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  1. Well its all worked out well now. The landlady is a good sort and has accepted that we can move out without liability. It was the letting agents who were stirring.
  2. I agree it is drafted to confuse. What irks me is that we were told we had an 8 month break, so when I read the clause, I had that in mind, and it overroad what is written. I'm getting some legal opinion for their comment to see if I should follow up formally.
  3. I have the following break clause in my tenancy agreement: Can I get out after 8 months or is it 10 months? I'll visit the CAB as well, but just wanted to get peoples opinions. Thanks
  4. Can he try and get an offset mortgage - he could ask for more than he needs (e.g. ask for £50k, and say he has 40k deposit) and then ofset his unused deposit/savings against the mortgage.
  5. Sorry, have been busy and away for a while... Found a place last month and actually offered full 'current' asking for it at £1350 - though it had been on the market at £1575 for a while with no takers. Probably would be valued at £450k+ so feel I'm getting a good deal. But I did see a great variance in property quality, so it is worth shopping around.
  6. I will not be giving in to any of that 'huff and puff', but I will be teaching my children the value of money and encouraging them to work (paper round, etc) from an early age so that they understand that. They'll also be out washing the car for 50p* like I did. But the reward I talk about is not from any chore they do. It is the fact that they make me happy. *probably £200 after the hyperinflation we'll be going through I did say 'typically'. Whether there is a kinder tax regime is open to debate. Would the tories keep bringing in the stealth taxes at the rate we currently endure?
  7. But why should this wasted money and inefficiency be funded by further taxes? That is the crux of the problem. Your question is completely dependent on the tories being elected. In which case, there would typically be less governemnt spending, and less need for taxes, so there would be no shortfall. But if you really needed it, the money would come from a reduction in the non-job civil servant employment budget.
  8. So you would rather reward a government (remember it is not society that is getting the benefit) with your hard-earned gains over your family? You are such a philanthropist, putting the poor government first, they really need help (OK, they do need help, but throwing money at them is not the answer ) I say tripe, because anyone that would sanction increased taxes being paid to a clueless bureaucracy really needs their head examined! I would rather my children got my money than anyone else. Do you have children -1?
  9. I really can't see how increased IHT is good for anyone - especially with a government that wastes money by the sackload. How is that good for anything? And this talk of 'productive individuality' is utter tripe. Providing for my family is the major driver for me (and many others) to get out there and do the best we can. Yes, my children may not have toiled away for any future inheritance they may get, but the joy they bring to me certainly means they should be rewarded for it.
  10. Thanks, I have seen some very nice places advertised - but a lot of these are 1500+pcm - They are 4/5 bed places though. We don't need to move for a couple of months, so I'll monitor any decent properties that are still unlet and look at lowballing them. Some income is better than a void
  11. As we have a young family (a 7 month old), my wife and I want to get out of London. Cambridge and it's outlying villages (Grantchester, Trumpington, etc) are at the top of the list. We would be looking to live either in Cambridge, or to the south - so I can get the commuter line into London. Has anybody any knowledge or experience of pricing for nice 3+ bed houses with gardens in the area. What kind of discounts can we expect to obtain. Ideally the budget will be £1000 pcm, but we could stretch to more for a really nice place. Could I offer £1000 pcm for a place being offered at £1300 a
  12. Yet that very much depends on what you class as money? If fiat currencies are devaluing then this is a possible scenario. Gold was money at the 'dawn of time' - pounds and dollars were not...
  13. GF is a teacher in London and wants/wanted to buy - but she can't afford to on her own. As we live together there is no chance we will be buying in the near future as I refuse to. I am busy saving, investing and placing quite large wagers on a tory win in the next general election - at just over evens this will be great value as house prices implode. Politicians are all as bad as each other, but Labour have really pushed this generation against them.
  14. How much do you and your friends earn? There are many below average earners out there - though I certainly believe regionality is a factor - most of my friends working in Brighton/Hove earn sub £20K. On the other hand my London friends are on £40K+ In both cases, prices are out of proportion.
  15. For anyone: 1) That is incrementally saving 2) Already has a Barclays current account This is worth doing. Since I qualify as above, I will be taking this offer up. On the whole, these offers are muppet, but for the little effort required it is worth it for me.
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