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  1. Global Financial System on the brink of a major melt down - Basically the asset bubbles of UK, USA, Canada and Australia, and a number of other countries, has had the effect of many financial institutions leveraging their assets to the hilt in the form of unprecedented levels of what basically are currency & derivative bets. The reason for these 'bets' is that nominal interest rates at this point in time are extremely low in the USA, and the rest of the western world. In many ways this situation is far worse then if there were just a housing bubble, as when the asset bubble bursts, it wi
  2. You might like to check out the following link: http://www.morganstanley.com/GEFdata/diges...ri.html#anchor0
  3. Question: Can I provide links to support my views? Answer: I find it hard to provide links because most of it comes from general economics reading. The delation theory is becoming more and more recognized each and evry day (It means that Interest rates have peaked and will start to go down). Long term bond yields(10yr) have not lifted up much by increasing short term rates and mortgage rates generally depend on 10yr yields. Following is an interesting article. Enjoy! http://www.financeasia.com/Accessories/faP...B3371C8DDCF39AA What's worrying Greenspan? By Richard Duncan 31 May 2005 Has
  4. Background: The housing market depends heavily on the following factors: 1. Interest rates 2. New money pumped into housing (mortgages) 3. Loan to salary multiples 4. Sentiment Analysis: 1. It seems to me that interest rates have peaked or will rise by very little. This is because of a rising probability of a coming recession. Given a choice between recession and inflation, the government will not let the economy go down under and will choose inflation if that is the case. Now the Bank of Engla
  5. I personally think Paul McCulley is quite good. More of his commentary on the following link: http://www.allianzinvestors.com/newsAndMedia/archive.jsp Enjoy
  6. Oops. Just checked the dictonary. I think you are right but it seems both repugnant and pungent have similar meanings.
  7. Pardon me. I don't think there is a word called as 'repungent'. I haven't checked the dictonary but I think what you meant was 'pungent'. Pungent is a word used for bad smelling gases, especially used for Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), also means irritate (noun irritation) e.g. I found his behaviour very pungent.
  8. Allow me to clarify this. First of all, money is not wealth. Money is a right to TRANSFER wealth. The east europeans who come and earn money here, provide a service for which they get paid. The money earned allows them the right to claim a service or goods. If they save money, that means they have provided more monetary man hours to the UK economy than claimed. This saved money when transferred to Poland will allow a Polish man in POLAND to claim services from the UK. And rightly so. So there is nothing wrong with transferring EARNED money from UK to Poland and vice versa. In the case of ai
  9. "Who exactly is having these wage increases????" ME
  10. Calm down. This is site is unbiased and I will give you a clear answer of what my opinion is: I think if interest rates go down then house prices will stay where they are or may even go up. Well I think you answered it yourself. The housing game very much depends on interest rates and to a good extent on sentiment. Therefore in order to predict house prices, one has to predict interest rates. Unfortunately your unwillingness to understand economics will leave you clueless about interest rate setting policy. So you go ahead and buy property, take the risk on borrowed money and if IRs rise,
  11. When the number of transactions have dropped, it implies that the quality of any measurement has dropped.
  12. I have a question for DrBubb. What do you think of 'Randgold Resources' as a company to buy gold mining shares in? I am looking for a FTSE traded company. The FT markets data for the company can be found by following the link: http://mwprices.ft.com/custom/ft-com/quote...t=e&s2=uk&q=RRS
  13. Well Kayser, the ones that talk about how bad Britain is, actually hate British people (i.e. their next door neighbour, people on their local street etc.). That is an observation!. Also they hate immigrants and very likely hate themselves as well.
  14. Mathematical modelling and subsequent sofware models.
  15. The countries, I would like to emigrate would be countries that have a trade surplus. I am talking about net trade surplus e.g. Canada is very resource rich but no so much in goods. Other countries would be Sweden, France, Germany, China, India, Japan, UAE(Dubai) etc.. By the way I am highly skilled and I don't have any problems finding highly paid jobs in any country and don't think so any country will give me rubbish about immigration rules etc..
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