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  1. I'm a dual citizen. Not been back for a few years now. Was planning to return one day. But NZ looks a better option. See how this Asylum plays out here. It's nice to have a get out clause just in case. Being able to live in NZ as a PR has it's advantages as an Ozzy passport holder. The state pension is also quite generous..
  2. So everything is valued in Fiat. Fiat is losing value relative to everything valued in Fiat. How is everything valued in Fiat maintaining value when it's valuer is Fiat?
  3. While investors will receive annual interest of 0.75%, they paid above face value for the bond so the cash return will be less than they have lent if they hold the debt to maturity. It's not as negative as it seems...
  4. Scep. Do you mind if I share this post on another forum. Brilliantly put by the way. Welcome back.
  5. Using chrome on Android. I keep getting the pop up bottom below. I tap it five or six times. The bloody thing annoys the hell out of me..keeps popping back up after each tap on accept. Any tips on how to stop it...only happens this site. Important Information We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. I accept
  6. Mass redundancy of people on the horizon Gone from save the NHS to save the economy. That's my guess.. Gonna cost though. Those print cartridges ain't half expensive.
  7. Interesting reading.. https://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/03/was-fed-just-nationalized NO the Fed was not just Nationalized, the U.S. Treasury was just privatized? [T]he Treasury will create (or resuscitate) a series of special-purpose vehicles (SPVs) to buy all manner of financial assets, backed by $425 billion in collateral conveniently supplied by the US taxpayer via the Exchange Stabilization Fund. The Fed will lend to SPVs against this collateral which, when leveraged, could fund $4-5 trillion in asset purchase.
  8. Going to leave it in cash for now. So no fees. Wait and see how things pan out... Cheers for the heads up.
  9. Just opened a SIPP Account at Hargreaves Lansdown to draw (Circa £26k) it down at 55 and so on....Moved the lot across from my With Profits at the Pru. I'm losing money with the Pru whan taking management costs into consideration. The annual bonus have dropped off a cliff the last few years...With inflation its losing money. Be interesting to see what costs i incur? How long it all takes. Anyone else done this before?
  10. 99.9%. Don't think. 0.01% Think. But require the 99.9% to act. It's unfair. But life was never fair... Enjoy your blip. Its that short...
  11. There she goes. At what point does this become a crisis. 1.2 and below?
  12. They'll do nothing till they have to do something. What's in their defense box of tricks i wonder...
  13. QE is wealth preservation rather than wealth creation.
  14. He's Canadian not British. So in essence why care about British people when he can just go home at a wim. His allegiance would not be to the UK, I just don't understand why have a non British born in such an influential position. Having also worked for the GS as well. Just does not add up. Meddles in our politics far too much. Something doesn't add up....Then again look at the mess he left Canada in. Maybe he's just crap at his job...
  15. Today is the day Dr Carney earns his huge tax payers lump gestured to him... If Sterling tanks he better know what's up hey.. Interesting times ahead....Will he support everything valued locally in pounds. Or will he let our currency slip. We all become globally poorer... Odd times. A Canadian holding the purse strings of the UK...
  16. Just dropped off a cliff... Calling Dr Carney....1.2491
  17. The debt will never be repaid, not and never at current P/E ratio's. So the illusive wealth will always be illusive.
  18. Timothy Maxwell "Max" Keiser mada an interesting observation today about our dear masters at the Central Bank... Quote" Print money to jack up asset prices only to leave the majority scrambling around looking for the odd crumb" I know it's about the long end of the yield curve, but he has made a very good point regarding where we are at in this cycle. What next. Like he says" when you slay all the customers then where next".... Mythical wealth which bears no resemblance to real values relative to our own each individual GDP. Odd times we live in.
  19. Not directed at you Winkie. Just quoting Australia. If you. Any posters on here. Were dual passport holders. Oz UK so every Oz benefit you could wish for. But only the flight fare on the hip. Would you go to Oz post 50 no family here in the UK. Just wondering.
  20. Not sure whether it's wage or imports but things are on the up. Carvery near Manchester, £6.50 this time last year. £7 two weeks ago, £7.50 last week, £8 today. That's some price increase in two weeks. Might be the weak pound or local wage push inflation. Me thinks the consumer will start to tighten their belts. Usually busy but quieter today.
  21. Cheers Buddy, I'll look into that one... Can you disable per site or is it across the board...If its across the board, .i.e all sites that's a real ball ache for me.
  22. The main problem is the video adverts are costing me money. I used to read the forum very often, looking for thread updates every hour on my mobile smart phone. I only get a few gig a month which I pay for; so when i come on here, whether logged in or not. The video ads are using up my mobile data like crazy. It's like watching YouTube on every visit. So now I hardly visit, the forum has become unusable for anyone who uses a smart phone to view it and also has a set amount of internet data to use every month. Poster ads, okay I get that, but five minute video's. Ad blocker slows down my bandwidth too much on my smart phone. This was a great site in it's hey day, I know I was one of the first members, 2004 was the year I joined. But it's losing some of it's best posters to other forums. So watering down the quality of debate. Mods, get rid of the video's before this site becomes just a forum of little quality and no debate. That's my two penneth....I kept it nice.
  23. I can't make sense of anything the Bank of England does or says. The MPC is pointless. I think their job is to somehow keep justifying negative interest rates. Everyone swallows it. Rinse and repeat. Society is falling apart.
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