyone, in reality though things happen, break ups, illness and death to throw a spanner in the works. I for one do not agree with having children and dumping the responsibility of raising them with someone else i.e. a nanny or child minder. And why should the choice of having children depend on personal wealth? Reproducing is a perfectly natural thing to do and why should nature be fought? And on the face of things to enable one parent to stay at home and raise children the working partner will have to be earning a serious amount of wedge every week! Another interesting take on this could be the educational attainments of todays pre secondary school kids, could it be that they are below target levels because the parents simply don't have time to teach them anything? After all the schools can't do everything! It could be an explanation for obesity and in general a poor diet these days, parents don't have time/energy to cook proper meals like they used to. I think there is nothing wrong with the traditional model of 1 working parent and one stopping at home if thats what people choose, however due to peoples greed and the government putting too much pressure on its citizens to achieve everything they want by working long hours and leaving no time for family life anymore it could be suggested has led to unruly, low educational attainments and bad attitudes amongst alot of todays children, although I do understand they are not all like that, before I get torn apart!
  7. I had a letter from santander this morning, rights issue, looks like they are giving me a cheque for my shares and I have no choice in it! Unless I have read the letter wrong.
  8. I think Bulgaria did have a banking crisis a few years ago, it did get sorted out. Some of the really cheap properties are in some well dodgy areas, I saw a really nice house on the net for £10k. Went out there to view it and couldn't get away quick enough! I ended up buying one southwards of Veliko Tarnovo (avoid the eastwards direction, commi style). You have to be in for the long term though, we bought in 2006. I did think that prices on the black sea coast and ski resorts would start to fall at some time, which why I avoided it, glad I did as they have taken quite a hammering. I'm not saying that VT will be immune but it does seem to be weathering the storm much better. It has an industry and universities and agriculture has taken off over there in a big way. As for the roads, I have seen worse in the UK! Hope this helps. If you need a trustworthy agent (depending on the area you go for of course) I can give the contact details of mine, he takes care of everything and is brill.
  9. I know the area on lots 152, 153, 154, 155......It used to belong to a council farm when I lived there several years ago. Surprised its had to go to auction to be sold as I know the ground is very good there and thought it would of been snapped up by some local especially as there is one house right next to the 8 acre plot with a gateway to it right by the side of the house. The only downside is its right next to the M5 so you are getting the constant drone (it used to keep me awake 30 years ago so dread to think what its like now). Thanks for all your hard work on keeping us up to date on these auctions Tommyboy, much appreciated.
  10. IMHO, I would think not....In the long term this will only feed inflation, the sheep may be a bit better off regarding mortgage payments (providing these cuts are passed on) but they will be paying more for their food, energy and motoring costs....... So what will be gained will be quickly taken away again...Not that I'm an expert...
  11. Depends what area you are in, I'm in the south west and I tend to look at the websites of kivells or stags....Land prices around here have fallen by around £200 an acre but good prime land will still make £8k an acre at the moment.
  12. You should be able to log onto the company that held the auctions website, just click on past auction results. If thats what you meant.....
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