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  1. I don't see the landlords having any particular issue. They're bust. Happy as a dead hog in the sunshine.
  2. Good job the banks have been thoroughly stress tested since the last crisis and passed with flying colours.
  3. As soon as mortgage rates are -0.0001 then house prices will be infinity- it just takes a bit for it to sink in. What has actually happened is that the fiat monetary system has catastrophically collapsed. It is just that it takes some time for bankers, politicians and Joe Public to realize. It is very entertaining to watch though.
  4. Inflation falls because of Help to Obese?... REALLY WTF! The price of the meals did not fall – half the bill was picked up by other or future taxpayers! So if the neighbour and I go food shopping at the local supermarket, pay half of each other’s bill at the checkout, is the price lower? Have we conquered inflation? Yes according to the government. OK then let the neighbour and me pay each other’s bill in full then we will have major deflation will we not? Really what kind of lunacy is this?
  5. Christ what bleating. Maggie got unemployment up to 13% through choice, and everyone loved it. Of course the pain was disproportionately applied to the north so no one gave a feck. So now we have a 0.2% rise and it’s panic stations?
  6. OK then no problem lets extend furlough as we go into a severe global recession. Obviously no one will be made unemployed, they will just be transferred to furlough. You would agree I suppose that the already unemployed that failed to get on furlough must have their benefits increased to match the average furloughed 'worker'?
  7. Since Trump is President the Marxist media will use the annualised figure for high drama.
  8. House Builders that don't build houses is an interesting concept.
  9. UBI is pointless as everyone's living expenses would inflate by an equivalent amount wiping out any benefit. If you think it would work then you would also believe the central bank could print £1,000,000 for every citizen and we all just retire in comfort for the rest of our lives. You may as well go for the £1,000,000 rather than pussy around with UBI.
  10. Have the labour party been on Mars for the past 12 years??? Need money? just print it - why upset the electorate?
  11. It's all now 90% Hollywoke crap which is spreading everywhere in the arts. "Sir Patrick Stewart Says New ‘Star Trek’ Series Will Take On Trump, Brexit" WTF?? It's a fecking nightmare we are in. I hope the industry is devastated from top to bottom.
  12. The United Kingdom economy was set on a particular course about 1979. Financialisation ‘big bangs’ parasitical banking, excessive house price inflation, massive ‘service’ economy taking in each others washing, borrowing, giant public sector, in work benefits. We now have a full Potemkin economy. The day of reckoning has arrived. "Let all the poison that lurks in the mud, hatch out"
  13. That was my point - they got less than 900 quid and bottled it. The law should be that the raffle goes ahead with the tickets that are sold. If you create a raffle and your get less than your costs then tough luck.
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