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  1. No! They are billionaires because they destroy jobs! When Bezos opens a new distribution centre creating 2,000 jobs he's destroyed 20,000 jobs in smaller retail elsewhere in the process. They are rich because they eat everyone else's lunch. Zuck & Facebook are the same trying to swallow the whole internet.
  2. Not sure what you mean? they are fleeing their homes in France? Or does the boat set off from the Syrian coast?
  3. I've not bothered reading it but if the reason for the rise is a 'race for space' how does that happen since the homes they are moving from must have an 'absence of space' and thus be falling in price because they have fewer buyers? It must cancel out? no?
  4. Yes they would've made the USSR Politburo blush. They get my vote now every time! I can even delay repayments on my crypto bounce back loan if I want!
  5. 3. If all stimulus was removed and interest rates normalised, what would the economy look like?
  6. Powell and his chums claim it will be transitionary- but that is not what has happened in the past with inflation like this across the board. It has always required drastic action to get the genie back in the bottle. Inflation expectations create a positive feedback loop. The next 12 months will be very interesting.
  7. The fascinating thing about this is the tightening of the purse strings by the government. The numbers involved are just a rounding error in the spending splurge they've just had. Stealth austerity incoming?
  8. As long as money velocity continues its multi-decade downward trend and inflation is muted things will continue as they are. However, trends do change eventually. So, as some wise person said; 'if something cannot go on forever it will stop'
  9. You're having a giraffe? You are aware the Wuhan lab was doing gain of function modifications on corona viruses at the time?
  10. Imagine how much worse the real situation is. The PFI, the unfunded liabilities, bloated welfare state, massive public sector, fake data including GDP, 30 years spent replacing real jobs with made up jobs, the climate spending burden nightmare (soon) - compared that with the lean mean immediate post war economy. We are so fecked and they know it.
  11. Yes, good job we did or today's HPI would have been 16.6%
  12. We need a good pandemic every year. I’ve emailed the Wuhan lab to see if they can splice covid and ebola. That one would be good for 25% HPI surely?
  13. Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Hi, Ho Lee Fuk, It’s the crack-up boom Soon to be: Bang Ding Ow
  14. This is what we've been waiting for on here for 13 years. Western central banks and governments have been like the cat with 9 lives. It's over now.
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