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  1. Many annual reports show that these charities have large numbers of people (30? 50? +) on annual salaries of £70,000 to £150,000 a year. It takes the £2-a-month donations of hundreds of thousands of donors just to pay these management salaries alone.
  2. BBC are running this news story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18436795 Under the heading: "The number of children living in poverty in the UK fell by 300,000 last year as household incomes dropped, official figures have revealed." (Horray! Wonderful news!) They then quote the Childrens Society, who welcome the good news by saying: "The Children's Society welcomed "the lowest poverty level since the mid-1980s" but said that may be reversed by "drastic cuts to support and services"." HOWEVER - What has actually happened is that the Median UK weekly income figure that is used in the cal
  3. No, don't forget that in 2004 most of our time was spent arguing against people who claimed that it was different this time, and that us doom-mongers didn't understand that property would keep going up forever, and that by now a one bedroom flat would cost £1million, then in another 5 years £10million, and that anyone who didn't buy into this was a "loser". However, back then I genuinely believed that the bubble would collapse on it's own by 2005-2006. It was inconceivable that the banks (followed by various governments) would go to lengths to prop up the bubbles that would leave them insol
  4. Wow, an 8 year bump, thanks. Anyway, looking back at our posts from 2003-2004, it's nice to know that today's experts still claim that "no-one could have predicted or seen the current economic turmoil coming".
  5. £399,000 at 88% LTV over 30yrs for me. They obviously like me...
  6. Just found ANOTHER frustrating quirk of this whole mess. If you are genuinely due to make a payment (on account, or whatever) of, say £1000.00, and one of these mysterious 2004 missing payments of say £4.00 has appeared, your payment of £1000 gets allocated as £4 to 2004 and £996 to 2012, and then you get hit again with the late payment fine/interest for not paying the £1000 on time.
  7. How naive of you. That 16p of missing interest will mysteriously turn up in 2017, with a £150 fine for late payment, and carrying its own interest. And so the circle of life continues. [fade to that Lion King song... ]
  8. You STOPPED going? Are you serious? That's the best bit! They have to write whatever you tell them to on the cup AND call it out to the whole shop. Last time I went I was "Lord Molsby of Glossop", and they called that out! Next time I'm going to be more adventurous (suggestions welcome)
  9. I've always told myself that it will be the next phase of the RTI project (maybe 2014-ish?) that will push me to leave the country and not come back. At the point the government implements the scheme whereby your employer is obliged to remit your entire earnings directly to the HMRC every month, who will then deduct taxes (etc) at source, then pass the nett amount on to you, that's when I'm going - on principle. If your government is confiscating 100% of your earnings at source, then effectively paying you an "allowance" out of it, you're not too far removed from slavery. I'm not living und
  10. Agreed. It's like if Fred West was convicted, but only for not paying vat on the concrete in his patio....
  11. Yes, I think I need to do the same. I try to stay on top of tax correctly, but every year I get random/conflicting HMRC letters, and usually end up having to pay thousands of pounds extra that I never thought I owed. The worse elements are: - The reletively recent change to remove the tax free allowance down to £0.00 proportionally on salary between two figures. The HMRC don't seem to have a way to do this properly, and it just seems to play absolute havoc with your PAYE tax code and annual return. In fact, I know a few people who should have been due to pay this, and HMRC have simply ne
  12. Holy crap - it get's worse....! I just clicked on the new £3.36 Interest from 2004 line to show how this is calculated. Look what it showed the calculation to consist of! (Attachment below). This is the breakdown of one interest charge..
  13. Update - just logged back onto their website a few minutes ago and there are now two more records: - The £33.00 overpayment is now back, and now indicates that they are going to refund this to me on 31st January 2013. (Well, at least that's something to look forward to!) - There's now a line for £3.36 of interest that I owe them on unpaid taxes from 2004.
  14. Has anyone else had any issues with HMRC / self assessment / etc lately? A few weeks ago I got a letter saying that my 2010-2011 tax return was overdue, depsite them previously writing to say that they didn't require one for that year. So I went online and completed one - at which point it told me that I have overpiad by £33.00 and would be refunded. Then a week later this £33.00 refund disappeared from my account on their online service, and instead they wrote to me saying that actually I had underpaid for 2011-2012 and owed them £2600.00. I paid this (rather reluctantly!). They then
  15. You have to keep reminding yourself how surreal the situation is... We now have many parts of the country in an officially declared state of drought and flood at the same time.
  16. Fair point. It could be confiscation of existing capital that is used. I guess I was getting a bit "Adam Smith" on the topic... in that technically all wealth is derived from labour, either directly or indirectly. For example, the value of your "silver mountain" above only has any tradable value through the labour used to extract and refine the silver, or the use of labour to protect and defend your ownership rights over it.
  17. I wasn't talking about, say, a Loan - where you borrow against your own future labour, I was talking about money in general. If you take out a loan, you make a promise to exchange your own future labour for some money, and the money you receive is itself backed by the value of further compulsory deductions from your future labour. Bit of a double bubble. "men with guns" and all that, as Injin would say.
  18. ... And do they not see the irony of a journalist who doesn't understand what money is writing an article about how no-one understands what Money is...
  19. It's not valueless pieces of paper that we've all just pretended are worth something. It's pieces of paper that contain a promise that you can trade NOW against the value of the proceeds confiscated from someone else's labour at an agreed point in the FUTURE. Big difference.
  20. Cheapest I can see at the moment is £7999. For around £10k there's quite a vast choice.
  21. You can get a 911 (996) - circa 1998 for around £7000 these days. Bargain for what it is.
  22. Other than in heavy traffic or bad weather my usual approach to motorway driving is to stay in the outside lane and set the cruise control at 99mph, then move left if something comes up behind going faster. This is a very quick and efficient way to get where you're going, and doesn't come with all the hassle and stress of constant lane changing. Big question for me would be that the general rule is currently that 100mph (70+30mph) is an automatic ban, so under new rules can I drive at a constant 109mph? Downside is that at current fuel prices my car uses £1 of fuel every 90 seconds at tha
  23. ... Also seems to be open on a Sunday, and just as busy. Again driving past, got a glimpse through the door of lots of people pulling around little yellow plastic baskets on wheels. So current result so far: Free market 1 - Nimbys 0. (btw - I have to drive past this place to get almost anywhere. I'm not driving around outside all day like some sort of obsessed mentalist..... )
  24. I drove past the shop at the start of this thread today. Never seen a shop on this high street so busy! It was crowded. Looks like the nimbys got it wrong. Either that or their negative equity has rendered them housebound...
  25. Not easily. Their central bank has some very strict rules. Also, Rupees are a controlled currency, so it's very hard to repatriate your profits into GBP back to UK, and the channels that do exist are expensive and not tax efficient. It's actually illegal to leave India with any Rupees, as I found recently. I've worked in India quite a lot, and 2 years ago I forgot to remove about £20 of rupees from my wallet while going through customs at Mumbai airport, was arrested, and after 15mins of beurocracy had to bribe the customs official to be able to leave. I only use USD when there now.
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