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  1. Thats not what the historical record says. Perhaps you memory is in error. Or maybe you were comparing Kentucky with Mayfair.
  2. I am living in an alternative universe. Where facts are different at the same time. I guess the fiat money regimen serves its purpose of hoodwinking the masses. Did no one notice that gold priced in GBP went from £425 and change to £625 in the last 3 months? Thats GBP devalued by 32% in 3 months. Thats your savings, your earnings and you future pension. All devlaued by 33% The gold market moves BEFORE all other present goods prices. If you wait for OTHER consumer goods prices to rise you are TOO LATE. Thats Keynesianism for you. Daylight robbery by any common law standard. But do
  3. At last some action. I am a self taught student of the Austrian tradition. The school is brilliant at prediction but with self acknowledged uncertain timing. Predictions must therefore be long term. Since 2004 I have posted here spreading the message that UK housing would crash. But in terms of gold but NOT necessarily in terms of GBP. I suggested back in 2004/5 that one take £35000 put in in gold, wait 8 years and buy a house with cash. Use the search to confirm. Did you have to be contrarian to be bearish on houses and bullish on gold back then? You betcha. For at least the last 4 y
  4. I beg to differ. Yes in this fiat money world in which we live deflationary SCARES can and do happen. We are in one now. But deflation proper is impossible. Its a policy choice and one that will never be made. Actually let me qualify that, when inflation is running so rampant that the elites can no longer profit from it they might make that choice. But for now deflationary scares make for awesome gold buying opportunities. The elites will start the next major inflation while the people are hoarding their paper tickets. How will they do this. In plain sight with bailout plans, 100% de
  5. BAB thought you might like this. UK does the same as Southern California usually. Right now its got a bit of catching up to do. Hard drop to come in the UK. Note that UK prices are converted to dollars and "adjusted" to sit at the same level on the chart. Drop could occur in the £ price or in GBP:USD level. Everyone in the UK should take a deep breath.... Here we go...... Waaaaa.... BAB
  6. Actually its all the fault of Robert Peel. He was sufficiently enlighted to realize the fraudulent nature of fractional reserve banking and banned it. But he made the mistake of not including deposit accounts as money. We live with consequences of his error to this day. Of course with modern pols being all liars and cheats, because that is the only way to succeed, both Thatcher and Brown took advantage his mistake and both of them gave us a boom/bust. Brown's takes the biscuit though - most certainly bigger. Also Brown is to be thanked for giving us the Brown Bottom. What is the Brown Bot
  7. Or is it the other way round. If you had any doubt watch this news item. http://www.fknnewz.com/view/179/morons-res...oles-from-ruin/
  8. And hopefully, like BayAreaBear, wealthier too.
  9. Bob BAB never left. He just does not post too often. He might get distracted by thoughts of price series in swiss cheese etc..
  10. No. But the BayAreaBear does remember Bruno. Bruno always expected a meltdown in everything. BayAreaBear has always been agnostic on anything but gold. Even in 2004 BAB said that houses prices could continue to climb while gold went up more. Now he believes that we have the best of all worlds. Now with confidence gone and the banking machine broken all efforts to reflate housing will flow directly to gold without passing go. So the timing of the awesome to behold, phoenix like surge, day after day, in the gold price only depends on when (not if) the big big bailout comes. BayAreaBay rea
  11. BayAreaBear wonders that anyone can have not heard about the Bay Area?
  12. Lombard Street. Next to Filbert street which really is the steepest street.
  13. OR maybe you kept your HBOS shares and did not sell them cos they were in an ISA.
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