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  1. I see what you did... I'm not convinced that the intention is the same as with Russia (to build up a bogeyman), but it's a possibility.
  2. Both terms are correct. Just look at the wikipedia page, where both terms are used when talking about the same thing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Printed_circuit_board
  3. Again, the size of the chip itself doesn't matter, you would have to redesign the whole board to add all the traces needed for the chip to function, and there is no way the Chinese´╗┐ factories assembling Supermicro´╗┐ motherboards could do that without Supermicro noticing. These boards are highly optimised, to add some new traces you usually have to redesign the layout of the whole board as of course traces must not cross each other. Also length of traces affects timing and therefore it's quite tricky to redesign the board without affecting stability. Supermicro themselves vehemently refute the Bloomberg story and they certainly wouldn't do that it it was true as in that case it would be undeniable: https://www.supermicro.com/newsroom/pressreleases/2018/press181004_Bloomberg.cfm
  4. Fake News, completely fabricated out of thin air. You can't just add a chip on a motherboard. You would have to redesign the whole board to add all the traces needed for the chip to function and there is no way the Chinese factories assembling Supermicro motherboards could do that without Supermicro noticing as the boards are designed by Supermicro, not the Chinese Assemblers. I don't know what the ultimate purpose of this fake story is, but it certainly distracts from the fact that almost all boards with Intel chips (all designed by Intel's Israeli branch) from the last ten years have a barn door wide backdoor called the Intel Management Engine, which certainly US and Israeli intelligence services use routinely to hack into computers.
  5. The Eagle

    State monopoly on solving crime?

    We are there already: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/britains-first-private-police-force-to-go-nationwide-after-success-in-londons-wealthiest-a3832321.html
  6. The Eagle

    why ?

    Because there are enough people prepared to pay such a stupid price for a phone with an apple logo. The profit margin on those things is obscene, which is why Apple has accumulated record high cash reserves of almost 300 billion. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/01/apple-earnings-q1-2018-how-much-money-does-apple-have.html Capitalism at its best.
  7. The Eagle

    State monopoly on solving crime?

    The police probably fears that people solving their own cases will make the police look even worse than they already look due to the abysmal rate of solved cases. The following video is a real eye-opener about the state of policing in the UK: Police & Crime Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld - YouTube
  8. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/princess-eugenie-2-million-taxpayers-money-prince-andrew-labour-mp-a8497221.html
  9. The Eagle

    Another Russian Spy?

    This post of yours makes it very obvious that you aren't a native English speaker. So where are you from? What reasons do you have to spread fabricated hate propaganda against Russia? Are you perhaps posting from a US/NATO financed 'troll farm' in Poland?
  10. The Eagle

    Another Russian Spy?

    That's fake news by HM Government. Read the fact checking: https://www.rt.com/uk/424716-uk-government-accuse-bot-russia/ https://news.sky.com/story/russian-bots-behind-4000-rise-in-spread-of-lies-after-salisbury-and-syria-attacks-11338466
  11. The Eagle

    Another Russian Spy?

    Simply calling everyone who questions the government narrative a "Russian Troll" is a clear sign that we already live in a fascist society. Is this really the world you want to live in? Are you that naive to believe the outlandish and contradictory claims our government makes? No wonder that we still haven't had a house price crash if even HPC.co.uk is full of sheeple who simply believe what the corporate and state propaganda media tell them...
  12. The Eagle

    Another Russian Spy?

    Very true, war is very expensive for the taxpayer, i.e. for us, but it's very lucrative for the 'elites'. Ask Rumsfeld and his friends how much money they made with the Iraq war and occupation. In a way war is a mass-redistribution of wealth from the common people to the 'elites'.
  13. The Eagle

    Another Russian Spy?

    Oh really? Show me any credible source for this claim. You are actually talking about our very own MSM. That's why they fear the propagation of truth via the Internet as our MSM lost control of our minds due to it. It's patently obvious that you 'Peter Hun' are a paid NATO/UK government troll, just like Errol is clearly working for the other side, but the difference is that your posts are completely unbelievable and full of falsities. We (the common people) certainly don't want any war, but those in charge of NATO countries (especially US, UK, France) seem to bent on starting new wars all the time. War is big business and big profits.
  14. The Eagle

    Another Russian Spy?

    Seriously? The victims have recovered and are fine. If this had been a chemical warfare attack with Novichok they would have never woken up from their coma or best case suffered such severe brain damage that they would haven been cripples for the rest of their lives. So either this Novichok is no more dangerous than a flu or than food poisoning, or they never came into contact with any chemical warfare agent. Either way it should be patently obvious by now that this was indeed a reality show produced by HM government for our entertainment (or more likely to build up support among the sheeple for a war against Russia).
  15. The Eagle

    Another Russian Spy?

    So everybody here who doesn't believe the government story is a 'russian tool' according to you? You clearly would have been loyal to Hitler too if you had lived in Germany during the '30s...

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