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  1. Congratulations Joe. Now that you mention it I just realised that my 10 year HPC.co.uk anniversary was 6 months ago. I had been lurking on HPC for about two years before I decided to become a member. This site prevented me from making the mistake of buying an overpriced slave-box in London and ultimately made me realise that the UK was f**ked long-term (due to it's obsession and dependency on ever rising house prices and it's Dickensian tenancy laws) and that I'd be better off abroad, which turned out to be an excellent decision for me.
  2. According to exit polls Goldman Sachs has won the French presidential elections.
  3. Without money laundering the City of London would have almost no business. The CoL is the world's most important financial centre because it's one of the best places to launder money.
  4. Gibraltar is strategic intelligence outpost for those idiots who are trying to bring back the cold war.
  5. Angela will soon be out of the picture. She's no longer wanted as Chancellor here in Germany, people are fed up of her.
  6. Waiting for a HPC is like waiting for Godot...
  7. It wouldn't just be bad publicity, it would cause a revolt and further bank runs on other Italian banks as there are others that are in trouble. Another reason for the bail-out is that MPS is the bank of italian freemasonry and black nobility so it's too important to fail.
  8. Why was this thread moved from 'off-topic' into the 'current affairs' graveyard, while other current affairs threads such as the Trump and the Clinton one remain in off-topic? I guess it would have been instantly deleted from the government website, just like this thread was moved to the HPC graveyard... Seem the monarchists are still very powerful.
  9. https://www.rt.com/uk/367525-petition-buckingham-palace-repairs/ Have you signed yet or are you happy with this use of your tax money?
  10. Don't get fooled by the artistic rendering of the rooms, they are a complete fantasy. Look at the floorplan, in reality the rooms are tiny, the beds take up more than half of the room and the bathroom is half the size of a bed, even the kitchen corner is smaller than the bed! Anyone living in these prison cells for longer than a few weeks will become a claustrophobe.
  11. So much for working in the city to live the high-life, more like slave boxes for slave workers... http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/west-london-development-offers-student-hallsstyle-shared-living-for-city-workers-a3236386.html Fresh an innovative? Sounds more like a prison to me... How much more ridiculous does it have to get before everything comes crashing down?
  12. Usual nonsense from the Torygraph. The queen owns every square inch of the UK, Canada, Australia and a few other parts of the world. Dyson (like everybody else) is only a freeholder, not the owner.
  13. Yep that web site Zerohedge links to has nothing to do with Santander, as a simple whois lookup tells us. Edit: Ah, I see, it's just some dodgy furniture store giving customers 1% discount when buying their overpriced furniture in installments and Santander is the company financing the loans (clearly the furniture store is paying Santander for this, Santander definitely isn't making a loss on this deal). So nothing to see here, just a lame marketing ploy.
  14. Looks like a fake to me, I can't find it anywhere on the German Santander web site: https://www.santander.de/de/privatkunden/index.html On the Santander web site the best I can find is consumer loans starting from 2.69%: https://www.santander.de/bestcredit/de/hp/index.asp?medium=Homepage_9500 And mortgages starting from 0.86%: https://service.santanderbank.de/special/baufinanzierung/?sanc=SCB
  15. Quoted from the article: He sounds like a serious debt addict...
  16. Why use some obscure law firm in Panama when the HSBC does all the tax cheating and money laundering for you anyway:
  17. Having a mortgage isn't compulsory either.
  18. In Germany you can already get a 10 year fix (max. 60% LTV) for 0.9%: https://www.sparda-n.de/baufinanzierung_konditionen.php meanwhile I'm getting 0.05% on my savings...
  19. Why wouldn't there be? Iran is an oil-rich country and western sanctions haven't stopped it from selling oil to China and other countries who couldn't care less about 'western' sanctions.
  20. Oh please, Bill Gates is a eugenicist who only pushes vaccines to further his agenda of reducing world population (especially all those 'useless eaters' in third world countries as he and his ilk call them). His so called foundation owns a large chuck of Monsanto shares, one of the most evil companies there is. Monsanto is direcly responsible for ruining scores of farmers in third world countries. Bill Gates is using his wealth against the greater good, purely to further his psychopath agenda.
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