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  1. By comparison with CNBC, Total Horseshit is actually extremely nutritious and wholesome
  2. Just ask anyone out there, "By what mechanisms does the UK generate the wealth which will pay for all this stuff?" They'll just look at you blankly like you're from another planet OR they just point blank deny there is a problem. The government will take care of things etc etc. Pretty horrifying level of apathy, ignorance etc Most shocking are the beliefs that politicians are there to represent the people And....... That the financial whizzkiddery we have seen in the City of London for the last 30 years benefits society via 'trickle down' Yeah, That'll be the diarhoea running down your leg sir/madam. In reality, most of these hedge fund managers, city traders and the like, create no real wealth whatsoever. They are bloodsuckers, leeches and parasites. Their wealth, weekend trips to expensive hotels and and as much cocaine and hookers as they can afford, is coming right out of your future pension, your savings, your asset wealth. They are there to asset strip the middle class and phuck all else frankly. Real wealth creation???? You gotta be $hitting me.......all over me in fact
  3. Agreed And most incredible of all, it gets away with all of the above in varying degrees but the vast majority of dumb, bovine proles still believe they are free. The UK is the most ingenious totalitarian state ever devised because it has sucessfully managed to get the vast majority of its citizenry to believe in myths that have no truthful foundation whatsoever without having to resort to open violence against the people. They can get away with the occassional 'kettling', the occassional beating to death, the occassional death via taser but mass violence against the people isn't necessary.............YET So the myths live on............. Like: House prices only ever go up (possibly so, but the real value of property remains more or less constant and price denominated in an infinitely inflating fiat currency is meaningless.) Paying into a pension scheme will pay dividends. Public sector pensions are indestructible Politicians are intrinsically honest people doing their best to serve the people (Yeah! Right!) Our solidiers are dying in Afghanistan and Iraq to preserve our liberty and freedom and to fight the war on terror (Yeah! Right! Etc etc etc......You get the drift huh folks? It's all Bull$hit of course but the important thing to remember is that should the state ever feel threatened in the same manner as Ahmadinajhad and the Iranian state, it will respond with whatever means necessary to protect itself. Anyone who thinks otherwise is incredibly naive. I'm sure Dr David Kelly, Robin Cook, John Smith, Diana and various other intransigents would agree wholeheartedly.........if they were still alive to voice an opinion.
  4. You will find out in person when you move to Oregon. It is like a world apart here, (as you know). I think that being self-sufficient is a must in a venture like this. When you depend on others to provide you with the basic needs to live...all you are doing is moving your condo from dirt to water. It will be a gated community for the welthiest in the world. A Tax refuge. But greed and corruption will follow as that is what power over others brings in time..America is the prime example of that.
  5. "pay-as you-go" internet is how it was first marketed (at least here in the USA) and I hope they will not go back to that as most of my time online is spent researching the "research" of the articles and authors....and finding, more often then not, errors, misleading statement, and just out and out lies to make a point. So finding the truth online could get rather costly....or I could just believe that all the B. S. I read is true and not worry about it.
  6. We are there! When I arrived in the USA from England the end of last August, I was detained with out explination. I have no criminal record but was treated as a criminal in my own country and YES it WAS VERY FRIGHTENING! I was released after the 10K question thing and given no reason why I was jubjected to the detention. THIS IS NOT A DRILL THIS IS FOR REAL and going on right now...both US and England are just putting into place the laws to bind the actions.
  7. It was not the UK, rather, the USA...as that is the year that the Fed. Res. was voted into power over the US dollar and the rest...as they say...is history.
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